Gustixa - Lemon Tree (Remix) (Lyrics) | I wonder how, I wonder why

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Gustixa - Lemon Tree (Remix) (Lyrics) | I wonder how, I wonder why

4 094 160 views | 21 Sep. 2020
4 094 160 views | 21 Sep. 2020

Song: Lemon Tree

Original Artist(s) : Fools Garden

Asher Crix

Why'd you put lyrics on the description if the lyrics is in vid??

Тёмный Зверь

Oh, that's cuteee

Sidra Mazher

I am i love of this song. Love it

Nenny Nedeland

peace of the world...

Join soo

Syarifah Adhra

Woww I'm listen its really2 good!!! With headphone and high volume!!

Eunice Enoviso


newdethrosavey kw


ที โฟน

I miss you Nong Kai

fira Baihaqi

I'm turning my head up and down I'm turning. Turning. Turning. Turning. Turning. I wonder how I wonder why yesterday you told me bout the Blue Blue sky

A Normal Boi

Play on 0.75× Speed

Simran Kumari

Who come after among us meme

Jinky Coyoca


Gab lance

Subhadeep Kundu

how many are here after listening to the music in a meme video??????

Laveya Hanna

This is the perfect song for my gacha intro when im ready to become a gacha tuber

Avelino Damian


Dharma Surya

I hope this song can be heard for a long time

Adi Dassler


bruskies cool

My brothr died l miss him

Gilbert Mabini


Buckle Acce

This is very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshwel Macaraig

2017:lemon tree
2020: i wonder how i wonder why
2021:among us meme

Minki momo

osu peppy

Nauli Maulidha

Suaranya bagus

Summer Ren HereYT

✨ aesthetic ✨

อรสา อินธนู


kush's channel

Bad Man

This is nice but stop copying legends songs pls be respectfull but keep going

jannah navasca

Crie,s... the voice is so telax and make me cry

Hilda Rimayani


2021 ;-;

Fitri Yatuzzakiyah


Evelyn Martinez

I love this song so so much

Cholifah Simon

Me make me sleep: zz-/my mom: aw~ :)/my all family : :)



rizkiagus pratama


Champ Games

The only reason J

No,n, and *i



1995 peaceful aong
2020 tiktok meme

จูโอ แมน


Kiệt FF

Reom tiktok with love

Lily Jie

When i hear this song im very chill and i feel like something watching me and when i open my eyes i see my mom watching me and she said 'im watching you singing that song until i amazed by how good your voice'

Jhenivi Oserio

Im already singing this song

azfar shah

I like this nice..

kutukan 11

This voice so cute

Wilma De Guzman

This is so realxing


This song gets rid of all of my stress and anxiety and depression and makes me feel warm.

Cat man Jr19

This song is way better than the original

ethan gabriel caballero


Mark YT

I love you music

Chuan Min Jyn

I sreach "I wonder how, I wonder why" HAHAGAGGAGAGAGSGA

Anime Potato

My brain:Among Us



0:16 Perfect Moment

Minki momo

xydrick 5 the anime i heart u


I like the Beat so Cool

Ramdinthari Dintei

I love your music

stephon francique

Super sad

S0me Art And 5tuff

Its rlly best with headphones rlly

Farida Anwar


erif hendrayana

this music is my favorite

dian irmanda susanti

wow keren bangef sayang

Lawrence Delacruz


Punima Gonmei

My favorite song


Beautiful like the Lemon Tree. I can finally sleep... Well goodnight!.

These Guyz

Original is better

Haruki gaming

Can I use this song ...will I get copy strike

Merge Dylan

Bro this is from luffy I just remembered it lol this dope ASF

Langit Nation

Tiba toba muncul di beranda njer

Amadeus Andrei Concepcion


Alajas Maricel

Wow powedipatoro h ako komanta ng lemon tree

Chi Tran


vãnlálhriata Hriata

Who is the singer of this little girl.. So cute voice

Januar Refi

Hi 2022

erif hendrayana


NUTRI Sari2297


Wiliam Johanes

Is so good

erif hendrayana

I like this music

Chateleen Jade Cruz

I love this song

real games killer v2


This is the link of this vedio

Djyrereign Palisoc

nice song

Blue Eyed Weirdo

Tbh I prefer the original version

Pooja Sri

Wow man cool song

Alamin Mambuay


Lochumi Ezung

I have a lemon tree at home hope it doesn't get old

softofficial _


Xian arthur Nakazato

Its make me cry

it's me salma chanel

This copyright

Longmey Longmey

Asep Ifudin

I wander how i wander why

siti rohana Ismail

I like it

Marky Jimenez

who sang that? i mean who is the girl behind that song???

Chloe Antonette Labrador

Use it with headphones or earphones and kinda full follume it and the beats its soo cool

Cool Bacon Kate

I use to listen this song in the class when I was 4 grade and it was really good

Beatrice Cassandra Aquino

ur song are nice and cool lemon tree

VJ AniSic

You can try it with earphones or headphones for the best will not regret it

Hilda Rimayani

Putra Bali

So the best of the DJ

20YearsFromNow You'll know it

tHis sOnG IsN't FrOm tiK tOk