colin winkleman 1996 bs contest bmx street run #3

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colin winkleman 1996 bs contest bmx street run #3

6 637 views | 14 May. 2009
6 637 views | 14 May. 2009

colin winklemans first pro contest,3rd street run at the first bs comp spring 1996,south padre island texas. r.i.p colin!


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Gnarly Prius

how did colin die? i herd he did but never herd how




what do you his on taj bikes or he is using taj hb signature frame?...anyway i quit flatland like 7 years ago and no street rider i'm interested to watch in video unless its colin and rooftop...those are the two that i enjoy the most..

Tonatihu Gutierrez

@2499IDK Your way wrong. He did kill himself but it was over a woman.Hes fiancee (or girlfriend I cant remember) left him and then he got depressed. Get your shit straight homie. Colin Winkelmann is a legend in BMX STREET ese. R.I.P MR.WINKELMANN! YOU ARE MISSED!


Damn, I wish he was still around.


Takes me back to see this early pro post. I never saw any of these live. I saw the practice runs out his mother's back window that she couldn't watch and I was sure would kill him. :) Thanks for posting. God bless, Cindy


Given the circumstances, I found the announcers opening line and Colin's subsequent smile to be rather depressing. RIP Colin.


Barbara Winkelman, Mother to Colin, August 31, 1948 - November 6, 2009 - Rest in Peace


yeah he was on tajs hb sig frame, the basis on his s.o.b. dk frame. whats funny when taj left hb he rode a s.o.b. for a bit lol.