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23 383 views | 27 Jun. 2018
23 383 views | 27 Jun. 2018

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In this State of Decay 2 Video, I Show You Guys The Best Outposts That You Can Have. Enjoy the Video and I'll See You Guys in The Next One!

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ik this is old, but do u think the ammo outpost is useless since it gives u 1 perday?

Silver Fox Delta

got builders legacy first so i can focus on other outposts

ganjaman UK

Anyone know a location of a power outpost in druckers?

Chad Wright

I lost my way to play in a house fire so now I watch you guys play . I'm bummed but it could be worse

Erick Baltazar

The first legacy I got was builder and now I'm in my second legacy and I don't have to worried about power and water best card in the game I think.
now what second legacy should i get?


This explains everything

Loop Hole

I like playing with the minimal like the portable generator to do the jobs I need for that moment. I use candle light and Bon fires. It makes it feel more like living in a zombie apocalypse. I use my outposts for meds, ammo and food. Not sure what to use my 4th for. Maybe fuel for vehicles. I can make all the weapons I want and I have a community with 9 survivors and they all have enough beds and high morale.


Great video, I'm new to the game and literally dont have a clue, think I should start again after watching this.


Is there a point when supplies run dry on a map? I am on day 21 and finally settled into the Brewery but I'm concerned with if there will be enough gas to last. I've only killed 1 plague heart and the electricity/water setup cost 3 gas a day. I have one outpost for gas out of my 5(haven't had a chance to open 6) and I'm starting to think I need more.

Full disclosure I haven't explored the entire map head to toe maybe 75% I just was curious if this can become a problem.

Issac Ferrebee

no power and my survivors are always cheerful. my base can run indefinitely because i never run out of food, meds , ammom or fuel


power and water outposts are good outposts but it cost quite high and it's not ideal for home base that still can't produce enough supply like their supply still -/day or +0/day because the cost from other facility , Power and water outpost will make it worst . those outpost just for player that already have an self sustain home base.

Table 4205

My Build: 1-Power 2- Fuel 3- Fuel 4- Artellerie


First one wrong, if you have the builder's perk power and water is taken care of

6 subscribers

I have builders thing so I don’t need the power and water

Scotty Jay

I just picked up the bridge base and hate it but I’m rocking 2 food and 2 meds with the extra med outpost. I’m using a lvl. 2 generator and barracks.

THE RED Lamborghini

Who also been wondering how to do a morale outpost

Luvs Logistics

The game gets harder the longer I go


Or a builder boon that gives u both for nothing freeing up everything


Nice video, trying to master my base myself. Just maintaining a base is an accomplishment, I think.. Finally got enthusiastic for my group.

Greazy Clean

I play state of decay 2 on pc hand having trouble saving my progressions. Like if I play for 2 hours and destroy 5 plague hearts after I exit the game and come back it will just load me back to the first hour and only 2 plague hearts were destroy. Anyone got same problem? If so do you have any solution? I’m trying to make YouTube and this problem really hold me back