Malikah's Well Dungeon Guide - FFXIV

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Malikah's Well Dungeon Guide - FFXIV

75 022 views | 8 Jul. 2019
75 022 views | 8 Jul. 2019

::Final Fantasy XIV - Malikah's Well Dungeon Guide::

A quick overview of the Lv. 77 dungeon, guaranteed to get you through it!

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Questions? Comments? Drop me a line and I'll get back to you!

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Raúl De La Rosa

Heretic's Fork = Triangles
Breaking Wheel = Circles

=> Crystal Nail (4 feathers around the boss).
=> Boss casts either Circles or Triangles in the middle.
=> Previous attack is copied by the feathers. If it is circles, just stay inside each circle. If it is triangles, they explode in the same order they appear, and always clockwise. Position yourself behind one edge (like it is shown in the video) of the first triangle, then do the same clockwise.
=> Boss casts again the same previous attack in the middle.


The puns...why must you pun'ish me so MTQ...*dies*

Andy Redfield

Thank you now im ready to do this dungeon when I get there

Mark Davenport Jr

Nice glad to see tank pov just really gotten into my gunbreaker lvl 77 and a half so far. :)


Got the armadillo minion from a trust run and it's soooo cute! It reminds me of james baxter from adventure time and I love it.


Good puns, as always. xD


The pun is strong in this one

J Corella

Thanks for the videos


Doing dungeon at 1 am
Second Boss Appears
Me: Is that?
Healer: Yup
Me: I really need some sleep.


Deeply offended by these puns


Thank you


Intestinal crank, thanks for reminding me about my IBS.... :(

Henry P. Kinnel

Wow, you really dug deep for those puns. ;)


Fucking Armadillo. Hardest dungeon boss in whole expansion

TrioAngelSchwi.WliaAlfa D.A.S

probably the most easy dungeon in entire DLC


I wish newbies would see this. Heretic's Fork absolutely wrecks them, and they never seem to understand why they died. The key reason being that there's no floor marker, indicating where you shouldn't stand.


DRK specific tip: On the amphibious talos you can cover the double effaces with TBN if the first cast is early in his cast.


Final Fantasy Mega Man Boss... Bucket Man!

Loretta Braun

This person has been my one best friend throughout this entire experience of FFXIV; from realm reborn, to now, here in stormbringers. It truly is something I value, to know that they're here, providing information so I don't have to guess or kill my party in the process, at least.. not as much. Thanks for everything!


So I know this video has been up for ages, but just wanted to say thank you MTQ for making all these videos. I have only been playiing FFXIV for a little over a month, and these dungeon and trial guides have been incredibly helpful to this sprout scholar.

In fact, I'd have to say that since I started Shadowbringers, I've been duty found with more melee than I levelled with, and some of them taking a lot more damage than normal, but knowing what bosses skills are gonna be AOE and which ones are tankbusters has helped me prevent quite a few situations that might have otherwise been wipes. Thanks for all the effort you've put into making these over the years. Whenever I hit a new dungeon I look for guides, then first video watched is your video on the topic.

So helpful, and because I know what to expect, I don't have to pun away in fear from these bosses! XD


Thanks for the guides. 10/10 would pun again.


Last boss is very underwhelming


Ohh, you said "two pack armadillos." I thought you said "Tupac Armadillos" and was very confused

Leo Archon

One thing I'd like to note about Storge: You said it's random whether he does the Fork or Wheel, but in my experience, he always starts with the Fork, then the Wheel, then he alternates between the two with the Crystal Nails. I'd also like to note that finding the 'sweet spot' where I can melee him and not get hit by the Fork can be frustrating at times. This is why I prefer playing BLM over SAM, but I need to level SAM and RDM up to level my Trusts up.

Porterhause Mod Reviews

That dungeon would have been punishing if it weren't for this guide


I see those nicely timed reprisals on those room wide AoEs.

Jose Quijano

You didn’t even mention the hard part of the dungeon, the triangles aoe’s I’m pretty sure everybody is here because of that


You can dodge the heretic's Fork + crystal nail by running to the next crystal nail in the sequence. The way the beams will line up, you're automatically out of range, so really it'll work for the burning wheel and the heretic's fork. Also, if you keep your back to the south entry way, unless you're the tank, then it makes it easier. Should start at the one that you're at, and then go around from there, and if you keep an eye on your minimap, south will always be the hallway with the path going behind you, iirc.

I got real heated the first time I did this as a Samurai, but now I can kinda make it through without having stop doing damage, and dropping my buffs.


You’ve said my life so many times as a healer. Thanks for the vids.


The puns lol. You’re the best. Thank you so much for the guides.

Mihail Ghiga

Yes, the puns are the best, I agree with lpcool :)


Please, no puns. :(