Runescape 3 - 1-99/120 Thieving guide 2020

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Runescape 3 - 1-99/120 Thieving guide 2020

47 406 views | 13 Sep. 2020
47 406 views | 13 Sep. 2020

Welcome to my updated Runescape 3 1-99/120 Thieving guide for 2020! In this guide I cover the best training methods and all useful items for the thieving skill.

- Timestamps -

0:00 Intro

0:20 Useful xp boosts

1:24 Useful Items

4:17 Thieving level boosts

4:30 Quests for Thieving XP

4:45 Leveling 1-5

5:33 Leveling 5-15

6:09 Leveling 15-35

7:05 Leveling 35-41/62

7:38 Leveling 41-62

8:21 How to unlock safecracking

8:46 Leveling 62-69

9:52 What to do with your loot bag

10:32 Leveling 69-76

11:35 Leveling 76-83

12:27 Leveling 83-90

13:14 Levels 90+ AFK

14:32 Levels 90+ Dwarves

15:02 Levels 94+ Active Safecracking

17:20 Levels 96+ AFK Priff

18:09 Outro

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Runescape 3 - 1-99/120 Thieving guide 2020

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Carl Marks

Just steal seeds from the farmers tilll 120.


that left guy with the 120 and bsh looks so sexy can i have his number ?

Dallas Aston

teleport to ardoing


Love the video man!

Started training today since I was 62 and hadn't started.

Some notes for 62-69
You will want to start at the North Lumbridge house because if you only have the small bag you'll have to turn in your loot after each run. (Then go to south afterwards)
You can use the Wilderness Sword 1 to teleport to Edgeville without having to use Vis Wax to instant teleport.
Also as The Zanfis pointed out, use a wicked hook to get to the top of the wizards tower faster)


I have 110 Thieving just by pickpocketing in Prif (Aml, Cw, Cad, Ior) for the money and supplies


If your active safecracking at 96+ You also need need to partially complete Dishonour Among Thieves to unlock the doors to the safes if anyone was curious

Shylow Tha homie

Thank you

Nojus Novikas

Player will get 99 thieving in 29 hours 58 mins


For the levels 65-69 I preferred to do the 2 safes in lumbridge, do the safe in edgeville, go to the ones on top of varrock castle and do those 3 and then use the wicked hood teleport to the runecrafting guild to go to the top of the wizard's tower and do the safes on the floor below


U wont have lockpick shop until u do 3rd caper quest or even 4th in thiefing guild

jamie long

A competent well spoken guide master with the voice of a soothsayer.


Great videos like always, just came back to runescape and already have 99 thieving buuuut always nice to see updated guides. Plus someday I want to go for 120 cause that black and purple cape is niiiice. #fasionscape


Is the aura or adrounge cape useful for safe cracking

Hobo Green



Is this a Safe method to do or am i risking getting banned?


Make a vid abt best way for various pet chances! Im left with thieving, rc and hunter

farlon muentes

Im new to your channel because i just recently joined rs3. I can't say anything else besides that your videos are enticing to watch. It looks so professional, clean and well formatted.


I'm sure you didn't want to include all the "this and that stuff." but last time i think you could get pieces of the Camo outfiit from Nic the trader, but he hasn't been around in just about 2 years. or Vic the trader which i think should be around kinda shortly. Also, i'm sure people can figure things out themselves, but there are thing like making bolas that are pretty easy to get and worth to break down for simple components and if you die with them before you make them, then Meh no huge loss. just stuff to keep yourself preoccupied. Also something i haven't gotten around to trying out and i know won't be better then Safecracking but perhaps a bit Afk, is the Resets for the Districts in priff, i did a bunch of low level safes for a bit to get some more points and was thinking about trying it out during the Meiryl hour, for an hour, and just reset everytime i get caught. Should be somewhat ok, since you don't need to do anything, but reset and have at it again, but Again next double xp will try it out. Also there is for safecracking waiting until you get 4/6 or 3/5 or 4/5 and then swapping to brawlers gloves Thieving you'll lose a lot of points waiting to get that final click, but the xp is pretty good there and a nice use for them. If only at the Zemouregal's fort if you want the better xp one. Just some random thoughts. and like i said at the begining "just this and that stuff."

Zahidevine Hossain

@ProtoxxGaming u need to show the part....before u start safecracking, you need to talk to the safecracking guy. otherwise, you can go to those places but don't get fast xp. or don't even open the safe or any loot bag

mark abc

Wait thieving is actually fun

Nils Van Huffel

Please do a new firemaking guide

Stylianos Karagiannidis

Levels 76-83 there is another safe in Falador on the 2nd floor of the house east of that fountain you passed
Also Levels 76-83, there are two easily reachable safes at the top of Burthorpe castle
And an even easier way to get to Pollivneach is to use a slayer ring/helmet teleport

Great video as always :)

Jelle Deboevere

Why going from yanille to camelot to ardy when u can do yanille to camelot to yanille?


Is it still not worth doing dwarves if u have the thieving relic? Because that's how I plan on getting to 120

Michael Smith

DEEEEFINITELY do dwarf traders during double xp week! Multiple people go there, which makes trapping dwarves super easy and convenient. It becomes a non-issue. Plus everyone surrounds one dwarf, so he stops moving around...just keep clicking while watching a movie (!~World 48 is where you'll find everyone during that week~!)

It's bad any time outside of that though.

Bohemian Aram

Just an FYI - To get into the Zemouregal's Fort safe room for the lvl 94/96 safes, you also require "Dishonor Among Thieves" quest. It's not part of The Ritual Of Mahjarrat's series of quests. I got stuck here and had a hard time figuring this part out.


11:27 use alkarad chests, 2 in lumby, and two in the manor its faster xp.


What a coincidence, the day before this upload I got 99 thieving lol

Sniff Nl

hey protoxx for newer accounts like myself there is no thiefs guild shop lvl 35+ for the lockpick, just so you know

devilcry 1222

Just got my 99 a few days ago xD

TheReal Pipels

This video was well timed on a updated video and me needing this for a alt account. Thanks man.


I'm surprised there is no mention sticky finger relic

Cameron Shirley

You could just do the other Menaphos safes instead of Pollnivneach as it'll take roughly the same amount of time to do 2 more safes in Menaphos. There's a second safe just next door to the gen store in the merch district then there's a safe close to the shifting tombs entrance of the ports district. You can quick travel around Menaphos using the shifting tombs by right-clicking and choosing which district to go to. This also saves a quick-tele charge (if you use them like me) each run, which adds up.

Luke Garner

What's the route like if you don't want to enter the wilderness for active safecracking?

naruto 12345

From 76-83, there should be another safe in the house east of the Foundation. You can’t see it on your minimap because it was on the third floor :o.


perfect for the next upcoming dxp weekends. thanks protox!!

Coley Barker

How're there so many people in the thieves guild for you? Theres just the thieving trainer and the locks and traps trainer here for me

Tamara DelBoccio

Is it safe to mention that when training in the wilderness and you're PK'd, you can lose your lootbag? It is reclaimable from the safe cracking tutor in the Thieving Guild. I panicked when I couldn't get it from Dodgy Derek haha.


I never thought I'd say this, but thieving is satisfying..


bro make a guide without only quest methods


huge fan but i think u can make this video better
u missed a lot of points and details

Joshua Bartlett

RS pick up line: Hey do you have 120 Thieving? Because I think you stole my heart.

Fantastic job as always! I always learn so much from your videos.

Stephan C

I don't get what jennica's ring does? i still have to leave above 20 wildy to use my slayer cape

J. Lacerda

Took me more time from 1-64 than 64-99-120. Safe cracking is easy in so many levels, in less than a month i was 120 just by watching netflix and afking.

I wish i had a guide so comprehensive like that one when i started the skill

Miniscule Bug

I watched this video at 82 thieving. 2 days later I am 99. This skill is much faster than I thought and I really should have realized sooner.

Vet Vette

Use Arc Journal for Port Sarim teleport =)


There's another safe you can crack on the falador route before the mining guild

Also for those who just want a semi-quicker route if you have falador teles (or just enough runes) you can just loot from the garden safe to the mining guild one which should take about 5 minutes so they'll reset by the time you get to them

Travis Lester

Will my cup of arch tea do?


Can skillers do those quests to unlock safecracking?

Hookahseite Instagram

Protoxx new vid = best day of my life

Nick Schmitt

I have 600m thieving experience between accounts, and I still thoroughly enjoyed this. Well done!

Tim the Toolman Taylor

Never played OSRS, and up until two or three days ago I've never played RS3.. As much as I've been told to stay away from this game, something about it pulls me in as a complete newcomer. I'm having an absolute ball casually chopping down trees and burning every piece of meat I touch, and these videos are going to be a lifesaver for when I want to actually start going hardcore. Bless


info is ok but 2 much of a pain for me


Is this skill useful at all? I just lvl up for quest reqs



Caio Viana

You're amazing, man! Thanks <3

Twzzy l BeastMode

Lol I decided yesterday evening to go for it as my next 99 since it's one of my last for maxed, now this is on lol. Great timing

Tuna On A Stick

The level 15 to 62 doors method might destroy my weak ass internet connection for changing worlds too much....


For 83 - 90 its advisable to use rune teleports for ardougne and camelot.

Tyler Lemon

Right click the beam to ascend to the top floor, then right click to descend to the third floor....

....orrr just ascend up twice like a normal person would lol


lmao sat in the jewelry shop for like 10 seconds wondering where the safe was since you said 1st floor, forgot that its the 2nd floor for me in the US, you would think after watching so many UK rs youtubers id remember that.

The Zanfis

* 62-69 just use wicked hood to teleport to the wizards tower, slightly faster:)
* 69-76 u can teleport to Sumona with slayer ring instead of walking all the way from Bandid camp lodestone

other than that, great video

North Terror

Great job, but i wish you posted this three days ago when i grinded my 99 lol


When you have double surge and bladed dive, these rotations are far too short.

dor dahan


Buddy Harrison

ha i go to search this and boom 2 hours ago a new upload!


Protoxx must have 99 Thieving, because he is straight up stealing Imsikovit's viewers with all these quest guides that he's been releasing.

Kyle Flanagan

This is a good video; however, I don't fully agree with the route choices. There's also nothing said about the teleport options. With certain quests such as Impressing the Locals, The Death of Chivalry, etc, uses of spellbook teleports, and other items like games necklaces and wicked hood you can save a lot of time taking other routes (and save money if you're choosing to use vis wax for quick teles). Not everyone has access to all these items, but I think mention of those items and paths is important.
Edit: The slayer cape is also great for safecracking teleports if already owned.


For priff thieving, 100% invest in five finger aura
With it you’ll afk the max cap of 5mins thieving each clan

Icefire 817

The thieves guild shop isn’t unlocked until the 3rd mini quest though isn’t it?

Josh Newman

Well shit, I just hit 99 theving yesterday. Still going to watch the video though lol

Jay J

great guide. using as i type this message now lol.

Adam Pouznar

Fantastic video as always :)

Ashley D

Safecracking is OP but I kinda love it. I'm glad not all skills are that easy and fast, but it was nice to finally knock out 99 Thieving a few months ago when I've hated Thieving for 15+ years.

Chris Foster

Did they nurf the xp rates from when safe cracking was originally released? Other YouTubers are showing xp rates of double for each level range.

Brandon Lee

Is the Black Ibis worth it to get if I’m going for 120 ?

Coffe nutt

If someone else is picking safes, does that prevent you from getting it? Or is like mining etc where everyone can share it?