How To Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3, 10.3.4 - 10: H3lix & DoubleH3lix Jailbreak UPDATED 2019!

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How To Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3, 10.3.4 - 10: H3lix & DoubleH3lix Jailbreak UPDATED 2019!

89 854 views | 7 Oct. 2019
89 854 views | 7 Oct. 2019

Reflex MC 2

Nice screen.

Anandhu Baiju

Error: installer.cpp;line 71... Pops up

All you can craft

First like then view


file provision.cpp error


Starting to think no computer jailbreaks are fake

le Art

warning: if done wrong, jailbreaking can seriously harm your screen :D


Jesus christ, what happened to your screen?

Rudrax Barot

It says 0 certificate revoked


First I think


Is it not possible to jailbreak 10.3.3 without computer now?

Alex Matos

I like this channel

CollX Drawz

I wish iPhone 5. And I wish i couldn’t get bricked from jailbreaking.


triple mean comment

Faisal Mahmud

4 like


the compactor keeps crashing


I love your broken screen

High Beam

It isn't working?? I get error 71

UnKnOwN PeRsOn

I appreciate ur work u did a great job if u don't mind i have question does sim card still work in iCloud bypass Iphone??

Play Heart

I need this after i removed icloud lock on my iphone 5 hehe thanks saunder ..

Humble Stone


Appreciate your video.

But I failed during the revoking of the certificate. Any solutions, please?


Geniuni G

i have 54gb free


Saunders Tech


oussama oueriagli

don't work. i have an ipad 4 10.3.4

Anime World Hacker

I doesn’t work I have downloaded the 32-bit and it didn’t work I even downloaded the 64-bit h3lix and still didn’t. Tried it on more than one device still no luck

Liam Gaming Universe

Ya keep saying listen up

Roma M

Is it possible to download aptoide on an ios device (specifically a 5th generation ipad)?

Ahmad Mazari

still have 71 error help me to fix this i revoke but didn't work


Great video as always. Is it possible for you to do a video on how to get windows on ios?

Mahmoud Ismail

The good old times

Mach Ass Brownie

My one doesnt let me jailbreak, when I drag the file, the rc6 for an iphone 5, it gives an error saying lockdown e mux
Help me please.

Kieron Thomas

Hi 78th? Hi I love your videos

Bijeta Chapagain

All my system apps are gone after the jailbreak including cydia....only appstore apps can be used...How can I fix this? Please reply ASAP

UnKnOwN PeRsOn

When i try to revoke it ask for password i add my apple id then again its ask for password i try to add my password it says incorrect password

Ivan R Mont

can you be more specific with how much storage do we need? i just have 2g left

mas enjup

Is there a new method?
I was not successful in this way, because Cydia Impactor had problems.. Thx sir

Oscar Green

Is there tweak to fix that screen

Rabin Thulung

I don't think I can do jailbreak after watch this tutorial. Its seems too complicate for me .

jaijai t

phone was jailbroken however everytime i forgot to charge the battery it wont open and stay on logo even if it was fully charged. can i fix it?


i restarted my phone and my h3lix is gone..... and i cant even delete my cydia and jailbreak apps... please help me

Assia Ouali

thank you for the video, unfortunately 3utools can jailbreak only 64 bit devices, I'm running ios 10.3.3 on 32 bit device.. is there any solution?


I had to downgrade my iPhone 5 to iOS 10.3.3, because iOS 10.3.4 is boring! I already installed Extended Cydia using H3lix.


Time to get out my old ipod touch I guess

The Banshee

i cant get the app specific password :(

Overland Expeditions India

Says jailbreak failed

le Art

do you prefer this over the meridian JB?
I heard in the Meridian description that it should be more stable then other JB



Walker #27885

it says:

please update to xcode 7.3 or later to continue developing with your apple id

i use:

(iphone 5c iOS 10.3.3/pc windows 10)

thx for help


How can I remove Cydia in iOS 10.3.4? I can't use Cydia Eraser in iPhone 5 that runs iOS 10.3.4?

Paolo Memije

I hope they make the untethered version so no rejailbreak will be made everytime especially if the phone rans out of battery


So not worth all this to jailbreak ios. Especially if it only last 7 days. What a joke. I'll get a cheap android device.

Jack Chen

Now the cydia impactor suck at its Xcode update bug

Bataa Bataa

first fix your iphone display


Nothing in cydia works

Bilal Anarwala

Does the iOS 8 downgrade still work?

Markus Mertens

Nice Spiderman App


i can't install any app inmy ipad 4 cuz Say u should be updated ur ios first to 12

Hk Big

ولله ما فهمت شي

oussama oueriagli

Definitely not working

Saad A

Can I jailbreak iPhone 5s? On iOS 10.3.3

Diego Torres O

Genial ! Me sirvió ! Graciaaaaaaaaaaaaas ! (Thanks)


Plz video on how to downgrade iPad 2017 10.5 inch

Md. Ayub Hossain

Is there any pblm if i dont use itune while jailbreaking

Riza Hawkeye

When I put the h3lix file through cydia impactor it said ( file: installer.cpp,line; what: _assert(!teams.empty()) and I have no idea what to do please help


For me it says this Apple ID cannot be used for development with Xcode


You can also download H3lix and doubleH3lix from the app

Marijo Nikolic

bro i have 10.3.4 but i dont have comp right now its possible jailbreak no comp method but new rc6 i see only for 10.3.3(appvaley tweatbox)


Cydia impactor wants Xcode installed so I did that and still get same error message


Will this work for iPhone SE?

Saheed Lasisi

I have a problem. I want to unjailbreak my iPad. It’s on iOS 11.0.2 and I used Electra to jailbreak but I don’t have Cydia and I am using Sileo to manage my tweaks. Rolectra won’t even install on my device cos tweak box and ignition are down. And I rolectra is from 11.2+. I don’t know what to do pls help.

Jacob Lundin

When I got a iPad 4 I was stupid and try to jailbreak with doubleH3lix

polo marco

can you make a video on how to jailbreak with helix without computer?


How bout that broken phone


Is your next video going to be a jailbreak video?

Trung Nguyen

how to jailbreak and install the right substrate for ipod 2g 4.2.1?

Shex Yousif Mziry

We want to jailbreak without a computer

Brendon Ryan Albury

When I try to install H3lix RC6 with the newest impactor it fails with the message: "Please update to Xcode 7.3 or later to continue developing with your Apple ID" on Windows 10, for an iPhone 5. Any ideas?, I believe this is impossible as I'm not using OSX, so I'm out of clues. Any ideas?.

Amine Amer

you don't need to do the Xcode step

UnKnOwN PeRsOn

Do u know any alternative of cydia impactor? Because it's giving us error Xcode 7.3 update help

Saad A


Ralph Spencer

Is iphone 7 plus 10.3.3 included??

No U

Doesn't work since cydia impactor won't work :(

Oscar Green

Yalu 10 my G


Cool will JB after OTA downgrade

Jack Phelan


Sony Subwoofer In A Bookshelf

iphone users: iphone so batter then android
their phone: 0:02

Arturo Solis

I was in school... :/
Great video anyways!

Tim Mac

Plus you explain windows, only poor people use windows

Starite X

Me in a middle of a jailbreak process

My IPhone: 5% low battery


Hi mate when I drag the h3lix to the compactor and put my details it says there is an issue with the app

IceCool Tech

I just jailbroke my iPhone 5 on iOS 10.3.4... Now I have an iPhone XR.

Ashtwolet 8BP安仁

hi alf my friend have problem with gps was locked and cant connect internet on iphone 5s ios 10.3.3 should i jailbreak on his phone or do you have solution? pls reply asap i need your help