【Nゲージ規格鉄道模型】TOMIX キハ183系 特急大雪・オホーツク/Kiha 183 Series DMU Express "Okhotsk&Taisetsu"

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【Nゲージ規格鉄道模型】TOMIX キハ183系 特急大雪・オホーツク/Kiha 183 Series DMU Express "Okhotsk&Taisetsu"

2 635 views | 20 Apr. 2018
2 635 views | 20 Apr. 2018











If you want to skip OP, go to 2:15.

It appears again, it is the last Kiha 183 series "heavy snow · Okhotsk" by the express train of Ishinobe Line.

With the revision of the diamond in 2017, we shortened the length of the two round trips of "Okhotsk", and revived the nickname of "heavy snow" which was once operated as an express train, and is in operation.

"Okhotsk" connects from Sapporo, "Taisetsuki" connects Abashiri from Asahikawa via Hakodate main line and Soutani main line · Ishin Kita main line.

When the "Takachi" was abolished in 2009, the N183 system which was in Kushiro got transferred to Sapporo and Nenpo, and it became connected to faraway direction. In many cases, it was unified into tooth color, but at this time HET color became commonly seen.

Although the composition is not much different from "Okhotsk" before the revision, the penetrating type head car, etc. which was caught from "Sarobetsu" is used, and the appearance of the slant nose is becoming rare. Because of that, there are times when it is organized just like a green car was added to "Sarobetsu".

The last movie has become a little overworked so this even includes the night flight and the white boy.

By the way, there are rumors to drive via Hokkaido Chihoku Takahara railroad which was abandoned in 2006, because Ishinhima Line is bad linear and difficult to speed up, but it ended only with rumors.

The final organization is a formation that might have existed if Sapporo and Asahikawa between Hakodate Main Line were busy.

Since the use of Kiha 183 series by "Hokuto" was abolished in 2018, it became the only limited express for the use of Kiha 183 series. Whether or not to have ... ....


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