Minecraft - CORALIUM PLAGUE - SevTech Ages #10

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Minecraft - CORALIUM PLAGUE - SevTech Ages #10

284 494 views | 28 May. 2018
284 494 views | 28 May. 2018

SevTech! Pro-tip don't eat meat if you don't know what it is...

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Sjin's map has a diamond on it what does that mean?

Juanjosearmy 1


Manuel Marchetti

after so many years of watching the yogscast I've finally realised how slow and inefficient they are when it comes to making progress after watching another youtuber, they were well into age 2 by episode 10. In 10 epsiodes these guys are still trying to get leather!

Creepercrafting God

Coralium plagued flesh on a bone. Key word is PLAGUED

The Anal Atheist

I’d be Lewis’ bed boy tbh.

Colin Ultramoto

“it scared the creaking fbbbbreezes out of me” - Brewis Ginley


Sjin: Attracts every mob on the map continuously by walking around and grouping them

Also Sjin: not like this why did I die


Re:props...Las Vegas Hilton has some Star Trek attractions (or did) and a museum of props from the original series, and yeah...stuff like the phasers and tricorders were just painted blocks of wood with stamped out metal shapes tacked to them in a lot of cases.

iMann iFail

My two brothers and I have just started up a SevTech server and begun this way of my Minecraft, so far it’s been really good, it’s crazy we’re just completing age 1 and we haven’t touched ores which is usually something you mine and craft straight away in vanilla.


gimp suit for breeding reminds me of old Better Than Wolves. Is that mod in there? I thought that mod is "incompatible with everything."


i wouldnt call the west filthy lol did you forget how the plague happened?

Dark Thoughts

"Just press U on it"
Meanwhile, Lewis being a complete idiot.


why dont they make a tunnel/archway/hallway connecting the two buildings? It seems so silly to move this way

Nolyn Ste

They should play what is Minecraft

Abazkaa Destar

the breaking stations made me jump out of my seat EVERY TIME

Lunay LeZarde

They did have showers back in the old west. They just called them "rain" or "waterfalls."

Matthias Arndt

After dying to piranhas you built a cage to lure creatures in... is this ARK I wonder^^


Someone might have said this already, but if you shift right click animals or chests, you can pick them up.


12:56 See if you can find a boat, where is the boat?


“Breeding harness”?

Feline Esquire

I wonder why sjin could read the runes and duncan couldnt


that was very romeo & juliet

Super gamer55

Corona be like 8:10

Jaden Murphy

I wonder when they are gonna realize they can legit just make standard stone swords

Onyxx _

Loving the backwards playlist

Sammie Luo

Where’s ark?

Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed

i have a gaming computer and if this mod overloads slightly, my computer will have a heart attack and start exploding every 10 seconds, what a rip off

nick kerkhof

Great series keep with it

The Imperium of Man

Duncan and Sjin, ineptitude beyond measure.

Gewel ✔


Anthony Hutch

More ark please?

Thunderjunk Mcbuttram

The water meta has failed.


Where did Lewis's texture pack go

dirp william

The fact that the meat came from a zombie is also a sign that it shouldnt have been eaten.

Some kinda alt Ez search pls



I had my crafting log break to day It scared the living shit out of me they don't just break they sound like they explode and make you jump back or knock you back . I'm so glad I made it to age 1 so I don't have to hear it again it's terrifying .


Definitely loving this series so far :D I thought it would be a train wreck but they DO actually read the quest book and stuff!


this video was filmed may 15'th


wait sjin just made an startrek reff by 1 of nine

Clumsy Reaper

How does shin know what magic stuff is?

Colin Ultramoto

“...it scared the creekfeenpppppffffreeezus out of me...”


As someone who has lived in San Antonio for the past twelve years after moving, I can say that the Alamo is over hyped and I'd rather spend time in a dirt shack in Minecraft than waste time downtown at the Alamo

The El Nobody

Batman Spoiler - He's Batman

Master the Fun

yea i was always afraid to eat it, now i know why :P

MongmanMark YT

Wizards in Harry Potter? not in my Christian Server


Wait what i thought harry potter was a mage, not a wizard. Omg!


Yo, y'all might want to know that some chucklefucks reuploaded your work on some YT clone called smotra

Michael Malbon

what texture pack are they using?


Fucking called it!

Albert Hancock

That went super poofy at the end...not that there is anything wrong with that...

Dapper Krogan

Shark lose teeth all the time guys...


I love that Sjin and Dunc still say "Not like this...", callback to The Matrix!! My brother and I still say it, even tho by now it's a nearly 20 year old movie...


Fun fact: Sharks continue to lose and grow teeth throughout the lives, unlike humans who only have one set of replacement teeth. So they might just be loose shark teeth carried on the current. I have no idea how buoyant shark teeth are irl.

Jake Brualdi

I was getting so sick of them walking back to their graves, I'm really glad they finally started teleporting.

jason sweeney

cant wait for them to get to oil processing with giant multiblock structures.

Winter's Gaming

Dig a hole for the fire and put the the grill and any block the requires fire over it.


duncan you idiot


duncan: eats unkown meat from a place called DARKLANDS what could go wrong

Roddy Woods

Man I wish they could do a void series again

Noxxy 503

Hmm, So they made Stone Pickaxes a few Episodes back but fail to realize that also means they can make Stone Swords xD

The Grinning Viking

Lewis - we can all see those red x's in base. Why you so lazy Lewis? Having all your stuff blown up is just more work in the end.

Fred Durst

I heard that. Lawsuit coming in, What?!!?!!!

Kurtis Black

Sjin and Duncan are wandering the Darklands, surrounded by vicious beasts in the dead of night, meanwhile Lewis is shitting his pants because he broke a crafting stump. Ohhh Lewlew.


I would recommend making a work bench mrk 2 it's a life saver.

The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just

You can often find villagers willing to trade some kind of hide for leather.

Bismuth LD

"See if you can find a boat"

Ian Bunch

Fight the big shadow dudes that shoot shadow vomit. I fought one and got three full shards. I also recommend using the Totemic mod to give yourselves some buffs.


Pause at 5:45
What the HELL happened to the name of the iten Duncan is holding?!

Neo Magi

19:00 I was wondering how long it would take before they noticed.


Hey those were spoilers for Westworld. I don't have HBO and have managed to avoid any information about it. Now it's all ruined!


Brits talking about the Alamo. Smh.


Love this series guys plz keep uploading this often :3

dirp william

To the people complaining about them teleporting, they teleport and cheat in every series, lewis is probably going to spawn stuff in later this series, if you want to watch a completely legit minecraft series, watch someone other than the yogcast.


The nreeding harness is really awkward to use.

My brother did it and made a pig, cow and sheep into a bdsm style superfriends.

Roan Nashoba

I've been waiting for 14:20 to happen to one of them for a while. I was not disappointed.


Videos with Sjin hits different now. Miss the guy


They should install the Tpa plugin.

Dario Pajarin

Make a stone flippin sword


Episode 10 and the teleportation already begins, episode 20 Lewis uses creative mode.


I just like this mod, so I'm going to like every video if it stays this good.


Man, Warcraft the movie was garbage. Still better then Batman V Superman though.


14:22 fucking hate it when that happens.

Sang Dang

If only they'd restart Yoglabs and release the map download

Emporer Tivurnis

Did NOT Appreciate the West World Spoilers in this episode. Now what the hell am I to do if I already know 1/16th of the expositional set up D:<!?


Just so you guys know the paths are vanilla

Sivert H.

Lewis lost his texture pack

Leo Sigh

WTH, Duncan. "Eat this. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to eat it". Dies :) He's still a 3 year old that will put anything in his mouth :) And this playthrough is brilliant. Loving it :)

Jess Portz

So far, sjin and duncan are goku and gohan and lewis is chichi.


Fix the play list


Best ending

Nik Nak

Space your hits, the sword is how much damage your hits will do


Duncan where's my ark?


Duncan: "It looks like all the monsters are gone though."
Sjin: "Yeah."
Duncan: "Are you finding any still?"
(Explosions go off amidst zombie screams, as shadowy plumes of smoke surround Sjin)
Sjin: "No, no I don't see any. Sorry."



Martin Lindvik

See if you can find a boat.

Никита Победович



Already cheating


And the cheating starts..


does anyone else try to use the playlist for this series to watch the episodes all in a row only to have the playlist playing backwards?

David The Weirdest

Why can Sjin read what that flesh stuff was but Duncan only sees runic symbols when he looks at it?