Jinjer - Outlander w/ lyrics

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Jinjer - Outlander w/ lyrics

3 803 views | 22 Aug. 2019
3 803 views | 22 Aug. 2019

On-screen lyrics of Jinjer's Outlander

Amver Haley Villegas

i really love the lyrics of this song full of reality and full of life im really amaze

Maynard Vass

Thank you Mz. Keta......song kicks ass in so many ways......masterpiece

The PizzaSlayer

This is how I've felt for 14 years from the age of 6 till today.
May of 2020
For all this stupid race!
Thank you! Dear Whoever.

One of my top 5 songs.
Maaaaaan you give this song... like a i don t know.. but is precious. Beautiful!

Despicable Paul

Got some lyrics missing there. 2:28 - 2:35