SWTOR - Dread Palace HM OPS: Dread Master Calphayus (3'rd boss)

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SWTOR - Dread Palace HM OPS: Dread Master Calphayus (3'rd boss)

85 views | 3 Apr. 2020
85 views | 3 Apr. 2020

Immortal Fleet Guild first kill on Dread Master Calphayus (3'rd boss in Dread Palace) 8 man Hard Mode in SWTOR 6.0 .

Tanks: Onishaa, Demonknight

DPS: Modluko(GM), Mooncharm (Raid leader), Vallyki, Set

Healers: Healothere, Sillri

Sadly in this video (and coupple more I recorded) There is no sound from the game as the files are corrupted and sound is completely missing :(. Instead I have inserted some music into it. I hope it fits ;). Enjoy!

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Music: SWTOR Soundtrack - Dread Masters battle theme and Flagship Landing theme

Outside SWTOR music used:

The Legion by Alexander Nakarada


Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0