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301 517 views | 5 Jan. 2017
301 517 views | 5 Jan. 2017

In this Mythbusters, we're finding out if offensive consistency is worth upgrading in NBA 2K17.

Should you upgrade strength mythbuster:

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is park on allstar or superstar ? cause somepeople are saying its superstar.

Andre Bailey

He should've not get any greens on purpose while shooting


Can you make a video on shot iq plz


offensive consistency, is not to make more shots per se. it's actually to stay hot longer once you get hot. it has been this way forever on all 2ks. zoom in 2k17 it will keep you on your grand badge longer which will in turn are you more likely to make your players type of shots.

Fortnite Vids Daily

Anyone down to play park with me I'm a 6"6 94 playmaker with max wingspan.I have 3 hof badges and all hot zones

Rusty Jones

offensive consistency is only going help in game


I think offensive consistency is a attribute useful in simulation, not actual gameplay, I think if its lower during myGM or myLeauge then your player won't consistently put up his offensive numbers


The test has been done by NBA2kLab, and they point out exactly why Offensive Consistency is DEFINITELY worth grinding


Your test is greatly flawed because you used the "user timing" shooting type which introduces skill based probability which adds a flat chance to make a shot. So it alters your ability to correctly identify trends and the true mean of the player's shooting percentage because of your own real inconsistency in timing shots. What you should have done was change shooting type to "Real Player %" that way a player just shoots whatever a player shoots from a spot given their skill and timing has nothing to do with it.

Also with your test you just looked to see how well you did with the stat set to A and B. What you should have done was look to see if you were able to consistently reproduce shooting results given small sample sizes. At the end of the day the system is aiming to normalize to some mean, and consistency is going to govern how many samples its going to take to reach that mean. When you set the test up right you will see that higher offensive consistency leads to smaller strings of makes and misses. The combination of that and the flat chance to make a shot given your own skill is a deadly combination.

With that said, how exactly they factor in consistency in the shot roll is unknown. There aren't any specific mathematical functions that I know of for doing this, but there are algorithms that are used in other games like RPGs that do this. RPGs in particular like to do it to balance flat avoidance stacking by reducing the weight of that flat avoidance in hit calculations after each consecutive evaded hit. This increases the probability that the player gets hit at least once so they have to invest in other areas of defense as well (like total hit points or armor). Path of Exile in particular has an interesting system thrown into its evasion calculations if you are interested in looking it up and throwing up some speculation on how they calculate consistency in one of your videos. Theoretically their system should be able to model basketball consistancy flawlessly. I'm thinking about doing it myself, but i'm lazy.

Anyways, keep doing what your doing, and always keep digging deeper. 2k is kind of a bag of shit, but its all we got now. So as long as you keep digging and exposing what you can or exploring the nuances of the system (bringing to light things the game should try to make us more aware of) it can only lead to a better product.


Thinking of making a 6'10 Point Forward that can speed boost and can do everything at the park? Check out some highlights on my channel!

Austin Patrick

Anybody tryna playing 2s on XB1 msg me, I'm stretch big 88 overall
Gt- Bqai


You get hot/grandbage extremely fast and when you're cold its easier to make shots.


do reaction time next

Lunae_Vz L

Offensive consistency means that you are meant to make more greens, it's shot iq that makes it more likely to go in if it's white

Kerry Houston

it all about the base

Its Simba Y


Jфrdдn Ж

All The upgrades that you get in practice besides free throws are just to boost your overall

Seth Capps

I did it and made it a lot easier shooting


Great Series!!! Do more research vids

Onyx 2K

Offensive consistency will not have any effect in practice mode as offensive consistency counts towards how quick your player can get hot and how long he will stay hot meanwhile making shots.

You need in gameplay with Rudy Gay. Try it when running a play where you know he will get open and then compare and contrast.


Oc just makes it so that if you miss you are automatically cold


I noticed a difference after I got mine up. I'm hitting more of my open 3's in my career, pro am and the park. 95 shot creator SG

The Tesla Ty 500 Show

I need a fire jumpshot for my Playmaker. I have the 99 off consistency. I make more lay ups and contact dunks now

ImBenny 2x

Do a video on the ray allen jumper


If you want to get Offensive Consistency fast, go to a team practice and do the free throws and Offensive Consistency on the Team practice, after that you leave practice. When you get to the tweets screen close app then restart. You'll go back to practice. And repeat!!!

joshua davis

everybody beware of a guy named Redd Byrd7 that's his Xbox game tag he will report your myplayer 2k took my midrange attributes to even me out I'm done with 2k officially (8 years ) smh

Mamadee Donzo

I still want to do it just in case and to look cool

Tobias Van Steenis

You shoulda shot those shots while holding square all the way so every release is the same

Steve Brutts

So when you practice .... you on superstar ?? And is that what the park is on ??


Y'all don't know the wettest jumper (R.Anderon)


You should've tested this with Real Player's % rather than User Timing shooting, that way it's not at all connected to manual errors


Agent the consistency, offensive and defensive always is the stat that changes the overall the most... since the older 2k

Stan Jab



I just maxed out offensive consistency yesterday. My career FG% in my park before I maxed it out, was 48%. After maxing it out, THE FIRST NIGHT in my park, I increased my FG% to 51%. Maybe it doesn't effect everyone the same, but it made a HUGE difference for my player.

Joshua Carter

He's so right I wasted 4 hours of my life doing this

Kyan Jiles

Why is Durant on the Clippers. Was I the only one that noticed that.

stacks REL

when I do that I don't get it

wade is so old

ill do it for free throw and stamina

Jeremy William

when he said why isnt there rebounders in mycareer that got my little kid mind going like "damn what if there were rebounding robots that would be so cool" but then my older mind came out and said "yea but 2k will have it cost hella vc and be not worth it then

User Name

i was playing blacktop with Thiery Henry and the dude has like 88 3pt but off cons 70. I timed nice and got b shot selection on open 3's so im pretty sure it has something to do with the chance of an off night

Daniel Powell

I love the video bro.. you kept my attention the whole time..


you should have got a average


I'm a 95 sharpshooter 6'5 looking for playmaker


my 2k aint working... any ideas?

Don Jefe Dollar

i saw dis when you dropped it but i was skeptical even more so now because i definitely see the difference in game play situations practice won't tell you because you were not guarded or contested. So why or even how would you determine offensive consistency. while grinding for badges i slow rolled the method after my 1st chance to do the glitch. i now play on all star mode to be equal to the park and pro am mode there's a big difference I now have a 97 overall in offensive consistency it works like free throws so any archetype outside of a sharpshooter it's a go. why sharpshooter because all u wanna do is shoot, dats more about mechanics than production. for my slasher tho my draw fouls 94 shows in da game don't even breathe on me my ability to produce offense is impeccable (if not playing with randoms) but that makes me wonder how much is actually my bball IQ vs a 97 offensive consistency. continuations on my failed posterizers go in so that's one way to tell. i was missing those left and right 2 weeks ago at a 76 offensive consistency. grinded up to 81 and da difference showed instantly through failed posterizers to finishing those failed posterizers. but a lot of things are tied into momentum so you really never know. also i just remembered my slasher has a 52 three point rating and looks good knocking those down not one green light from a cold zone - money. so basically offensive consistency is to help your production overall if all u do is shoot you don't need it but how bout those limitless deep range dead eye shots hmmm. thinking of it i smay haveeen the benefit of it today in a stretch big. covered on every 3pt attempted and made all of them no grandmaster badges. it could've been the defender didn't have defensive stopper ....or the stretch had a high offensive consistency rating. so it does show up you just not gone find it in practice. so don't waste your time on these type of vids cuz it's misleading nobody cares about practice #MakinChessMoves

5th Nation

why didn't u try real player percentage

Siim Peemot

All the stats that are controlled manually (e.g. offensive consistency, reaction time, help-defense IQ etc) only affect your MyPlayer's performance in simulated games. When you're actually playing the game, those things are up to you.


Did you have the player rating slider chosen instead of user timing for shooting?

Myke Jackson

Shot iq is worth it tho

Sohil Masih

Draw Foul

kevin melendez

K.Irving is wet

problem child wit da crooked smile

none of that matters in practice mode


Took me 2 hr and 59 mins to get a max free throw and 99 offensive consistency

Jason Correll

I think it helps with ball handling instead of shooting

Cj Harmon

do you have a ps4 or a Xbox one

Jakob ulv

Do the test with shot timing irrelevant, you got alot more greens with 25 consistency

Carlas Jackson

We need jumpshots almost 10K likes


Wouldn't you get better results and data shooting in game? Seeing as how consistency effects how well you can get out of shooting slumps + removing cold streaks. I feel like shooting in practice really isn't going to give you much of a difference.

Matt O'Donnell

Bruh @Agent00 i can't even get into my game. I get at the teams logo. This game is a joke

Lithuanian Man

Why are you trying to get green releases on a test cos obviously its going in anyway then, if you were trying to get close to green then you could tell if more shots are going in or not???

Wayne Coolin

Just so y'all know. Offensive Consistency controls how fast you get hot on offense or how fast you get your grand badge. That's it. You're welcome.

Jaylin Taylor

Can you do one on the difference between a non mad dunker and a mad dunker then a gum chewer vs non gum chewer


learned a lot from double O keep that 2k fire out here.. #Agent00

The23rdKING YT

Can you try a 99 Shot iq?


Maybe it has a larger impact on simulated games?

JC Deaton

pretty sure offensive consistency is how fast you get a hotspot thus more hotspots at once


I think this test is about as useful as testing microwave in a practice, if youre in a practice your player cant get hot or cold and im pretty sure thats what this badge affects

King Crossover

agent, love the vids recently im a big fan really, the problem with this video is that offensive efficiency affecets how quickly player get hot, how long they stay hot, and how quickly they can bounce back from being cold. you didnt test any of that in this video unfortunately cuz that doesnt happen in practice, i dont think their is a way to test it really, i dont fully know how defensive consistency works but i know thats how offensive works, for sure

Random Gamer

I think offense is for they shot like if u have a 99 shot it might be very good but if it is like 79 or something it won't make much difference


wait how about shot IQ does that help with your shot

Chulo Gonzalez

I just really want to know what is the purpose of shot iq? I have it well upgraded I just need to know if there's a reason for it.

Bobby Beige

offensive consistency affects player/cpu play. your passing/screen using effectiveness mostly. it determines wether your cpu teammate runs into a defenders path while you're passing to them, or wether you stumble when trying to use a screen or get a foul when trying to set a screen.

Quincy Sweeten Jr

thanks for making this video i was about to grind this attribute for hours for nothing, but i did find that glitch useful for free throw i got that to 99 and now i will continue to grind them 55 badges (at 47)

Kam Shewtin

I believe "Offensive Consistancy" has more to do with how frequent or consistantly your offensive badges will activate. Not how well your player can shoot. The only accurate way to test is in game.

Davon Watson

If anyone is wondering, you can do the +1 attribute glitch with offensive consistency. On XB1 for sure. Should take much less time.

Dru G

did u really do all that in practice? practice? not the game not the game practice? practice? not the game practice? we sitting here talking about practice not the game practice? practice? we talking about practice

Farm Ea

Offensive consistent is how good the ai is on offense


I failed the dribbling drill and didn't get +1 offensive consistency. Did I do something wrong?

Stopplaynwitme S

this was some good shit thanks

Navin Kunkudatharn

Offensive consistency makes more differce in game


Agent do you know LaMelo Ball? if you do can you make a vid of how to create LaMelo's jumpshot. If you don't know him plz find his mixtape and thx :)


bad test casue off consistently accounts for players shooting over time should have simmed a few times and see when your player has his cold streaks


What if OC doesn't affect shots? But affacts other things? After all, you DRIBBLE to earn it, maybe it affects ball control while dribbling?

Jimmy Jones

Can someone help me? I came back on 2k from about a month and it said the save file got corrupted and I need to create a new myplayer. I have grinded and spent money on the players I have and I have no idea what happened, please help thank you.

1 guttgmf

you need to upgrade this. it's worth it


Amount of green lights for 25 n for 99?

Deion Floyd

I think that's a sim stat that doesn't apply to played games

Austyn Tourville

If you close app in that screen, isn't it possible for your player to corrupt?

Brad Stevens

Can you get banned for the 99 offensive consistency glitch?


Manual error

Ryan Williams

I thought consistency got u on fire faster?

George Travos

Wtf is offensive consistency anyway


It's probaly when u simming u will notice a difference


This still work after the newest patch? (Yesterday)

Dave Leggett

Offensive consistency will not take no effect in practices or shoot arounds. It only takes effect in full games, mypark, etc. You want your offensive consistency up as much as possible so that you can shoot in games, mypark, etc just like you shoot when you're in practice. If you put the difficulty up as the same as online gameplay then go to practice, as long as you're shooting at good releases, you will hardly miss anything. Now if you go to mypark, full games, etc and shoot the same exact way with a lower offensive consistency, you will notice not nearly as many shots will go in. Put you offensive consistency to a 99 and shoot in mypark, full games, etc like you shoot in practice.

Jaye O

My Offensive consistency is maxed out and my grand badge activates after 1 FUCKING SHOT!

Zay Wop

i only got mine to 76 it was a fucking grind and i didnt even get it to 99

but i feel the difference , i actually shoot better now .


The data here can't be taken seriously because it was done in practice. So the results can't be applied to any of the game modes.


what if it doesnt affect shootarounds like this


Well Damn, this is a great video. I tested OC when I was like a 46, I grinded to 76 now and at least in Park it didn't do shit. But I seen Sharpshooters with 99 OC hit half court green bean shots like it's nothing. Any chance OC effects didn't positions differently. I'm using LA base, Kyrie & Kobe @ 60/40 blend, try it!