Dabwoods Cartridges (Real or Fake?)

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Dabwoods Cartridges (Real or Fake?)

25 708 views | 10 Apr. 2019
25 708 views | 10 Apr. 2019

Also i made a mistake in this video and my last dabwoods video i thought the packaging said 85% thc for all their carts but it actually says 85% + which is honestly worse since they dont even take the time to even try to give you accurate lab testing information, and if they really lab test their carts thats if there is a company which i dont think there is they would never just put 85% plus or any regulated company would

Sorry for the audio when i use my camera the audio isnt good but my more recent videos should be better since i got a mic. This is a remake of the old Dabwoods real or fake video, i wanted to provide new info on Dabwoods and the only point im making in this video is that the company Dankwoods doesn’t sell Dabwoods. Also watch this video if you want to know how fake carts are made and whats inside of them and it has way better audio or go check out my channel https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H_e2Mwop71M .

This video is only for informative and educational purposes

Link to dankwoods home page - https://www.dankwoods.com/lifestyle

Link to dankwoods instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dankwoods/?hl=en

Also if you would like to support my page and get access to private videos that i cant post on youtube due to their regulations of vlogs of me smoking and vlogs with my friends, more content, livestreams of me playing games and playing with patreons, and vidoes with my face in it lol, please click this link - https://www.patreon.com/StonerStuff any support is greatly appreciated since im broke lol


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dankvapes is what all in setx

ART Skywalker og

I usually smoke wcc cartridges and weed of the same brand but today I got
2 or this cartridges and they really are scary

Infamous Joker

Ended up with one of these.... I love my ecards, but when I would try to vape it, I would end up with a super dry mouth, am

Valerie Breshears

I got a fake DankVape. It was awful. Just ecig juice.

Alex Super

I know the dude that legit created dank/chronic/dabwood carts he from Akron the kid literally has his bitmoji from snapchat on one of the new chronic vape carts. I got him on snap/ig/twitter. and its actually a boxing company that sells the boxes for carts and also happens to be one of the biggest nationwide cart vendors because of it.

Joey Maxon

Very informative, thanks.

Marc Shapiro

Yooo how can i get in contact w you

Stoner 3.0

I love dabwoods

Almighty 420

Do more Stiiizy Reviews pliss brother! I will appreciate it g! :)

Stoner Stuff

Also sorry for the shit audio i got a new mic so my newer videos should be better also click this link if you want to watch a video where i explain how dealers make these fake carts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_e2Mwop71M&t=29s


If its not bought from a dispensary its probably fake but still fire like the fake cookie carts


The carts are sealed in the paccaging but the wax is a lil runny not too much tho I just copped one

Tom Gibbons

dankwoods and vapes are most deff sister companies. to this day i’m blocked from dankvapes from calling them out on being failed for pestis and fake company then they blocked me i said the same on dankwoods then blocked me immediately


Smh I got excited when I saw my dealer had these because I was lucky enough to smoke those pre rolled backwoods with wax and kief. I should’ve known it’s too good to be true


I still have my dank boxes they were actually pretty decent just a really fake taste like dollar store candy flavor type stuff real stuff you can taste there’s no hiding the real taste of bud


idk why but u sound like u live in nyc

Tom Gibbons

The reason they don’t advertise dank vapes on dankwoods vice versa is due to them being sister companies. Dankvapes and Dankwoods are fake sister companies

Adam Gonzalez

Make a video on how easy it is to get that type of packaging from China. I just read an article on how two guys got busted making their own carts and they had those wrappers


100% got fakes they were good but inconsistent..def fake but ...illegal state so.... I make my own


I live in chicago where cannabis is legal and i just bought a dabwoods cart online. I got it from potlala.com so these carts are real but only when bought from dispensaries

wende patrella

I just bought these.. (dabwoods) I hope they're not fake. Thanks for the reviews


Bro why are these at dispensaries in La I see these a lot on weed maps too

Floppin N

Dabwoods have a official instagram account


Wtf u crazy the fake is Dank & Supreme G

FuZe Desi

Do a video on big cheif tanks

Savanna Hayes

No fucking help tbh

Intact Ninja Warriors

I tried Dank vapes just notice one was fake.
Now I'm trying dadwoods.
Still not sure if I believe it's THC or not.
No where on the package does it say THC. It just says 85%+ potency. The Color looks currect so far & the bubbles are slow moving.

Presley Addison

So I saw these a couple weeks ago and didn’t buy them bc I was sketched out for all the same reasons you are. Now my main guy, who I trust, has Dabwoods.... he usually has Brass Knuckles that I know are legit. But I also bought a fake Dank cart from his brother before so still not sure about these carts. In an illegal state btw