Free House in Whiterun! how to get breezehome completely free

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Free House in Whiterun! how to get breezehome completely free

17 956 views | 17 Nov. 2016
17 956 views | 17 Nov. 2016

Quick video on how to get breezehome completely free in Skyrim: Special edition, other videos following on how to get all the other houses free very soon

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Please watch: "ESO: August Crown Crate Opening & 5000 Crown Giveaway!"



Tulpa Time Podcast Ep. 2 Tulpa creepypastas/cautionary tales.
Aj Davis

U suk

Azz Jones

You can also get all the upgrades for the breezehome using the same method

Haze Cade

This still works guys 11/10/2020


Your vedio is the best one I found on this. I had to start game over cause my 14 year old son crashed out with mods after a year of play. So now I am trying glitches for first time.

Corbin Britting

Am I the only one that went deaf from the intro?


I’m probably just poor lmao but it doesn’t give me the option to buy a house

parth parmar

Thx mate still working in dec 2020


They fixed it

_ANG3L _

Ha nice it still works

AngelChris __

Thanks man! Incase anyone is wondering this still works haha. All I did was exit the conversation and he gave it to me, didn’t have to store my gold.


My right AirPod:

Efi Depe

I think u can't do this in the last version, he instantly takes the gold when u talk to him now

Üniwolf Neighoo

This helped me in my first skyrim account on my xbox 1

Elizabeth Polk

love your voice

Zigod Gaming

For me 12k


Ty took a few tries,still works November 2020

Adolp Hitler

Did they fixed it? Cuz like i clicked ill take it and immediately i have no time at all to click the wardrobe

The Wanderer

heres how give him the 5 k and then i n the console type player.additem f 5000 youl get your gold back

Dustin Brandel

Terrible audio, cant make out ur words. Can u add subtitles?


Still works in 2021

Zoão Bento - Yeatles

9 years later the exploit still works...

almost december 2020

Harley Warleyyy

Watched this, went to see up the deal and realised I don't even have 5k... why do it do this to myself

Robert Romero

Hey thanks for the info .im playing right now


Hell fire, hold you damn thumb still.


Still works