The Surge - Big Sister (3rd Boss) Guide

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The Surge - Big Sister (3rd Boss) Guide

60 191 views | 18 May. 2017
60 191 views | 18 May. 2017



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(2017) The Surge Guide

The Surge Big Sister (3rd Boss) Guide



Probably the worst designed boss i have ever seen.

Master Chain

This boss is fucking awful. The camera is the worst enemy here. I don't bother trying to fight the little arms on the electrified part as they can't really do much to you if you're next to the actual boss but it's impossible to see wtf is even happening half the time. Also how do you have your view so side at the final phase? It never looks like that for me.

David G

Easiest boss fight so far my ass


What weapon are you using

Scott Isom

Yeah, it's easy if you play these types of games extensively and have the reflexes developed from that.


First boss was a breeze, second was harder, this one killed me most so far. Cant agree its easiest ;)

Holts Zom

yeah easy....
also your not explaining anything just mocking the boss as a joke...
you´re not telling thats this attack and then u have to do this to avoid etc


how is this boss easier than the first and second? maybe the first phase

Jim Gryp

Bed of Chaos 2.0. Fuck this shit...

Johnny Rook

This one challenge is the opposite of boss #2. LOL

This time, if the player doesn't cut any of the 4 arms shooting lasers, he/she receives a weapon named Spifire Rod v2.0 with 15 elemental, 19 crush, 5 slash and 23 thrust damage


This is where the game stoped being fun

Glad it was ps free and did not buy it


Deck 13's Bed Of Chaos???

andrew c

This is uh... much harder with shit gear & weapons. Perhaps I should get that gorgon set. :/


Honestly I found the first boss and the second one harder than this one lol only took me 3 tries


R2 this boss. Not R1. It's easier.

Mush Mmm

This has to be the dumbest boss in the game, at level 150 and these god dam stupid arms are so annoying.... still can’t beat it kills me with 4 hits. So dumb

Jon C.

How did you change your field of view? During the final encounter you can see the whole boss! All i see is the base....

dark souls king dark souls 3

I don't like how this man is flexing on us with the whole easy boss stuff.


the camera in this game is awful.

Jon King

I can't get past the first phase.... easy my ass.... the boss is doing a different move set than what's in your video, nothing but the sweep attack and laser constantly and slam with the other arm

Nikita Karlsen

Hey comment section.
I have a question that I hope someone have an answer for. I've beaten the boss. got to ex. forum, overcharged something in the server room, went back to the big sister room to get to R&D. And now the big sister is back alive! Is this supposed to happen? or am I high? Or is my game bugged out?
thanks in advance!

xDivine Matrix

I get wrecked second phase everytime it's easy he says good help..

Hue Jazz

what happen in your first phase never happened to me, arm swinging in middle and laser beam is all i got

Walter Carofiglio

Big sister is the easiest boss in The Surge actually

darktangent10 when I killed the boss the camera went off me and on the dying boss. When it went back on me I was falling and died. Lost 90k scrap. Now I can't figure out where to go. Any clue?

Brad Jones

easiest boss my left testical, I can get to the last part, but then the bosses move set just absolutely fucks my brain

The Wererapter92

Easiest boss so far, oh please, when I was just walking along I jumped straight into this yesterday and didn't realize I had jumped into another boss fight xD so it killed me easy

Z Zeeppo

To get v2.0 weapon U musn't destroy arms at 2nd stage.

Dovbkin Viking

to get the special weapon you need to not kill any of the arms in stage 2 of the fight. you have to kill the boss with them attacking you from behind. and it is a bitch like that.


I'm interested in buying the Surge, but I've heard a lot of criticism of the bosses (this one in particular). It doesn't seem like a bad boss, but it reminds me of the gimmick bosses from Dark Souls ie Bed of Chaos or Wolnir.

Are all the bosses like this? Is the game worth buying or is Nioh better?

SHD Agent David B.

"I said this once 3rd person games, leave the right analog stick alone to its happy little world of controlling the camera. If you force it out of its comfort zone, its just going to piss on the bus set and ruin the whole field trip."

Killa Cam

How do u get 9 medkits


He said "easy" and Health Every 4 seconds




Like with the second boss, this guidance helped me win the first time. And farming A LOT before hand helped me a lot too (Core 60 with tons of health and using the same weapon)


Literally cannot do this boss.

Pleasant Kai

Why the fuck did they give this boss a second fucking phase holyshit.

jamwest error

Man,you russian?

Vaclav Adamec - my nick : HarryMesser

That russian intonation sounds really funny , like that russian guy Chekov from Star Trek original..But this is for real.. no offense

Jordan Banks

Saying it's real easy isn't a guide you fuck.


I am lost where do i find big sister

Darth PsAyTko

I was born in a prison no hope for escape, haha damn song.


thanks bro

Austin Peters

that video is absolutely no help you say to just watch the movement well how the hell do I do that if I don't know the movement to look for there's so many movement s you are not specific at all what kind of game guide video is this shit? you get no clicking thumb s down.

Cryosis The Wolf

I don't know if it's just me but in the second phase Big Sister kills me in one shot. I feel like I'm missing something here

boring videos

I've had this game since release, I've platinumed bloodborne, dark souls 2 and 3... Still stuck on this god awful boss

Darth PsAyTko

I died once fighting her. I was using the ironmaus armor and got wrecked by the electric. So I switched to the gorgon and beat her ass.

do checkfire

Again big help here, thanks!


Big sister? More of like big bitch, like holy shit

Jacob Tinoco

Easy boss my a--

karam qarabash

How did you get 9 heals bro?

honkyjesus eternal

Anyone else having problems with the camera in the second stage? I tried it with auto lock on after attacking a target, and with it off. It just bugs out some time, not to mention it is hard to figure out where your actual character is.

Jonathan Bonatti

What is DPS?

Eon Fontes-May

Thanks for the guide, I got the Spitfire v2.0 on my third try and it's awesome! Very pleased, keep up the good work man.

Justin Blair

Yeah, easy when you’re not trying to get the v2 weapon. So easy in fact that the only people looking for a boss guide will likely be the ones trying to do it the way you’re not doing it here, making this video basically worthless.


You make that look easy.

I just reached that part, will try it tomorrow.

BtW: I finally got a XBOX controller working on my PC and played DS all day. Haven't gotten past the first bonfire yet though. But you were right, the surge helps a lot to learn the gameplay of DS. :)

Junhai Yang

Still, that boss weapon ain't as good as the liquidator

Bunny Rahmat

Thanks again, you're definitely helped a LOT. true, I myself died couple of times then I noticed a repeating sequence that the big sister making attack. thumbs UP!


One of the most bs boss I ever saw at any game. I cant believe he said 'easy', he must be joking xD

Jacob ibarra

He said this is the easiest boss but it took me so many tries haha. The second boss however I beat on first try.


I beat PAX first try, the Firebug after five, but this boss is just a pain. The camera and targeting are really screwy and it's easy to get caught. Maybe I need to play around with my implants and buff my health a bit.


two things:
- when i get close to the "head" of the boss, the camera gets very chaotic, i don't get a nice deep view like you do
- I don't know what are your equipment/ stats, but you're hardly taking any damage.

That's maybe why you found this boss easy. In my case, its a nightmare. The camera goes berserk and I die in 2 or 3 hits

NZ Man

thanks dude this strat worked well.


Save yourself some frustration and do not attempt this boss with a slow weapon. Not only are you in for a world of pain once you double tap for a 3hit combo, you actually deal less damage in the first 2 phases than with a fast weapon, even with an unskilled staff. My PAX single-rigged at rank 16 dealt around 100 damage a cycle in phase one, with the Seru HSS at rank 5 I got 3 hits in around 44 each. Both MK II. 2nd phase also really punishes slow weapons.

mik 266

I gotta say Big Sister is relativily easy.

darko hunter

Ok when I first started fighting the boss I was like "how in the hell am I supposed to beat him!?" Watching the tutorial made it a cake walk

Maciej Prósiński

I'm stuck on this boss, like totally and I wonderd why it was so easy for You, and so hart for me. I watched your vi for the third time and then noticed - why at the second stage boss is not shooting You with his laser?! He kills me with it at the second stage time after time!

God of Bleach


fire ninja

This boss fight isn't that bad tbh

Master Chain

I dunno man, here I am days later and still not having beaten this boss. I feel like the attacks it does on me are a bit different than what I'm seeing here and definitely dodging them is quite a bit different. I see you not getting hit by things that look like they would have hit me if I were in that same position. I dunno... I appreciate you making this guide but it literally didn't help me at all so far.


The strongest weapon of this boss is the target system during the first phase.

Berry Uyens

Pff was hard lol

Danilo Zavala

Okay, is this boss is called "big sister 1/3"?or are there two more big sisters somewhere?


How do you kill this boss to get the special version of the spitfire rod?


I usually don’t comment on these videos but I literally managed to beat it in one go after watching the video on not even getting hit as much


Cheers man!! Really good boss guide. Worked wonders. It's all about timing your dodges really.