Intoxication and Celebration | WeeDnD | Season 0 Sesh 9 | D&D 5E Actual Play

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Intoxication and Celebration | WeeDnD | Season 0 Sesh 9 | D&D 5E Actual Play

158 views | 26 Jun. 2020
158 views | 26 Jun. 2020

WeeDnD is a live pot positive tabletop roleplaying experience! Join the all-star cast of professional performers from on and around the Las Vegas Strip as we tell the Prologue to Ganjaria: The world where magic finds its source in the mystical plant of the Feywild, GANJA!

This week, we join the Ferocious Five as they prepare for the great feast being thrown in their honor by the mercenaries of Bu'Raka. Things get a little trippy as Divit discovers the powerful psychedelic JuBu Juice and he gets into a magical drum battle for the ages. Come unwind with the Five!

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Drew Yonemori

What a fun episode this was! I can’t wait until next week!!!

Cindy Lyster

i think my favorite part is staring at the dm's luscious locks

Stefanie McCue

Hell. Yes!

Brenna Folger

More like WEEEEEEEEE d&d

Tyler Collinsworth

Yes Gus picture!

Cindy Peglow

i said captain!

Gus Langley

I give it 5 Brians

Sam Craner

So dope!!

RagnarTheDM Doomhammer


Keegan D

Well done. Much improvement.


Ain't no party like a "cold chill down your spine" kind of party!

Lee Peglow

If there was a cannabis rating system I'd give this 5/5 tokes