Netgear Orbi Voice | FW v2.2.1.210 | App Update

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Netgear Orbi Voice | FW v2.2.1.210 | App Update

5 866 views | 5 Oct. 2018
5 866 views | 5 Oct. 2018

Friendly Review of the Netgear Orbi ( FW version which came out in October 2018 and the announcement of the Netgear Orbi Voice ( RBS40V & RBK50V. This firmware version fixes bugs and issues with stability and performance. It also fixes bugs with the wired ethernet backhaul. There is now support for Orbi Outdoor ( for Europe and Australia. There is also support for the Orbi Voice. The Orbi Voice combines Amazon Alexa, the Orbi AC2200 RBS40 Satellite, and the speakers to make a single smart unit. It looks very nice and is being released later in October 2018. It will be interesting to see how it sounds. The idea is great, because nobody wants more devices, and you can use the third band or wired backhaul to connect to the router.

RBK50 -

RBK40 -

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Netgear Orbi Voice -

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Stanton Taylor

I'm new to Orbi. I'm using and all is good for me. I have three wired satellites also. I have a fourth and I'm tempted to try adding it. It can be wired too. If I can't sell it I'll give it try eventually. Do you know the reason there is a supposedly three satellite limit?

Chris Rigg

Anybody know if there is an update for AC2200 on the horizon? Just bought one and it is basically useless, it completely slows down my network to a virtual stand still.

Keith Uyeda

Ever since the firmware update both wired and wireless now have intermittent drop issues. Netgear 2nd level tech support cannot provide a fix; ethernet backhaul not being used.

Christoph Halverson

Did you see there's v2.3.0.32


I have just 1 router and 1 satellite and the usual setup - I've never had any issue, with the internet or the updates...
I've read a lot of these kind of comments before buying Orbi, it makes a general impression that it does not work well and it is not stable which is not true in a normal setup.

Kennedy Espinosa

I have a netgear wifi and modem router and the 5ghz disconnects all my WiFi enables devices. Want this but I don’t it’s compatible with the WiFi and modem router. Let me know !

Andrew Etner

This update BROKE my orbi system!


I just picked up the RBK30 and I have been working with it for a few hours just trying to get it set up. It will not connect to "" at all it just goes to a netgear help page that is worthless. i had to hook up to it wirelessly on my desktop and use an alt ip address to finally connect to the router. I changed its function from router to AP and lost access to it again, now that alt ip address doesn't even work. At this day and age this stuff should not be this complicated, after hearing all the negative comments on here i might just return it. This is my first NetGear product and its looking like it might be my last. --- The real question i wanted to ask you is this, Right now my Orbi is running firmware should i just stay with that old firmware if its working ok?

Jason Miles

I grew so weary of the instability of Orbi. Wanted to like it. Since moved to other WiFi. Reluctantly.

Rick J

Thanks for all the helpful Orbi reviews Paul. I recall someone saying that a possible reason for the connection issues may be an underpowered wall adapter. Any thoughts on this?