Warframe- Vaykor Sydon Build 2020 [4 forma] Endgame Builds

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Warframe- Vaykor Sydon Build 2020 [4 forma] Endgame Builds

1 006 views | 22 Oct. 2020
1 006 views | 22 Oct. 2020

#warframe #vaykorsydon #steelmeidian Watch in Full HD!

☑️More info on Vaykor Sydon- https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Vaykor_Sydon


zero6 daruma

P Reach! I love this builds!
I used 60%mods for status but this used ww for status and 90%mods for power. This is interesting and nice builds!

Mr Omega

This is one of my favorite melee right beside redeemer and lesion

Dragon Tran

What do you use to pull enemies to you with your operator

Cezary R

Twirling spire stance for 300% slash and 200% impact, on 12 x combo you would get at least 4 status types on second attack(so use heat+ viral, replace organ shatter with heat) . Ez 5 sec to kill 8 120lvl noxes at 12x combo. And not even a sec on 8 120 lvl corrupted heavy gunners. Still best polearm after gouando p relase, it was best melee in game and now only vitrica could beat it but i need to wait 3 more hours to test victrica and say if it is better than vaykor sydon or nope

Dunglas Thái

May I ask if Drifting Contact is neccessary or needed in the weapon build?

Nothing Matters

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