Vinyl Palooza 2.0 from Nerd Block Unboxing x2 Funko Pops

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Vinyl Palooza 2.0 from Nerd Block Unboxing x2 Funko Pops

1 344 views | 13 Apr. 2016
1 344 views | 13 Apr. 2016


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GeekGirl Ari couldn't help herself and to get two! Will she get duplicates in each box or will each vinyl figure be different? Will she get all Funko Pops or will she get all Titan figures? Will she get a mixture of different vinyl figure brands? Will she give one or more away?

You'll have to watch the video to find out!


Shelley Washburn

Nice video. My son and I started collecting vinyl pops this year, and it's been so much fun. Do you get any of the funko collaboration box's with marvel, DC, or Star Wars? we get all three and love them!


I just subbed. Vinylpalooza 2.0 looked great this time around with not too many bad licenses in the bunch. I'd personally love to win Hank because Breaking Bad is my fave show ever. I only have a hazmat Jesse Pop and then the blue meth Heisenberg from SDCC.

Great channel and good luck everyone!

Donna Newman

I am a new subscriber as well , love your videos. What is your favorite sub box? Right now I am trying Marvel Collector Corps and Pop in a Box.

Iris GS

You are more adventures than I am, as I did not even bought
one of the vinyl palooza boxes.
Also, again, I want that Deadpool from QFig. I mentioned that in a previous comment
I made to you but I called it "QPop", that is what they used to be called and they
got in trouble with Funko Pop.
Anyways, cool videos!

GeekGirl World



Looking like a great mix of pops. I think I'm going to start collecting the True Blood Series myself.



Katt Dee

I opened two boxes as well. Not sure I will do Vinylpalooza again. I have not seen any uncommon pop or anything. I have seen about 15-20 of the same pop. It seems like the variety was not really there.

New Yawk Nerd

We just found you and had to sub. But your knife wielding skills are giving us heart palpitations LOL.


haha we got 5 boxes oops nice channel subbed :)

Piacomic fan A

yay im in

Franklyn FM McInnis

I'm a recent subscriber. Do you get the majority of your POPs from boxes? Also, do you plan on getting more Metals Die-cast figures? I really like them. I have 4 (all Batman figures) and I'm about to order Aquaman and Deadpool with Hot Cash. Iron Man and Captain America will be available very soon too...


How do I get these