IGPX Toonami T.I.E. Game

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IGPX Toonami T.I.E. Game

13 538 views | 24 Jul. 2010
13 538 views | 24 Jul. 2010

An interesting story behind this one: it turns out this was essentially the last copy of the game on the internet. The makers of the game, Templar Studios, lost their own backups. By contacting a former staff member, a few missing JPGs were recovered and Templar Studios received an embeddable version.



www.templar.com - Makers of the game.



This is awesome! I finally found it. I remember playing this game a lot but I could never remember what it was called.

Koku Rou

Wow, memories. I remember i won the first time i played this. Took forever. And sledge mamma accuracy is like 90% better than yours....which i think is bs


I have an idea. Get Takeshi and Amy behind some cover (probably trees) and leave Liz outside to draw fire, preferably with her relatively close to the line of fire that Sledge Mamma would use to shoot Takeshi and Amy. At the end of each turn, position Liz as an exposed human shield that serves as extra insurance for Takeshi and Amy's cover. After Liz takes all the hits, move her out of the way and open fire with Takeshi and Amy, possibly moving them out from cover a bit (make sure to put them back in cover). Might as well make Liz useful for something too, give her a round of fire. If Sledge-Mamma launches an RPG, it will kill Liz but not Amy or Takeshi. Once Liz is KO'd (and she WILL be KO'd), move Takeshi and Amy SLIGHTLY further out of cover and adopt a more offensive strategy.

June 1, 2017 11:26 pm

pj hall

I played all there games. I even have one for ps2. bring this show back and the games people love this


God this takes me back. The amount of time I spent playing this game is absurd. I remember I couldn't get past a certain part in the tutorial, so I said to hell with it and got on with the game. I kinda didn't like that enemy teams were invisible, but I got used to it. I remember trying to attack across the map with the mini gun even though my accuracy was black. Game was hard for me too, so I always picked the 5th scenario as team Sledge and cheated team Suzuki


One of the greatest shows that never was :(
has anyone actually beat the game? it's really challenging

Nightmare Trooper

I used to be very addicted to this website Toonam lost data during my late teen. Now this website is gone and I don't know what to do? Nor how am I gonna get it back?


Wow. I can't believe I found this. I was only recently reminded of this game when I saw an ad for the new Titanfall mobile game and knew I had played something similar in the past. Took a bit of searching but I think this is it. I honestly cant even remember how old I was when I played this. Could have sworn the graphics were better than this though


@Alshoff You still have the files for this game? I had it downloaded, but I guess my last virus scan confused it for something malignant.


AYYYYY this is the shit back in the day the rare game

Mister Paleoconservative

The website is down. Can you reupload this to another website or something like that?


I logged into the website. I have to do that every so often or they disable some features. I don't know if it will fix what you were experiencing.

Andrew Luu

@Alshoff Thanks, I can finally play this game again! xD

Roo Mika

Now you go find TiH for us!!!

Kendell -

im not being mean or anything but u got pwned lol nice vid


Thank you... If I could cry, I would have.


I loved this game, why did they take it off :( sucks it was only a mini series... The racing series sucked...


It didn't, sorry. I still just see a Shockwave window for an instant, the music starts, and then I get the error box.

Lt. Mogar

God Damn Sazaku is frekin IMPOSSIBLE to win with! 


was this game related to the actual show? I haven't seen the show but it looks more like f-zero with mechas and not like this. 

also, the mechanical design somehow reminded me of Animatrix

the Don of Creativity

You know what the Adult Swim Toonami should do to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this series, make a remake of this game, but let you customize you're own mech suits and battle in ONLINE Multiplayer

Andrew Luu

Thanks for the link but everytime I go on the website an advertisement blocks my screen. >_<

Crab in A Top Hat

See this is the original IGPX that I remember, not that racing version, and I couldn't fucking remember where this came from, but I knew I hadn't just made it up.

Sir Puding

can someone make a new version of this alrdy! dont mind paying!


this was my shit i played this for like 4 hours straight when really i was suppose to be doing homework. game addictive asf

All Star Justice League

Man, if someone could turn this into an app, I'd download in a heartbeat. I can't find a way to play this anymore.

sc universe youtuber

I tried accessing this game with the links using internet explorer but it kept saying "Access denied". Does using a vpn or http over secure sockets layer affect that at all?

Kaiser Reyjon

it would be nice if they could try to make it an android version of this

Asa Davis

I've been trying to figure out what this was for years!!! God I spent hours on this.


@onpon4 Yes, but I think that version was only up during the Total Immersion Event. It was apparently removed after the event and replaced with a non-code version (same with the other T.I.E. games).


woo! Love you mate. Brings back memories.

Mirna Sosa

Men, why don't you find some cover? The Sledge Mamma Team destroy all your mech because you leave them all in open field

Stephen Sunday

GAH, this game was awesome. I was so disappointed when the microseries went nowhere though. It had a lot of hype.

Tagpro Stewart

Btw this game works on my laptop running Windows 8.1 with the latest Flash player, and latest Shockwave player on Mozilla Firefox 32bit-browser. 

I was not able to load it on Chrome 64bit because Shockwave can't run on that. I'm not sure why its not working for you guys. I did just recently re-install Windows so maybe you guys just have to completely reset your computer and use what I'm using  ¯\(ツ)

Zack Harris

Oh my god..Im so happy i found this game again..


I NEED the music at the beginning.


PS, I could never win either XD


@mini1gerbel X-COM and other similar turn-based tactical games.


I don't know how to extract files from a DCR file. The easiest way would be to record using a screen or audio capture program.


There's a link to play the game in the description. This game (and others) were available for download from Megaupload, but now I have to find a new filehost to upload them to.


Anyway to play this now??


All right, I found the problem when I updated Shockwave. The previous version worked, but the current one crashes Opera. Downgrading to a previous version of Shockwave may fix the problem. I'm on Windows XP, so I don't know how practical that is on other systems.


I remember this game! It was a nice tactical game.


omg how can i play this game again plz!!!! D:

Courier Z

Oh my god... Nostalgia hitting me harder then Light Yagami's memory when he got back his death note... This was THE GAME for me, and when the "new" IGPX game was released, that was top notch too... When I saw commercials for "Desert Punk" I remembered this and definitely wanted to look it up but couldn't

Marc Castillo

Man, what a throw back! Thank you for the video, was trying to remember the what this game was called.

Courtney Konicki

From time to time, I find myself watching the micro series of IGPX. I used to play this game quite frequently as a kid. So bummed that's not possible for me now.

Hard Gay

Oh the nostalgia I have associated with this game. Many an afternoon I wasted on this game on school computers at the time. And of course, if you wanted to win, you picked Team Sledge Mamma. The Teen Titans fighting game was pretty fun, too.


@andrewluu0 Crap. That wasn't there the first time I set up the website... Problem is, I used iFrames to load the game pages. Recheck the video description. I've updated the link directly to the game page.


If only that link still worked. I could always use some different ways to waste my time. Haha. Plus I kind off miss the gameplay of those old, Gameboy-esc  quality games.

Shadab Hassan



@Crush964 Well, those episodes should be at the Toonami Digital Arsenal. That's where I last remember downloading them.


Huh. When I try to play the game on your site, it gives me an error, saying I should check my temp directory. Any ideas?

Something .Else

LostData's been taken down :( anyone got anywhere i can play this game?

Mikey Bialucha

Omg, i remember something like this from childhood. I link things back with Toonami shows!! that was once a great channel.

Shamy Cartoons

I used to play the shit out of this game. Omg so fun. 10/10

tyler royster

Is this game similar to xcom 2?

Great Man, Who Is a Man of Deeds

Duuude this game was the shit!! If only they released for psp

Victor Menjivar

There still a way to play this? I liked this so much as a kid.


Oh, and also, please upload a complete version to Mega or Rapidshare, something like that.


where can we play this game and is it posiible to download some where

Yung Messiah

Anyone know where I could watch the show?


Oh man, it took me more than 5 years to find the name of the game. I went through literally every single game on cartoonnetwrok and i couldnt find it. Then out of no where i remembered it, went searching for another 40 minutes and found this video.

Its cool that i found it
Sucks that i cant play it
:( sadness


Oh my god, I remember playing this back in the days when I was a kid. I played it like once and forgot what it was called and never managed to find it again. Thanks for sharing man! :D

sus lord

hahahaha i remember this game was on the cartoon network website, good times.


@freeadaptibility I don't know. I think the computer cheats.

Nick Crow

The links aren't working for me, is there something else I can use?

Mister Paleoconservative

Okay, at this point, I'm just spamming the link to the game, so please pin this comment:

Go to this link: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/339173/how-can-i-play-dcr-shockwave-games

Scroll down near the bottom where "Conclusion" is written in bold, click on the "mega" link (For some reason, copying and pasting the link doesn't allow me to access the link, which is weird). Once in the mega link, click on the left hand side where it says "Cartoon Network", click on that folder, click on "Toonami Games", download the file containing IGPX, extract it anywhere you like, and run the igpx exe. Have fun :)

Blue Steel

what are good other games like this?

Hunter Siddons

if anyone actually gets on this, is there another site because it seems toonami lost data links are now this web hosting site. I replayed this a couple years back, but in the off chance there is another way to play now i could use the update

Prodigal Son

Hey how do you use Hide. It appears to be totally useless.

Tony Phillippi

anyone know of a place to play this game i want to soo bad


if templar has an embedded version can they re release it?


There's already a mostly complete archive: [mediafire.]/folder/y9afjkkc2z67v/toonami Though I may have to try updating the archive. There may be something I can add to it.

Declan Valliantheart

Yup. It's just as hard as I remember it. Surprised the channel creator is actively responding to such an old video.


@jale557 On Toonami: Lost Data, but a lot of people says it doesn't work. I guess it doesn't work on 64-bit computers (or the most recently Shockwave player).

Card Lock

this was among the best TIES in toonami.

Ricardo Sosa

can i play this on the MacBook .? and if so which web browser .? :(((


Oh man, this is right up there in my top 5 childhood games, alongside Galidor Quest and Spybotics: The Nightfall Incident