Skyrim Build - THE EXPLORER - Andromeda Build #8

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Skyrim Build - THE EXPLORER - Andromeda Build #8

3 033 views | 24 Apr. 2019
3 033 views | 24 Apr. 2019

All-in-one build








Honed Metal:


Common Clothes:


Introduction 0:08

Attributes/Stones/Race 2:33

Skills: 4:33

Gear: 8:08

Spells: 10:17

Join the Brave Companions (My Discord):

Join the Skyrim Guards:

Demented Monkey

I don't care about the crappy enchantment, I want a walking stick!! I've got quite loud headphones on and you actually made me jump with that last "bye" at the end there! I really like the concept of an explorer build. I might have to try one out albeit without mods. It would be a good excuse to walk everywhere without fast travel and maybe turn the compass off too! Good build! Me like!


A good character to do a Legacy of the Dragonborn run.

Jackson Danny

This should be a play through


Great job Beli! I love explorer type builds. And OMG I can't believe I never once thought about using the Crown to combine 2 of Andromeda's stones! DERP!


Purposely avoiding master perks... I see what you did there lol, clever

Average Lad

Keep going bro love ur builds don’t stop

Big Blue

Excellent build Beli. I've been thinking about trying out the survival mode for some time but I was not sure whether doing that on its own would be interesting enough. So tying it in with an explorer would be a good way to do it.

Duncan Carter

You always do a great job keep up the good work

Todd Butcher

Excellent work as always my friend. :) And recommending survival mode is Playstation friendly. This is an inclusive community. Heh. I tease.


i know im late but:
amazing build, love the explorer types. only I' m playing on nintendo switch so i cant download mods. I've been looking for a non modded version but found nothing so far