Every George Zingali Color Guard Caption Award Winner of the 2010s

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Every George Zingali Color Guard Caption Award Winner of the 2010s

7 223 views | 20 Feb. 2020
7 223 views | 20 Feb. 2020

Over the last decade drum corps color guards have continued to push the boundaries of excellence. These corps represent the tops, winning the George Zingali Best Color Guard Award at the DCI World Championships, factored by the average color guard scores over the three nights of competition. Read more: https://www.dci.org/news/george-zingali-color-guard-caption-award-winners-of-the-2010s


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Prodigy Summer Question Quest!
Vee 10

BD: Guard trophy EIGHT straight years. That’s a DCI record. Also, even though they lost the last four years, they had the top finals score from 2008-2018 (11 years!). They’re doing something right.


very funny

Jason Knight

Imma say it because no one else is, 2015 should’ve gone to Carolina crown


Drum Corps International
- hi, what a music ? 2-50, good

James Ludwig

SCV rules percussion

Blue Devils rules color guard

Lisa Sarver

my father is mikehuber who was zingolis assistant


Whoever judged colorguard in 2010 needs to jump off of a cliff...all three of them. SMH.


The last guard (BAC) is the best in the history of DCI. The level of difficulty is out of this world + their execution is unmatched. Step aside, BD!

Daron To The Max

This video just further proves that the Blue Devils will always be the best.


Guard judges finally came to their senses starting in 2016. Do those guard judges even have a history of marching colorguard IN THE LAST DECADE?! SMH.