Hades and Gehenna - D&D Lore

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Hades and Gehenna - D&D Lore

113 260 views | 16 Aug. 2017
113 260 views | 16 Aug. 2017

Episode 30 - Hades The Gray Waste, and the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna

Previous video on the Nine Hells - https://youtu.be/HM2QkgcGqT8


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I dunno by grapes (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/grapes/16626 Ft: J Lang, Morusque



Manual of the Planes (3e) - http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/25109/Manual-of-the-Planes-3e?term=manual+of+the+planes&test_epoch=0&it=1&affiliate_id=728035

Manual of the Planes (1e) - http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/17009/Manual-of-the-Planes-1e?term=manual+of+the+planes&test_epoch=0&it=1&affiliate_id=728035

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Dungeons Master's Guide (5e) - https://www.amazon.com/Dungeon-Masters-Guide-Core-Rulebook/dp/0786965622/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=jorphdan-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=f276f1cac9c7d77f53fc5db138b26969&creativeASIN=0786965622

Reuben Fromow

What do Larva grow into? I mean, they ARE Larva, right?

David Ragan

Hmm...Which realm is the home of the Succubus race? Originally though it was one of these two.


Kinda reminds me of Shadowfell but there it's more of color gets muted. (Hades I mean)

Chris Lockhart

Im running a homebrew that is carrying out a mission for the devils in the bloodwar. And this has helped me really flesh out how bleak the world is around them. Thanks for doing what u do!

Erik Andersson

I tried to look up the tower arcane but I didn't find any thing about it on forgottenrealms wiki.

Amos Ericson

Thank you Jorphdan!

The Dishonored Coward

For those of you asking. YES. This IS where warped forests and crimson forests are found.

Demonic trident pitchforks have to be shafted with something.

Lion Bryce

2:18 nice rhyme


Loving these planes videos so much. Great job with them

Alex Coffey

Isn’t the Blood War still ongoing as revealed in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes?

Nuker Wolf

The thumbnail is miss spelled it says ghenna instead of gehenna

Sam Gardner

I really do enjoy how much clarification you've brought to the planes. Now I wish you could somehow break down the map of Faerun. Because that's just as crowded and convoluted as all the planes together.



Derek Burge

I've been waiting all this time for Mechanus! Can't wait!
You've been doing an excellent job covering the details, good sir. Thanks!

The Dishonored Coward

Wait, so those larva were human beings once?

Thank you. I was just about to eat one.

Ransak Teh Elder

great videos! can you add "uploads" section to front? makes it easier to see new videos if they not showing up on my feed! cheers!

White creamy Milk

the only video with 0 dislikes ever

Bröther Dylan

So How are these 2 places different from the nine hells?

Casey Stratton

How does a town exist in hades? Wouldn't it be entirely populated by larvae?


Hades and The Shadowfel seem very similar.

Clown Shoes King

Any chance we could get 1 or 2 more "Races of DnD" videos. Would love to know more about Tritons, Tabaxi, Aarokocra, Goliaths, Warforged, and the other Volo's and Ebberon Races


Hey Jorphdan (the ph is silent), been loving your lore videos - it's really been great for things I hadn't previously consider for my campaign so I thank you!

I'd love it if you also added the names of new places / monsters on screen as you introduce them - would really make searching for them a lot easier! Just a thought :)


Hades is still the home plane of the 'loths. Like a cancer, they've spread to Gehenna, but the 'loths are still powerful in the Waste.

A lot of powers get no mention here. Arawn, Kelemvor, Hel, Hades, Incabulos and Cegilune all have divine realms in the Waste. The Khin-Oin's also unmentioned.

Gehenna is also the home of the lich gods Velsharoon and Mellifleur, the pain goddess Loviatar, the Celtic Math Mathonwy, and is Bhaal's former home plane (he lived in Khalas).

1 is Dirk Right

Good vid, but at 3:48 you say Gehenna is inhabited by Yugoloths, yet show a picture of Demodands, inhabitants of Carceri..


Wow, Hades is just like 9 months a year in Seattle....


This is such a fantastic series. So many great ideas for high-level games. :D

Levi Atwell

as always great stuff !


thank you fore the next video i have been waiting all week fore it.

Alex Richardson

These are great, very helpful. I am going to have to watch through them all a few times to prep for my upcoming games

Adam Silva

Is this meant for older editions? Because it doesn't match with the nine levels of hell present in 5e


Great video! Hey what about the Outlands?

Evan Larson

I like the creativity they put into Hades, but I think Hades pulled directly from Greek myth gets a bad wrap. Greek Hades was not only where bad people went but, also where heroes went.


Id say the moved to avoid the demins and devils while silently controlling the conflict. But that might be old lore now :S


I am worried with the forgotten realms lore, I don't think it can survive on adventures alone.
The books brought character to it, with adventures it feels like dry facts.


Can you be turned back from a larvae in anyway?

annie x

“Everything is grey here” sounds like my hometown, Gothenburg Sweden, in the winter. Constant grey skies, fog and rain.


We’re just a processing point.

Mister Joshua

Another reason for the Yuggoloth to migrate to Ghenna is to ensure that they cannot be truly destroyed if killed in their holdfasts and sanctuaries there. They will reform in Hades, migrate back to Ghenna, and bolster their defences, or simply rebuild.

Drew Schultz

Thank you for your great videos; I've enjoyed them all since you began. Gehenna is one of my favorite places to take my players. If ever you make another video about it, make sure to include Nimicri, the mimic-moon-city.

Micah Lake

Ive been running a kind of homebrewed planescape campaign and your videos have helped tremendoulsy! Thanks Jorphdan (the ph is silent)!

Warren LaFrance

Well done

Andre’ Fairbanks

0:57 Neflheim From FF7 ~ German word for Fog

Devin Tanner

It says in the Monster Manual on Yugoloths that they were created in Gehenna by a sisterhood of night hags believed to be commissioned by Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine Hells. Pg. 311 under "Spawn of Gehenna"

R .R

Great video but how can you be neutral evil?


so awesome, great job sir!

Soldier of Elyon

Mythologically, Hades was very different... simply the afterlife, with a good area, bad area, and blah area for the mediocre. It was the only infinite and eternal plane, and Hades was a god of grim justice, punishing the wicked and rewarding the righteous (a Hoar like character). He was the introverted wanderer and watcher, not evil, but noted for being fair if hard.

Kingdomof Hope

Imagine what the real Hades is like.

Ethan Geye

3:46 no Matt Mercer I am out

J-F Allard

Yay a new video!

Jonathan Wells

You know a little dark, a little gloomy and hey... Full of dead people, what are you gonna do?


How is the death of innocence not full of larvae?

Keegan Brittain

As a budding DM these videos have been an incredible inspiration. Thank you so much! I recommend your channel to any D&D nerd I find :)

Zeromaru X

Just a minor correction here: The Blood War wasn't ended in 4e edition. Just got staled by a 100 years (it re-started in the final books of 4e).


Haphdes And Gehephnna - The PHs are silent!


A bit of knowledge: The name Gehenna comes from the Arabic word Jahaanam, meaning Hell.

Stephen Martinez

What is a doobly doo


great videos. concise and clear. no filler. very useful.


Geez, I feel really depressed now. These places suck.


Great Video!
Can anyone explain the role/position of Barghests in Gehenna?

Larry M

Awesome breakdown dude.I have to like all of your series. This took much research and work. I can't find some of theses fantastic books anymore! Bravo! Thank you.

Sneering Imperialist

They used a picture of the seal of Danzelfar from season 7 of Buffy for a gate...

Milo M

I thought for sure when you said "Mercy" that you were about to say "Matt Mercer" LOL


How do I even play on these planes

Joseph Helbing

Every one of these explanation videos have been wonderful. You really have a knack for this.


Most planes seem repetitive to be honest.

Michael Blair

An earlier discussion of the Yugoloth towers actually had three towers being worked on, theoretically to give the Yugoloths greater power in the Lower Planes. Hades' and Gehenna's towers were completed. The trouble they had was that the Demodands would constantly attack the one planned in Carceri, such that the full plan was endlessly delayed.