Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus - He Could Be The One (lyrics)

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Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus - He Could Be The One (lyrics)

817 813 views | 18 Jul. 2009
817 813 views | 18 Jul. 2009


Sorry, I couldn't make much videos lately, because of a lot of busy things, and Youtube being really picky about audio copyright. Hopefully I can make more! Keep on requesting! And thanks for sticking around :)

No Copyright Intended! No Audio in this video belongs to me! Nothing belongs to me! Everything belongs to their rightful owners. Thanks :)

Lyrics included here:

Smooth talkin'

So rockin'

A-he's got everything

That a girl's wantin'

Guitar cutie

He plays it groovy

And I can't keep myself

From doing somethin' stupid

Think I'm really falling for his smile

Get butterflies when he says my name


He's got something special

He's got something special

And when he's looking at me

I wanna get it all sentimental

He's got something special

He's got something special

I can hardly breathe

Something's telling me

Telling me maybe

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He's lightnin'

Sparks are flyin'

Everywhere I go

He's always on my mind and

I'm going crazy

About him lately

And I can't help myself

From how my heart is racin'

Think I'm really diggin' on his vibe

He really blows me away

[Repeat Chorus:]

And he's got a way

Of making me feel

Like everything I do is

Perfectly fine

The stars are aligned

When I'm with him

And I'm so into him

He's got something special

He's got something special

And when he's looking at me

I wanna get all sentimental

He's got something special

He's got something special

I can hardly breathe

Something's telling me

Telling me maybe

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

Sabertooth 0

there's a difference in 'growing up' and 'going crazy'. Growing up dosent mean a spiral downward from your childhood. not trying to start a argument- just wanted to point that out.

Sydney Smith

this is me and bfs song <3 iloveyou

Megan Terry

this explains my life so well ive had a crush on this one guy since 4th grade im 15 now and he liked me in fourth grade too but my best friend got him and hes never given me a chance since and every time i see him i get butterfly in my stomach and i just wish he could be mine i love him and i wish he would know just how much i like him!!!); if u want to help me out here please give me a thumbs up so i can show him how much i like him

fabi evn

this remeber to JUSTIN

Vanessa Laura

But What are you saying than if you dont know him 2 you say that we didnt need to say mean things about him beacuse we dont know him but you dont know him 2 so stop saying sweet things about him !!!!

Abyni Garner

tell me you dont feel like this to someone

Shaniyah G

wow now thats a lame and stupid boyfriend

Vicki Remdt

Wish I had my "one" but i got my eye on a couple


Anyone who says Miley hasn't changed and that she only has grown up.. you're wrong. She HAS changed. I know she's not 16 anymore but the way she acts is stupid.

smh lesa

that moment when you don't even need the lyrics and you have it memorized


Me too @ThisJessXD but for me its this guy in church he around my age

C.L. Artsy Dreamer

watch the video ppl if u scroll down a fight starts :P

Shannon Day

The way he says my name<3


My heart sinks when I hear this song beacause I feel this way about Ross Lynch and it hurts more than you can imagine. But thats not gonna let me down. I will find him someday.

Bri Barron

I feel like this way about this guy that I like so much. I have never ever felt this way this way before and whenever I hear this song I just think about him <3

Hopping Nimbus

Oh hey, thanks for the 11 year old b-day present

Ashley Brooke

memories!!!!!!! AhaHa what happened!

CaLie Dohherty

i thought my bf was the one... :(

Cassie Ramm

this is exactly how i felt before my bf asked me out and i still feel like this song


To fast

Isabel IsAwesome

Just do it. You never know, he can like you back c:

Charlotte Jorgensen

I think i am actually thinking about this boy i like.. i don't know if he thinks of me that way D: NOOOOOOT GOOD! who thinks i should tell him??


Doesn't match up with the song

Irene Josephy

love this song! love miley <3


i usually can't stand her! but i love this song so much! she sounds awesome in this!!

Anah Turner

he could be the one, the climb, and when i look at you are the only songs i like. oh and fly on the wall.

Sarah Blair

sorry for your loss:)

Catalina cepeda

que tiene que ver justin bieber con hannah montana?

jamia jones

here in 2017 ❤


@coolgirlkb1 when i posted it was :P lolz jk but it was


He could be the one <3 Tom

Marcus Avila

His sister I love your movie I can't believe they canceled it I'm so bumd out

nosey the great

my freind kate...she could be the one.




Justin Bieber might be the one!!!!!!! <3

Raquel Santana


Matt sanderson

Jessie is better then Jake any day


the feels

Cortez .Hulett

hes got special


Fav miley cyrus/Hannah montan song :)

Michelle Prätzel

I don't miss Miley.. I like her anyways. But I miss Hannah Montana

Aiesha LaTourette

Oh God how did I get myself here


i like two boys four actually 1.rodrigo 2.gavin 3.beltran 4. john

Georgia Ma

loving it.

Maddy O'B

who am i kidding. i know all these lyrics.

Vanessa Laura

Doe you know Justin Bieber ?? i dont think so !!


@madipretty1 this is a miley video stfu

Shellby Martinez

I like the Lyrics but not her

Shaniyah G


Crystalminer2364 AJ

Me @ Niall Horan xD

Sophie uh

I'm proud of her transformation


@Mo Jo What do you mean aunt

Nicole Allen

Am I The Only One That Misses This Miley?

Sydney Gidman

I like this song but really Miley, you have gone downhill. Sorry gurl.

Iris IlluminaPrincess

We have to face the fact that people grow up & change, everyone does.

Jaye Sneddon

Everyone changes, just because she's famous and changed means more people don't like it. I love her either way.



sally sparrow

Couldn’t help myself. Searched for this after watching ayydubs

Shaniyah G

I am so sorry for that

Cindy Bieber

this song is ment for jb lol

John Jones

i lik mily im glad shes happy nd found what shes looking 4, but i do agree i think she should get married now, shes so happy with her *furture husband

Eva Georgouli

OMG im in live and this song makes me crazy!!!!!!!!!

rosy hawney

i really like this song just wish mley could have stayed like that


@madipretty1 Why are you talking about JB?

Jordan VanHoutan

my bf is the one he crys 4 ma

Nedaah Ismail

Uuuy For My Babee Angel-3

Tamar Mihranian

nope I miss this Miley 2


song has been stuck in my head. have to listen to it. Have noo idea why it got stuck in my head today

Alexa Laur

there's this boy i like and he knows i like him. he just has to look at me to get me to smile. but he just graduated and is going off to college and i don't know if i can handle my senior year without him. it's hard enough handling one day without him :(

daddygurl fraiser

Love it

billy cossins

i love this song it maked me like my boyfriend more his name is teddy he is well cute like a teddy bear but his real name is edward

Jiscel Auditore

All good guys are gone 1st


i always think of a certain guy when i hear this song. he makes my entire day better by just smiling at me.

Jessica Bouchard

27 people are IDIOTS coming here while they dont like the song haha they really donthave a life...


love the song 2 but really u get hiiii my lil sis use 2 watch u everyday til she found out u get hiii wow miley ur stupid!!!

alliyah outten

she beautiful and happy now with her new man liam<333333

ariannah madox


Beki Ca

Never realised that was a McDonald's advert until I watched it all the way through!


My favourite <3 yesss mileyyy

Carol Tomlinson

I really miss her so much, the good times :))

rosy hawney

i used to love miley and i still do but why couldnt she just stay the down to earth girl she was years ago

Halee Marie

It makes me sad to think of all the little Hannah Montana sayings: ''Ya Think!?'' ''Sweet Niblets!''

alizae felix

why does it say that artist:mitchel musso he doesnt sing this miley cyrus does


Yea but not in to a stripper! Yes everyone grows up and changes but this my friend is more than a change its a complete turn around and a total smack in the face! okay im aware shes done with little kid stuff like hannah montana but really she didnt have to go this far! she didnt have to become a slut. there is no other way to explain it because thats what she has become. i used to be a die hard miley fan. id stick up for her and everything but she ruined that. Look what she has done. Bye Miley!

Sammi Toale

Idly I like this song, but I do :) makes me think of one special guy

Juan Santos

Love this song

Eva Georgouli

@evakigeo sorry i mean in love

ibtihalo jackson

justin got somthing stupid



Sirena Lepe

She was great before she became a wannabe

bella malfoy

love dis

Vanessa Laura

Uhmm iam a girl and i am TOTALY not jelous !!!!!!! I think that he's got he's live and if i hate him i hate him and if you like him you like him so get over it bitch x :p


this song has my fave word sentimental


@XShafira13x i also have same felling about my crush

Amber Trotta

dssvdsvvsLbdbvUbvsdfbsdbCmhmjlghjmAnbgjbnS <------capitals spell out his name!

christopher amores

i love this song great awesome!!!

Pastel Sophii

@XNarutoxXxFanX :D


@purpleninja141 27 actulay

Brittany Bouse

LOVE this song! makes me think bout HIM! <3

nat wolff

hey guys hope you got our new album witch is black sheep hope you guys love it.