The PvP gods of PvP legacy (Shield PvP)

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The PvP gods of PvP legacy (Shield PvP)

8 064 views | 9 Oct. 2020
8 064 views | 9 Oct. 2020

In this video, I met three insanely good PvPers and I just had to mention them. It is my goal to become better than them and I think they make my PvP experience even more fun

Server: PvP Legacy

Server IP:

Matthew Beach

look; i play on pvp legacy a lot. I know orcatsnami. He's very good and I don't doubt his ability but he isn't a god. I would very much like to duel you; my ign is Oscelot27 (i know it's spelled incorrectly don't bully)


You're hyping these people up way too much. These guys are just good at destroying dream stans. In my honest opinion, if you want to be better you should stop using shield for melee. Only use it against bow and arrow. You're doing good by fighting people better than you, however, using shield in melee is just holding you back from reaching your full potential. Also, you claim these guys are the best in 1.16 pvp and you said Dream is one of the best in 1.16 pvp. However, you shouldn't base ”1.16 pvp” off of that stupid kit you all use alone. There is so much more to 1.16 pvp besides that kit that everyone uses. Fight these guys in crystal or OP pot and see how they fare. They all depend on shield and axe and 1.16 pvp is so much more than that. You call these guys some of the best in 1.16 pvp but in reality they just have some really good stats (my stats I think are the same as these guys if I remember correct) and they are just good with that kit you all use. Don't be close minded here. Fight me or some of my friends in crystal or other kits.


Wait im not saying that ur bad or something but that avarge ayer sucked I'm not playing 1.16 pvp at all and im sure that I can win against him easily lol.
If thats the avarge player,that's just sad. Or that ur too good idk loll

TheCsUniverse2 Tcu

goddamn, i just checked your stats and you're insane too! I was wondering if maybe you wanna play some 1v1 and maybe teach me a bit, please? I'm at 79.4% and ~ 500 games

Isaac Jackson

well since u noticed this comment ch12 a tip to milk more views is to add tags to the vid like #shield pvp #dream #pvpgods

Daniel Dabel

My winrate is 88%


bro are you new to the server you prob didnt know but half of the people you 1v1 are youtubers and some of them are not youtubers but better then dream


Imagine losing




does this server work with pirated versions? :p

Maksymilian Trzoński

u are bad

Defiantx 12

do u think you can beat dream? just asking


how com I can't select what kind of duel I want to play it just brings me to this spawn area that only lets me select kits that are Ninja, Heavy, Paw, Barbarian, and Archor? Anyone help!!!


I hate when these pvp gods r wearing steve skins...


didin't even mention my 80.8% win ratio with 4k games played smh

TheKrieger05 - Si

Axemainer i see

luis camacho

Those guys doesn't know an Sword, it is op

Matthew Beach

ik i sound like a cocky 8 year old.... spells hear incorrectly (this is a joke btw)


9 commnets


Can you tell me how to do this said ultimate srategy :3


Where is Spencer404 :(

Also Dream is not the best at 1.16 PvP. He's good at shields and that's it

I guess I never fight randos so I never fought you, but I am better than the people you mentioned :)


There’s also a lot more to list as well but that would take to long lol


hey u still won 2

Renodi Pvp

12 man, ur a scary opponent to fight. You might know me ;)

Defiantx 12

do u think you can beat dream? just asking

John Gabriel Cumigad

beatoo: weeee I go spin


Yo, if you're on any time i want to 1v1.


Hey CH12. My Mc username is Starsighted. I am one of the many people you have utterly destroyed, as well as your 69th subscriber(I'm not kidding lmao). I've steadily been getting better. I wanted to ask you how to have better aim. I analyzed the duel we had and the main reason why I lost is I just couldn't hit you. You always mixed up your movements and knocked me back in ways that really messed with my aim. Any tips?

Orca Tsunami

my ego is getting too large


Ok now that is epiic


I got better stats, would be even better if people didn't lag


You are so good player in 1.9 pvp me too if i buy minecraft premium can i duel with you


I been practicing on this server for awhile and still suck. Idk what im doing wrong but am beginning to feel like its pointless to keep going becuase I dont seem to be getting better.


nice video! cool to see the guy who just lets us know about skilled players


hey, I've dueled that orcatsunami guy a lot. He always plays the offensive so you just have to play the offensive as well and you'll do fine assuming that you're not a 4 year old that doesn't know how to sprint.

Ayt_ CH12

how do people like this? I'm cringing so hard "I fear that I have become too good at PvP" bruhhhh, I was nowhere close to being decent in this video, 2:19, did you see how I disabled this mans shield?


Bruh CH12 comparing you right now with this video is insane how better u've become. And ppl say that shield pvp has a low cap.

Fanatical Wolfer

What was the strategy you learned?


how do you do 1v1s I only see a arena with a lot of ppl


i have 98% winrate on uhc with like 70 games lol


You are CH12, i PvP with you jajaja


Wanna 1v1

Justin Delgado

Thank you for doing shield pvp it has improved my gameplay so much and I know that I sound like a cocky 8 yr old but I’ve gotten very good


Lmao, i clapped OrcaTsunami one time. The real gods are Itz_Ronin42069 and 36s.

Captain Mopsik

Orca is not that good in my opinion...


How do you 1v1 on the sever it only has pvp on with everone plz help

Orca Tsunami

I'm only good at shields, but I cannot do op. My aim is way too shit for that.. i wanna train my aim and actually learn how to critspam decently. But for now i wanna perfect shield combat, i still have a couple things i wanna learn and improve on

Ayt_ CH12

Clarification: This video is made for people who I noticed stood far above average, these aren't people who are top 10 globally for shields, so try not to overestimate them. I don't regret making this video in the slightest, they actually deserve to get recognized for their skill. In fact, I made something called "The list" which is like this, but more people are on it.

Kick Operative

I think I learned all the basics for 1.9 pvp gritting blocking etc I just need god tier aim like these guys


Ngl I'm pretty good wanna 1v1 sometime??


You mean hear me out?

07 Pio Castañeda

when i enter the server ip, it says cant resolve hostname


What’s the command for dueling?


U might or might not recognize me, ign is "aspnn" weve dueled twice before and ive only won 2 rounds in total but i dont even main shield so whatever lol, i was just gonna say GOOOD DAMNN UVE IMPROVED

Champion Games

I think I could destroy Dream in op

Dream's Cat

Hey wanna fight sometime?


Yo ch12 it’s me Zyyrv. I changed my name. All I gotta say is thanks for teaching me some stuff on PvP legacy it really helped me out


You mentioned a strategy. Whats the strategy exactly. Ive been practicing for hours straight, trying to get better at 1.16 pvp. Id like to know the strategy to help me thanks.

Denzel Morrison

When there’s no lag on pvp legacy


Dear person who made this video a YouTuber by the name of kingdoesthings is looking for good PvP legacy players to fight

If your interested go to his YouTube or something to get in contact with him and you 2 can 1v1

Winner and loser gets a small plate of clout

Defiantx 12

do u think you can beat dream? just asking

Anthony Skyba

Please tell us the trick!


Shield yucky

Chips Ahoy

Wait so beatoo has a higher win rate then 10sping and dream beat beatoo so dream is the best