TOS BUILD - Necromancer Alchemist Featherfoot

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TOS BUILD - Necromancer Alchemist Featherfoot

6 127 views | 19 Apr. 2020
6 127 views | 19 Apr. 2020

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imo the reason IMC keeps changing the necro class its because the botters keep using this class to bot

Carlos Salvador

I miss wiz-thau-chrono-enchant build T_T


i wish alchemist was viable for pve PepeHands

Bruno Senra

Cool video. I love my necro, but it's no good for support. I would go with Cryomancer instead of Necro for the CC. If you want, you can also get Kino instead of Alchemist and then you have a lot of CC (everybody up in da air! Lol). And you get the "oldest combo in the game" for added dmg (Ice Wall + PP). Still a "for fun" build, yeah =)

Jericho Tapia

Skill build and stat build?

Muhammad Reyhan Daffa

Where Skill Build?

ratch BrG

question, would Sorcerer be a viable swap out for Necro? I been playing Ele/Pyro and planned on Taoist in 8 class levels. but I kinda like the Idea of a Sorc/Featherfoot/Alch. So long as I can still do solo stuff, I would be fine with not having the best build.


Nice video!
Barb/murm/pelt next pls!