Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-3004 - Imago

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Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-3004 - Imago

621 077 views | 1 Dec. 2019
621 077 views | 1 Dec. 2019


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I think the best way to get rid of, or at least, neutralize the deity is by gradually changing the purpose of these sacrifices, while also making them less brutal, until they become harmless.

This works because the deity thinks that the sacrifices are what they want. If they change the point of their events slowly, it'll start to change what it believes, and humans could even start benefitting from the deity. At the same time, the deity wouldn't have to harm itself since it feeds solely on belief, and because it wants to grant the believers what they want, anyway.


Starting to watch the SCP-2852 and SCP-3089 video "In SCP-3004 Imago-"

Ma Mia

It's all about how steal energy and not love
Stop doing evil!
It will only destroy life


Are you smarter than GOD?

Treaborz Grover

To me this is scarier then the scarlet king


Hotel? Trivago!


Aight, imago home


“Vatican’s Congregation of Otherworldly acts” I think you mean Iscariot Division lol (hope someone gets this reference)

Kaylen Pickering

The SCP have god or something that claims to be him in custody in one cannon, so why not ask him? Ask him how to get ride of it or if he or one of the elder gods can or will?

Nicholas Ogburn

...pretty much a Warhammer 40k daemon.
Which would make the Imperial Truth make even more sense.

Brian Manzon

Cicadas for the cicada god

jan ike sina

Where does thumbnail come from?

Justin Milburn

Sooo Cousin Johnny!!!!

Aryan Ghuman


Michael Thornton

I would LOVE to see a movie made about this SCP... The imagery is fantastic.

Duolingo Owl

Bug Christ

Amanda Greene

This one is wild, and really interesting.

Arjyadeb Sengupta

Barry allen is in trouble


where u going?

GoodThat's OneLessLooseEnd

What do you think the cicada god do in 40k? Will he feed on Chaos Religion or Imperium and Cousin Johnny starts appearing in Chaos Cultist Bases and Omnisiah temple?

Recordkeeping and Information Security Agency

Ah yes, my favorite technical Minecrafter.



bug on da stick, stick bug

Kommandant Klaps

background music please?


The early 3000's are some of the best SCPs

Style Factory

귀여운 매미

Otis is Underrated


Your average Player

Jesus bug Jesus bug Jesus bug Jesus bug

Mr Wisher

ok my name is Jude and when he started talking about St. Jude it actually kinda fucked me up

Matias Laurila

I don't know why but the thumbnail is very disturbing in my opinion...

Juan Rojas

I just had a horrifying ad for Burger King and it just looked like a Christmas themed purge. They know to put it on horror videos

JET Thomas

Horrifying ... jeez

Think Fight Talk

The first moth to reach lämp

michael williams

Eliminate Christianity? Right cause that's the only Abrahamic based faith out there, oh wait

Red Gambit

The "hey you can make a religion out of this" SCP


TES: Names many horrifying and gruesome events
Also TES: All very pleasant stuff...
Me: huh, ok...

Madison Bray

Is cousin johnny involved in this? I think he might

Han Park

Can you imagine if scp 3004 met a chiller religion with cocaine and orgies

Wikipedia Intellectual

Anyone know the music that plays here? It’s conspicuously absent from the vid description.


Just pit the scarlet king against him

Alleosus Squirt

It just gets off to cicada birthing porn...

James Mayle

So, have you thought about where you're spending the rest of eternity? I'm sure you know heaven/hell are ideas, but what if I told you They're real? In fact they are. You see humans are like potted plants. Ever since the he fall we've becomes the ones that choose witch seeds get planted. We justify little sins, because we can rationalize them. But those sins seep in our souls like tea. It slowly taints our essence, until we're justifying worse and worse sins. Those sin seeds grow into weeds that blind us to the Truth. We see others doing worse, so we rationalize that we're still good people. But those seeds always bloom into evil we cannot control. Then we become monsters. Most people don't want to be evil, so we prune ourselves. However, once we die we continue to grow. This is why Hell exists. God cannot allow bad plants into Heaven, we'd destroy it. That's why he gives us this life on Earth, to better our relationship with him, so that he can kill those wicked weeds. This only happens with the blood of Jesus Christ, and can only be gotten though our own free will. You need to forgive your parents, we all have problems with them, don't lie. It's a representation of or problems with God. To be forgiven we must forgive. Everyone, but your parents especially. After that, brake down before Jesus, ask for forgiveness, and read the Bible. God will enlighten you to so much after that. It will literally be like seeing for the first time. There's so much going on beneath the surface layer of reality, but you can't be taught, only learn. Reading the Bible will actually be fun at this stage, I know that sounds impossible, but it is true. God has given us so much truth, so many promises, you'll delight in learning them. Plus he'll shower you in great blessings. True joy, inner peace, love, fulfillment, etc. It all lies in service to the Lord. There truly is no greater happiness. I hope you get the message. Don't say I never tried. Bless you buddy

Ron Jude

Очень интересно, но я вообще нихуя не понял.

Halt O'Carrick

4:55 Subjugation of the Irish? Is this thing English?


0:02 Cruel Angel Thesis intensifies

Austin Felton

The Golden Cicada Wants a Huuuuug

Caden’s Cat

Dude im reading a book about space and the aliens in the books call themselves the Imago... have i been reading a scp book this entire time?!

Callum Purvis

What if a major religion has already been erased and we dont remember it?

Gordon Wiley

Whenever I see the name I have to say "EE-MA-GO" in a weird voice. I don't know what the compulsion is. It just happens.

Matty G.

Me and da fellow jews at synagogue while christianity is being destroyed:

raul the gamer

bro i though it meant "im a go"

Lythn Abysson

Interesting, removing christianity but not it's sister faiths, to stop a demiurge...... Aside from the lack of understanding how religions work. The writer of this scp wasn't so bad. I do find it interesting with how many creatures see themselves as the abrahamic god in the scp multiverse. One could even go so far as to say scp 3004 is already in the universe as a different scp.

Bearrett 50 Kal

These MTF guys deserve a vacation, they should do a group trip to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, would be a fun trip exploring an anomaly that isn't guaranteed to kill at least a few of them.


Thing is if you read the SCP wiki long enough, you'd know damn well this Protocol is jumping the Gun by a wide margin. I get the concept that its 'Eating' Christianity, but even hints in the article itself show you its limited in odd ways. It targets Catholicism and Catholicism adjacent branches of Christianity, but despite latching itself to those closely related religious concepts it stops short of eating Orthodox Christianity and Orietnal Orthodox Christianity, which are basically popeless Catholicism (inb4 people start talking about the intricate differences, I'm giving layman explanations to people here who don't know the histories or theologies involved). These faiths especially practice sacramental communion under the same understanding as Catholicism. Not to mention wider Protestant varients have not been affected. This 'Faith Eater' seems weirdly limited in time and history wise, it seems incredibly unlikely it has actually eaten the Abrahamaic God (and if it did, Judaism and Islam are screwed too) let alone Jesus specifically. Something seems off here.

While its obvious from the Author's intent as the articles and related articles are written, its meant to be taken at face value that Christianity is kill and needs to be yeeted in order to preserve humanity. The article as written and related articles when considered in a broader context make it seem as if the SCP is meant to make you want to kill the religion its attached to. I wouldn't be surprised if the druidic cult that was overtaking Ireland was, in its origin, not related to Cicadas at all, but became related due to this entity, much like how it seems to be afflicting Christianity in the modern day, and thus necessitated the destruction of the druidic religion even from memory (speaking as a rural Irishman, the very idea that a druidic cult could even remotely take hold in rural Ireland in the 15th to 19th centuries is so ludicrous as to be an SCP in its own right, it is historically bizarre and impossible enough to warrant the designation. Fight me.)

This entity's limitations means it doesn't fully understand the religion its eating, only its tangentially related to the first religion and the histories involving it, its limitations means its almost infeasible it could have actually eaten or replaced the abrahamic God, the effects of that would have been vastly more damaging, instantaneous and far reaching concept wise and timeline wise so as to constitute a high level conceptual reality re-writing End of the World scenario. Ergo, this has not occured... At least not yet, meaning the large scale conceptual yeeting of Christianity the Foundation is planning is jumping the gun and potentially going to result in far worse ramifications than is intended and theres no way people at the Foundation wouldn't ordinarily realize this... Which means there's something else at play here. I think this SCP is also a cognitohazard much like the one where the 05 comes back from Death and becomes obsessed with Ending death because of his subjective experience with eternal conscious decay and his obsession becomes infectious, its affecting the minds of the people who became aware of it, just as it affected the members of the Catholic and Anglican Churches that yeeted the druids that first worshipped it (Vatican and Royal Society members - their churches are the ones whose services are afflicted by this SCP) which means once the Foundation yeets Christianity (assuming their plan works, it likely won't given the fucktons of other Christianity related SCPs and their implications) it's going to attach itself to the religion the Foundation worships. Which is either science or itself (don't @ me, we're dealing with humans and conceptual reality, Foundation members who are athetistic place whatever their ordinary human religious impulses are into what the Foundation represents) so guess whats going to happen once the Faith Eater has no more Christianity to feed upon?

This SCP isn't just a threat to religions, its a reality hazard and the Foundation is fighting it in the COMPLETELY wrong way.


His subs r 6 6 six

Fitri Zahren

Can someone explain to me whats scp foundation? Im new here and lost hahahaha guide would be very helpful thank youuu

Girl Warrior X

looks at comments and finds talk of cicadas and eldritch deities


So how do we know it's not doing us a favor by destroying & replacing the current God who creator us? When the Christian religion was new and still segmented before the Bible was put together. It was believed that the creator of our world is not the highest God but himself created by the highest, kinda like an angel but a second tier god. and he is malevolent or evil and that why the world is the way it is. Jesus is not aligned with the God who created us but the higher one and coming to save us from our creator. Jesus himself said this in some of the many books that did not get put into the final copy of the original Bible.

Ma Mia

Devil and demons \ satanists don't love, they only want own God's creation
Rape kill and torture them

Alice Harleen

I know this is an old video, but I hope you do a video on the Vatican and Royal Society anomaly groups, if there's enough info about them to do a video on

Im A Mirror

tf is wrong with the wiki and cicadas, cicadas are annoying as fuck

To The Horror

Abaddon + Christ's resurrection concept + Cicada + Dark twisted Gospel singing = SCP 3004

The Walrus Gaming


GFish 17

Cicada vs 343


Well, here's my Proposal to contain this SCP.
Step 1: Kill all non foundation members with a world-ending event, but must keep the plant habitable and mostly intact, kill foundation members who believe in a religion.

Step 2: Destroy anything relating to any religion in the aftermath of the world ending event.

Step 3: Use SCP 1422. But before activation, erase all religions from everyone's mind.

Step 4: Profit

Joseph Torres

Plot twist: if you destroy christianity, I suspect there would be multiple containment breaches because of christian symbolism in some of the ritualistic containment protocols.


Is that?!... the Jesus Cross?!


Clearly, the only solution to all this is to get Square Enix involved. Killing gods is just a regular Tuesday for them.

jesse vollmar


Luke Harding

I mean we can just communicate with it and be like, "Hey man here's how you can really help us!" Right?

Jo Hornbuckle

Does cousin Johnny have a connection to this?

Leo Miller

This SCP is like someone used a random word generator and had to look up the definition of the word then tried to make it an SCP.

jesse vollmar


Robert T

This one is particularly Lovecrafty

R. Rod.

I think this is the reason of scp5000


The thing that really bothers me about the SCP Foundation is if they knew SCP 2845 could be placated through any form of belief and ritual why the f^ck did they include eating human babies as part of their rituals?! Why put that in?! Which psychopath thought that was a great idea and why did everyone go along with it?!

As if Protocol 110-Montauk didn't turn me off of the Foundation enough then they start eating babies to appease some arsehole deer from Jupiter. When they didn't need to! Gods damnit, Foundation, what is wrong with you?!

ヤ・ Zuko

Me: looks at the thumbnail

Also me: it’s bug Jesus who died for our bug sins

Marc Williams

This feels a big like cousin johnny. Liek if they were related i wouldnt be supprised

A Stick

I love how the eldritch being is trying to help us but is in fact just doing the complete opposite like the dumb character in a TV show.


is that a moth on a cross

baby man

bug jesus?


Yeah... no....
There are so many deities in SCP, this thing is equivalent to a demigod by comparison.
The Scarlet King would bitch slap this wannabe so hard, it's egg-clutch would feel it, and that's just one of many others.


We metal AF

Mr T. Rex

Wtf is this scp foundation and why is it on my feed?


Bug jesus

The super Doge

Where are you going ?


So a literal Chaos god


Hollow Knight: Bug god you say?

Vincent Paradis

What is SCP-01 doing? "God"

Just about Mcfriccin had it

Seems pretty 2021 to me coach

Alexander Anderson

After listening to this all I can say is that the SCP foundation seems to be the greatest threat to humanity of all.

Adolf Obama

I think Muslims are a lot more faithful than Christians.

Alexander Tsynkov

I’m getting Hollow Knight vibes

James Derington

good video, but i don't like this scp.

DjangoW0lf -

In was eating but ok


I have an idea

If it is seeking knowledge, what would happen if we gave it that one floating orb of light that has infinite knowledge?

Fallen Sparrow

welp. imago to a place where the gods are not bugs

forgotten dragon

A bug god. Thats kind of cool

Gavin Christenson

The nineteenth Chaos God arises, it seems. And yes, there are fifteen more than the four beautiful bastards we know and love from Warhammer. Believe me, I’ve done my looking and I’ve found these shits to be fitting and suitable to worship...considering I legitimately worship the gods of Chaos, and I believe that this is another one I could pledge my allegiance to.

Imago: god of unity, faith, and sacrifice-inherently neutral yet unquestionably dangerous in any given direction. This appears to be Necoho’s archival, as Necoho’s devoid of daemons and doubts everything whereas Imago encourages faith as an action & concept while also containing daemons a plenty!


Am i the only one who thinks this sounds very similar to the tyranids and the gene stealer cults? For my 40k fans

Nich Kin

can't they just use that harpoon gun thing that can kill a divine entity?