RPG Maker: Luna Engine MV - Basic Menu Editing

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RPG Maker: Luna Engine MV - Basic Menu Editing

5 115 views | 24 Jun. 2019
5 115 views | 24 Jun. 2019

This is a basic introduction to the features of Luna Engine MV, as well as some slightly more advanced use of variables and Lunatic.

(I apologise for the ear-death that is my voice/mic quality.)

Please check out Luna Engine's documentation, which is provided freely without having to purchase!


Luna Engine MV: https://archeia.itch.io/luna-engine-mv

Marimo's Fantasy Facegen Vol. 1: https://marimo.itch.io/fantasyfacegenvol1

Nekoji - Chan

omg, just realised this vid. is made by Caz xDDD

William Bragg

Are all menu modifications done via editing the text files in the Luna folder, or is there an in engine menu editor similar to SRD's super tools engine?

Gates of Avalon

Pretty cool stuff


First thing that you upload in a year? Fcking finally. What have you been up to during the last year? Developing? gaming? Also amazing tutorial.


Did you try to edit some menu scene created by three party plugin?

The Iaro Show

For some reason, my Sample Project just doesn't work when playtesting. The screen is just loading all the time, and it only works when I turn off the main Luna Engine plugin.
edit: There's an error that says "Failed to Load GameFont"


Thank you for posting this!

Tea's Jams