"Nomadic Fanatic" Morgan found my criminal record

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"Nomadic Fanatic" Morgan found my criminal record

29 474 views | 18 Oct. 2016
29 474 views | 18 Oct. 2016

I hate when women get my criminal record


Angry Grandpa Fart Tribute 5
Celina Brito

try guys


People make bad choices in life, especially when younger. The guy is living his life. I've had people message me about him. I watch his channel for info and entertainment. And I like Jax. Get a life people.

Dave Patterson

got dumped

Bad Santa



He wasn't number 1 and his ego got bent, so he dumped on her...


your vid came up on you tube search cause you are trolling eric's site name.... pathetic you blame me for commenting on your pathetic effort to bring others down... why don't you post something positive?

Thomas 69383

What the hell is this ?


wow 216 thumbs down and only the 126 hater that follow Eric with words of hate! Well who the loser now that ERIC making big money compared to your site.. he he he HA HA!

John Obremski

so days or weeks before the route 66 video aired ..there was a video or videos u made(camping in WA. state- that confused me ) air on utube shown by I believe ` nomadic fanatic stickers`? so did he or who ever put out your videos from your patron account get in trouble & is this why u went off patrons? ``NOTICE: BY SIGNING UP FOR AND PAYING FOR THE FRIENDLIES WITH BENEFITS CLUB ON PATREON YOU ARE AGREEING NOT TO COPY, RECORD, DOWNLOAD, DISTRIBUTE OR SHARE ANY CONTENT CONTAINED ON THIS SITE OR ANY OTHER SITE THAT IS INTENDED FOR PAID PATRONS ONLY. DOING SO VIOLATES THE TERMS OF SERVICE WHICH CAN RESULT IN CANCELLATION OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND LEGAL ACTION, INCLUDING FINES UP TO $25,000. `` OR are these warnings ..basic BULL or take a lot of legal $$ to get done??


To all the folks that come here calling people "TROLLS" or "HATERS".....you need to thinks about this...we were all subscribers to Nomadic Fanatic at one time, but began to see through the lies and deception in our own time.....all I can say is please watch "ALL" of Eric's videos, including the deleted videos (i.e. showering outside in a Walmart parking lot) and tell me if you do not see pattern start to develop......Please folks, use your brains and common since......

Camper Van Elvis I toof on you

Six felonies, Wooooooooooooooo

Tom Davis

Let he who is without Sin, cast the first Stone.

Crazy Frazee

well that was fuckin rude, T. Try not to be a dick all the time, hater.

Don Dupuis

Here is something most of you wouldn't know, as a Canadian we are only allowed to be out of country for 6 months, any longer we lose our medical and possibly not be able to enter the USA for the next trip. Don't be surprised she is back in the fall.

Db P

shes already gettin hammered anyway. get a teen age runaway homey so we can see what prison life is like with out jak..ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Do you plan to get your act together ??
Computer Systems don't let you run to far !
Enjoy your vids, try to get the rest of your self together!

Tim Thompson

Funny, but Eric tried denying his history for the longest time, at least until he couldn't deny it any longer.

S Dorje


keith lee

Eric dodged a bullet that Morgan left.....When Morgan opted for the 'purple hair' it showed what kind of a head case she was. Unless your looking for a career in the circus, the purple hair look isn't a good career move.....

Lisa Jones


Angela Winters

What a waste of oxygen you are


One has to wonder why she shows up with him In Virginia Beach recently. Is she like him?? If not, then she has some inferiority issues when it comes to men. She is taller than his 5'4 stature, she has to know about his criminal past, and I can't see him having much skill set for a good income after his You Tube channel peters out. So what is the attraction?
A woman has to be of low self esteem to be with a man like that, plain and simple.


Domestic violence? that is pretty mundane. I would have guessed old Eric got caught porkin' his cat. LOL


Post his Criminal record. it is a Public Record, to the public.

aswd sds

fortnite live


I actually enjoy his video's, he is pretty entertaining. I would love to go to see these places that he visits. I'm glad that he shares this experience with us.
With that being said... It's up to all of you if you want to donate to his channel. He is not forcing you to give him money, the decision is yours. Whether he is lying or telling the truth about his need for your money. Remember it's your choice!!! You can't really get mad at nobody, but yourselves. (Food for thought)


wow you haters  are doing the crying game now that you have found out that Eric just signed a major network deal with two other RV travelers and making more money for it!

Wolfgang Roberson

She got smart and split from your crooked ass. Good for her!!!


this one is fake

S Dorje

So.... the "nomadic fantastic" has 33 subscribers compared to eric's thoudsands.... What a POS.... Jealous not doubt.... Kinda like the nomadic stickers as***le.....

Bob Henning

So the title of this video, if thats what you want to call it, is "Morgan found my criminal record" How you know this, nowhere is Eric's video does he say this, so your just coming up with this on your own. Your so pathetic.

joshua powell

otro trago sech

Tom Thomas

Nomadic Fantastic or Nomadic Fanatic ...why do plp have to screw with a good thing...O boy U can hide some where behind your computer and fuck with other plp`s video`s .

corey Babcock

Eric is doing what's best I got a even bigger record ! I wouldn't judge him you shouldn't either you stupid trolls

Nomadic fanatic

Hope you rot in hell


Another stinking hater!!! It is against YouTube policy to republish someone else's copyrighted material. You are a stinking troll!!


Oliver Margetin

idiot get a life

tracy troxell

why doesn't everyone mind there own business, and live and let live!


Wow, you are a pathetic individual.


Hahahaha , how long did you think you could hide it you big fat frog??


Get a life, Tresa.

Dan Kirchner

you BLEW it

Mr. Bass