Overlord Bonus Volume - The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country - Light Novel Review

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Overlord Bonus Volume - The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country - Light Novel Review

25 909 views | 29 Jul. 2019
25 909 views | 29 Jul. 2019

Talk about the Bonus Volume for Overlord called The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country.

Overlord Light Novel Reviews - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFo4QcAR79JPeyh3P5uPToq-i6qbNxW93

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Marco v

I just want a season 4 or 2 hour long movie


Did Nazarick really apier in the end, or it's just the Evil Gods.


I love the fact that Ainz vs Elder Coffin Dragon Lord

Is basically just Ainz spamming his summons to Cure Elim

Lukas Gauvreau

Kinda bummed after hearing this is just a alternate version instead of new stuff in the story.

I’m really dying for more of the anime... but that’s gunna be a long ways off I’d assume

Thiago Schiavini

So theres no manga of this side story?sad, I d love to see drawing of it.

Kapitalist Alien

Is there any link English LN this side story


I hope there is a continuation

Main 1

I want Evileye to join Ainz. There's lawful good character on the Ainz team, so why not have Evileye

Kanda Kagami

Its a volume no one asked for.... What a waste of time.

Chococo Chips

will the bonus volume translation be available may second half of next year? and how long will the upcoming volume official translation be available?

Peter F-Model

there is a audio book available on utube. Its actually rather good. There is a hint Nazerith exists as they are currently on the other side of the desert. ON the other hand i had no idea she was evil eye!


Better movie to this book


I like that it reviled the conditions of being summoned to the new world. You have to be logged in at the time of servers shutting down and be in the possession of an World Item. And every World Item gets summoned at different times unless adjacent to each other.
In the original the World Item Throne of Kings was the summoning item and brought the whole Guild building together with every World Item in it. In this side story Ainz left the Guild building and Momonga's Red Orb was the summoning item and brought only him to the new world.

Dillon Burnett

Glad to see that overlord love, man.

Cesar Sandelis

The npcs can sense the presence of guild members so they would know it was Ainz immediately.


So wait. It’s confirmed that evil eye and keno are the same person?

Thiago Schiavini

I was reading it and I couldnt understand but now its clear, its a diferent time line, difernete events, no great tomb of nazarick, i ssee


This volume didnt came in English?

NandoTNT 567

The creator wasn't happy about fans making free translations so he threatens to finish the story cause hes losing interest in the story which worries me that the ending will be rushed.

Alfred Dean

This volume made me cry it’s so beautiful.

Aizle Guevarra

where can i read this light novel sir? imm desperate for some overlord content :)

Timothy jensen

such a good story, has so much information about the world and i love Evileye/keno so im really sad that its over
and that evileye is on ainz bad side since she hurt entoma

_ TheGreatMan _

I have a question. Did Ainz died in the light novel?

Eliander Valderen

It was stated several times in the original storyline that the staff of iron So Gone had multiple Powers including a aqua battle mode or did he call the auto attack mode in the anime when he was explaining it to the elf twins? Also in the Side Story it was stated that he ran away from brightness dragon lord who may have been the analog to platinum dragon lord. Regardless if you ask me it was a well-told Side Story and I have no idea if oranges fading memories where he doesn't even remember that nazarick was where his Gil made its home originally what have had any effect should the story continue

zim attack

I just finished all the main line story and I have one word to describe it


lam delmundo

Bone daddy seems to have a wide selection of lolies in his harem


I'm about 2/3rds through it. I'm really enjoying the interaction between Ainz and Keno (Evileye) and getting a different view of the world than has come up so far in the main series. I do get a sense that being with Keno and going by his real name rather than the character name has helped keep him self-aware in ways that he has clearly lost as the main story progresses.


I'm still kinda hoping that this Prequel Side story Ainz (who still prefers to go by his actual Japanese name in this one) ends up being what I think he is (or atleast what this story seems to have been hinting at impart) "that this Ainz version is actually his missing Human half, and that somehow when the game got shutdown it split his human essence from his character self, and that they're now destined to refind one another (and possibly merge) later on" but the big question here would have been is what happens to this version of him that leaves Evil Eye going solo from him and joining the 'Blue Roses' by the time of the main novel time (and if indeed Ainz has been twinned out into two versions, how will this effect Evil Eye on down the road as she finds out Momonga is the darker half/twin of her friend, as well as not to mention what darker Ainz does when he finds out that Evil Eye knows all about his former friends/guildmates, and his own gaming histories (do to the other more human version of himself telling her about their histories, as they traveled throughout the century+ time span of their travels through this side story)...

Ronald Marcano

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Darrell Benbrook

Just started reading this a few days ago

The Morning Sage

Personally I really enjoyed this story and it was a breath of fresh air from the main story. I really enjoyed how the ending left it open to play the story on in your head.

Especially since Ainz and the new AOG will likely be at odds with Nazarick


Can I get a link to translation?


Official anime/manga/LN publishers in Japan and their license partners in other countries might complain about fan translators, bit at least they're thorough in making sure all the material from a popular series make it into english. For whatever reason license companies never bother getting ahold of bonus materials, even if they're part of the canon.

I'm actually rather concerned that Maruyama is becoming bored with his own series. He claims that in total Overlord will end with 20 or less volumes, whereas at the start of the series he had enough material to span upwards of 40 volumes.
If we consider Katze Plains was the climax of the series thus far at Vlvolume 9 and we are now at volume 13...then the final volumes are likely going to be rushed and unsatisfying.
I was fine with the somewhat slow buildup of the series. All the characters such as Climb, the nobles, Jircniv, the people in Carne, the past Players etc. etc. because I felt the world building was neccessary for a good and dynamic plot and served to offset how overpowered Ainz and Nazarick was in comparison. I felt Maruyama was using his old D&D experience to build up a massive and high quality light novel fantasy that would be DIFFERENT from all these haphazard and tropey isekai.

But it seems that Maruyama got bored and is cutting things off and wasting all this world building and build-up. Personally, it's dissappointing for me since Overlord Volume 01(physical)was the first anime merchandise I ever bought. Now I might sell off all my copies as wasted money.

It is his right as the author and as an individual to quit if he wants to, and it would be selfish to chain him to a desk doimg something he resents. Overlord was only a side job for him from start to finish.

Still, what a way to let down your fans.

Erik Deusenberry

Look up a Youtuber name Know fun I think he has recorded a audiobook of this.

Dark secret

"You are the filth of the Dragon Emperor" Cure the Elder coffin dragonlord calls Ainz this


Among Satoru-sans' new comrades at the end EvilEye wound up becoming the weakest member. Because instead of becoming a wizard or magic Caster she became a jack of all trades and not fighting much


Ainz possess the guild weapon and all Nazarick residents can see a special aura which can only belong to the supreme beings(according to v1), so Ainz doesn’t even need to convince them he is Momonga. No matter how he disguise himself,they would still recognize him. I think if Ainz ever meet them, they would just be overly happy they finally found one of their creators in this new world and happily kneel down. But Ainz would then have to clean up their mess that they had cause in the New World and protect them from the incoming danger of other dragon lords who had notice their presence after they destroyed the human nations.

The thing i love most about this bonus novel was the Corpse of the Abyss liches introduction. How Ainz was actually trying hard to hunt them down after he notice their existence after he took down the first lich who was occupying Keno city. Also how during his travel he met other dragonlords like BDL and immediately retreat after facing danger. How Ainz still retain his evilness and selfishness but is more restrain in his action because Keno is there to guide him. Like how he have no trouble causing misery to a dragon if it help Keno level up by cutting it’s limps off and have her whack it till it die.


Tell me if I'm wrong, but does this novel basically explain that people from Yggdrasil are transported to the new world because of the dragon emperor's wild magic?

17-225 Petra Marbun

This volume really is diffee from the main volume. In the main volume we can feel the "gap idea" between Ainz and other characters. How the new eorld character usually handling the unexperienced low-level boring stuff and then switch to Ainz with superior tactical/magical prowess.

This doesn't happened in the bonus volume. The story flow feels unfulfilling for 40% of it with no enemy or leads whatsoever before time skipping into predicting Cure Elim lair with no clear logic.

The most interesting part of the book, however, is the bonus chapter where Ainz found his guild the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick after 200 years of adventuring and recruiting new members. (No alteration to Albedo profile, for good.) And the book ends there. It's sad because i feel most people'd rather read the 200 years adventure with several World Items encounter. With that in mind i think entire book feels skippable. Not the conclusion, though.

『Dhoul Ooal』

Where can we read it ? I want a translation to buy a physical copy !!!!


I call Keno, Evileye just as a warning because its easier for anime only fans and also some Light Novel fans. Plus some times my brain defaults to Evileye some times haha!


@espiritu did you say joke cure elim was powerful, he could even oneshot the night lich in one go he was more of a fluff character


Sounds good

Mark Gasto

A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that Cure Elim is still weak and as a result all Dragon Lords are weak and Ainz would beat him easily but they are not factoring a lot of things in that fight.

One: Ainz is a summoner, A lot of his summons can do quite a bit of damage even when they are a bit lower level than even Cure Elim. Heck the Dark Young are over 90+ alone. and Each of the Elementals is over 85+ when Cure Elim himself is a lvl 95
Two: Cure Elim was not fighting Ainz alone his staff acted as a second player so Cure is facing against two opponents in a way.
Three: Cure Elim is a dragon that focused more on necromancy rather than pure combat so his physical stats are not as high for a Dragon which are only 65+ stat wise compared to ainz who is a lvl 33 warrior stat wise is quite a lot
Four: IF Cure Elim had managed to close the distance to directly assault Ainz in more direct close combat it woud have done ainz quite a bit of damage. the main reason did not happen was thanks to ainz experience to keep him from flying as well as to keep his distance from his opponents.
Five: His Trump Card of WM spell the Soulbreaker just happened to have a weakness that it does not effect holders of world items without Ainz WI he would of been instantly killed., also his spell is not exactly dodge-balled as one might believe, he literally vaporised an entire portion of a mountain with it and killed all of Ainz summons even the Dark Young Spawn in one fell swoop.
Six: Before he fought Cure Elim Ainz had already fought BDL and that dragon was said to be even weaker than Cure Elim and Ainz had to retreat back than and not pursue the fight, if he had fought Cure Elim he would of not had been so prepared and as a result he could of been in more of a serius trouble to fight.
Seven: If u read the translation of the Author Notes it is stated that ''Anyone who saw the character sheet at the end of the book
should understand that he’s five levels lower than Satoru-san, so Satoru-san can definitely beat him – well, if you think that, you’d be wrong. ''

Which means that Cure Elim definitely still had a chance to kill him under the right circumstance as also stated by maru the main reason he lost was due to a combination of lack of experience, over-reliance on his WM and not enough information on his oppponents virtually the opposite of Ainz, however it was also stated by maru that: '' Whether or not he really exists in the mainline novels is a secret for now. But if he does exist, his 200 years of study and accumulation mean that he will have fewer weaknesses than in this book. ''

Which means if Cure Elim will ever come back he would be an even more dangerous opponent for ainz to face in the main timeline.

If u are going to do a video about him and dragon lords in the future take a note of all of these.

Captain Jacked Pickle

Maybe the english version will come out with the release of season 4 (blue ray)?

In the far distant future?


So, is this like a different timeline? I get that it's non canon, but is this a what if story?

Marshall Bernarte

So us americans cant get access to this?

Lavan Smith

Stuff like this is nice to know now that I've liked it even more now

Lady Lad

You forgot the brightness dragon lord that ains mentioned he fought and can't beat. At the the end the fight ended with a draw.

Nero Geiseric Barbaros

This novel suck what about Nazarick

Squid Balls

Is there any fanfic that picks up after this story?

Att cao

More. Of. This. Yessssss.


The Elder Coffin Dragon Lord fought Ainz. He called him Emperor Dragon Lords scum. Did Emperor Dragon Lord summoned them with ather Dragon Lords. Or did Emperor Dragon Lord and ather Dragon Lords try to steal their World Items. I mean, then they could not complain for their extinction.

RèéD '-'

Guys if you’re trying to find this or the overlord light novels translated in English by fans just go to the overlord Reddit page n the first pinned post has everything you need.

Francis Nelo S, Guerrero

I've read it but the translation is a bit different when because ainz said he's an old bone race , but I'm pretty sure and I'm curious about the existence of that world item in ainz stomach I wonder what kind of world item it is .
Then at the end of the story evileye said to ainz the word great tomb of nazarick but he kind of forgot or what? I'm confused???

Jeffrey Chen

I know the author was not happy with the fan translations but come on! I understand the main series, since those are being officially translated and sold in English; I've bought all the English ones that have come out so far (up to volume 10, soon 11) and I refrain from reading fan translations out of pure respect for the author, but if he's gonna have an exclusive Blu-Ray buying Japanese only volume, it's his own fault others outside Japan will have to read fan translations. Who knows? It might "eventually" come out in English and I will refrain from reading fan translations of this until I finish the main series, but if after the main series is done, they don't announce an English version of this, I'll have no other choice, because I love this series and want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Mannequin SH9

We would actually get to see how Albedo was originally supposed to act before Aniz messed with her programming.

ainz ooal gown

old bones not ancient one.


yOu aRe a gOd


Another great video :D i loved this side story!!
excuse me, i have a some questions may i have a dm or something please?


Wait so she’s not a NPC

Gerry Giovan

for some reason, evil eye illustration in the bonus volume seems a little smaller

toorah maar

the way i see it, this novel is just one big death flag for evileye in the coming volumes. beautifully brutal writing.



ismael yerena

I want to read it so much it’s killing me hopefully someone can translate it and post it on a site


honestly I want this one to have a Sequel too

Timothy jensen

near the end i thought, hmm its been 200 years. so isnt that the time when he came to the new world in the main story? and then i was thinking maybe nazarick comes, and oh those last words was just such a cliffhanger, i really hope the author clones himself so he has more time to work on a continuation of this story