HOW I MAKE AMBIENT MUSIC: Drunken Master Style

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HOW I MAKE AMBIENT MUSIC: Drunken Master Style

1 186 views | 21 Sep. 2020
1 186 views | 21 Sep. 2020

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Johnny Haag

Ahhh I love when you whisper.. I feel like you'r eonly talking to me on the side ;) Someday I will make ambient music, but I love snares and kicks too much. Fuck, I'm in a pickle. Do you like pickles, Dan? They're alright.. Oh man you're whispering again. I think I can do it; make Ambient. Do I need a yellow t-shirt? I feel like I'm not hipster enough. Fuck, I'm in a pickle. Do you like Pickles? Fuck!! I already asked you that. You can be my daddy. Anyway in all seriousness, besides fucks and pickles. I enjoy your tuneage. Check mine if you have a chance. I haven't used my octatrack yet, Fuck what a pickle. Love Elektron though, and Arturia Pickles are good too. peace out mF! Sub to my channel Mf. <3

sasha jedinac

Maybe you should rethink your casual spider killing instincts.

Robert Syrett

I made some ambient music for ants. My technique was to turn the digitone 's release all the way to "inf" and then rif on four tracks. LaterI went back in and layered recording from my backyard.


Lol he "played" the flute melody. Show us how to chop them samples up dad!


I exchanged looks with my wife when you mentioned yours. Mine was also playing Animal Crossing and also couldn't hide from your existential jokes. Relatable content/10

Robert Garvan Snyder

Waiting for Bo Beats’s response to this vid.

Ian McCoy

While you're making music and deciding on what plugins would best work with your current song, what strategy would you use managing the grandmapocalypse in cookie clicker? I'm more of a One Mind fan, but some people argue Communal Brainsweep gets a better return on wrinklers. Though I'd argue you get a bigger chance of Elder Frenzies if you're doing active gameplay.


I do a lot of similar stuff in my ambient works. I'm always flabbergasted when other people think my dumb tinkering is actually good lol

Camilo Diaz

I bought the octatrck about a year ago and I loved it but is being packer in the box for most part of that time, I always thought I need a drum machine to add it to it, it is probably just an excuse to buy more toys that I will never use! I really like your videos and I am opening that box and start enjoying what I already have! Thanxxx


The first two minutes of this are gold

Nic Discepoli

I loved this! I don’t have an octatrack but always through your videos were funny and showed that music making doesn’t have to be so serious. I’m excited for the next two videos and would love to hear your thoughts on digitone sound design!