All Celeste Endings from The Summit, Core, and Epilogues

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All Celeste Endings from The Summit, Core, and Epilogues

129 356 views | 8 Feb. 2018
129 356 views | 8 Feb. 2018

mmmm, pie

Matthew Weinberg

Madeline: Happy that all her hard work paid off
Theo: Happy for Madeline
Badeline: REALLY looking forward to eating that strawberry
Odhiro: Having an existential crisis


8:19 how do you get to this part?

the emerald cat

hey for anyone that didnt know talking to theo enough he says to follow his instapics at theounderstars. and welp... its real and gives a bit of backstory for theo and a tiny bit of the futue =P check it out for yourself!


How did you get that golden heart at the end?


so u spend tons of extra of hours of collecting strawberries, just to have a pie... mk then


Who else searched this up cause they got past core and then farewell had like 15 hearts xD


I don’t think a fuckton of strawberries is a symphony

More like a loud concert solo

Yashaskar Aryan

You've really put great effort into making the video. Great job!


Its a...
Its a...


cool and good

Kyle Rivera

Am I the only one calling BS on how the "pie" consisting of 99% strawberries and 1% pastry is the best? I think you need to have a certain level of balance in either direction. I'm not even sure the final one can really be considered a pie anymore; it seems more like a bunch of strawberries, some ice cream, and a thin wall of pastry.


When u collect all strawberries

NothingCanYouSeenThere Nope


Shadow cranberry ツ

Bruh, you have to GIT GUD


how does the pie get better? do you just have to complete the game again?

Foxy gamer v5

Adoro esse jogo


A really good story...hidden behind terrible game. I wonder if the developer played IWBTB and said..."this game could really use a beautiful story of self discovery?"

Also...the music and art was great too...its just the game...the game is terrible

قيس أكمل

im jordan

Kitty Gamer gaming

i just got this game now i'm worried what ending i'll get everyone hope i get the best ending :)

Orange Icecream Pancakes

Oml badeline is stealing a strawberry at 5:19


im waiting to get this game now then huh

Embodiment of Bread

Madeline looks GOD ADORABLE on that picture at 10:10.

قيس أكمل

you have play roblox

What the Weed

This game sure did make me cry, despite the way everyone talks.


The music: * peaceful *
The last second of the video: SuBsCrIbE d*****!!!


4:06 i like how badeline gets so defensive for madeline

Hans Ramos

>Almost dies getting strawberries
“Mr. Oshiro: Is this a joke, Ms. Madeline?”

Listen here you little piece of shi-

Urban_ Ghost_

How can you achieve the ending at 8:16?


This is the ending i got on my first time through cause i only got like 30 something strawberries and i basically told myself "I mean hey, its probably at least not the worst ending"
And i mean i was right, but i could've done better

Red Darmi

That's my ending there

》 ThatCheesyGamer 《

I don't know what thusgame is but I want it

Eli Hudson

i just realized that in the boss fight with Madeline and Badeline, you aren't actually hitting her, you are trying to become one with her . Thats why Badeline glows whenever you make contact with her. The reason I know Badeline glows when you become one is because she does that at the end of the boss fight.



James Green

These guys are so lame, pie getting better only if you pour mountain of strawberries on it

Jordan Gibson

Playing this game was hard, like really hard, i recently completed everything and had no idea i would fall in love with the game to this extent, its so amazing what was created here!


:( The x-box achievement noise ruined the music at the end of summit


I love this game, people had told me it was a masterpiece but I had no idea it would touch my heart like it did...I'm definitely looking forward to playing it again.... 10/10

قيس أكمل


I don't get what the CORE ending is supposed to symbolize

That Two Guy

Badeline and Madeline's face at 4:44

Anonymous Kirk

Alex is the name of my save file ;-;. Theo scared me.


So Celeste is literally all about baking a pie

C4 in your pants



When you haven't collected any strawberry and it says "With all the strawberries he collected" you can feel the pain inside you


That ending bothers me because on PC it lines up almost perfectly with Madeline walking off screen, On PC it's longer as they credit more people(Like the modding community) but on console it shorter so the credit's don't line up correctly...

Alchemist Tongue Drums

I was kind of hoping Theo and Madeline would end up together :3

thigel nornberry

the talking sounds pretty distorted

Khamelion - EAdS71

I guess 5 thousand deaths really made it valuable for the last pie i've got xD


why is this in my recommended?


Celeste is the best game ever made.

Charisma Eve

want sum pie


I like how this sorta works like the money in Luigis mansion, pointless yet you get a rank at the end based on how many you got

قيس أكمل

this is my map

Boba Gaming

Those pity smiles : )

قيس أكمل

Thanks for playing map


Is Celeste free?

Olivia C.

I find the strawberry pie effects really cool because the game told you, "Collecting them is just to impress your friends." Which was true! You impressed your friends with the best strawberry pie ever ☺️

Elizabeth Brown


Franco Bordon

so. She die

The Exotic

11:23 badeline walks slower, shows us that she's becoming weaker, sad.


I didn't get that golden heart scene, I guess you have to 100% the game for that or something?


how do u open the door in the epilogue?


Warning: This comment is a long, descriptive perspective on why I love Celeste and why it absolutely blew me away. If you've got some spare time, why not take a few minutes out of your time to read this. You might just learn a thing or 2.

Celeste. Celeste captured my heart in a way that few games ever have. Celeste is one of the few games that actually makes me enraged at times, then just as quickly calm and motivated. You never feel punished for not collecting the dangerous collectibles. You never feel ashamed of your deaths. Or your best times through the levels. Or even using assist mode. Because in the end, looking at the final parts of the game out of context may give the impression that you cannot do it. But that's not the point of Celeste. You, the player, are Madeline in this situation. A somewhat normal person in this world who wants to achieve their goals. Giving up on this will get you nowhere. But if you think it's impossible, prove it. Keep going. Never surrender to the mountain. If you fall, get right back up. You are told to never feel ashamed of your deaths. Deaths are just you learning from your mistakes. And no matter how many mistakes you make, you won't be thrown out of the level in a Game Over. The game doesn't decide when it's over. The game isn't over until you, the player say it's over. This game is a massive metaphor for life, and all the challenges we must face. But as long as the drive to keep going is there, you can and will learn and grow as a person. Only then, will you conquer what you believed to be impossible. And remember: if it was easy, if life was easy, what would be the point?

Elam Plays

gOD I hate on how madlinae and badline have to become one GRR IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY


tbh I like apple pies better

قيس أكمل

in maps me easy in roblox maps me


I didn’t know that after the credits it told me to subscribe


And here i am, collected almost no strawberries and now i'm missing


C Lee