"CHUG TIME" Black Clover Ep.8 Live Reaction!

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"CHUG TIME" Black Clover Ep.8 Live Reaction!

3 615 views | 25 Mar. 2020
3 615 views | 25 Mar. 2020

"CHUG TIME" Black Clover Ep.8 Live Reaction!

I promised yall on this episode of Black Clover episode 8 we were gonna chug, and we did! Hope yall enjoyed this anime reaction of black clover episode 8!

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Family Guy Pheasant on the glass

And the journey begins.

Christo Epix

Watch haikyuu boi, you’re missing out. I still love black clover tho


My mans be wanting his sister huh (plays sweet home Alabama)

Marc-Éric Le Blanc-Séguin

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Christian Benjamin Ledezma Valdovinos

I don't know if you are faking the fact that you like black clover so far or if its actually legit... guess I'll stay to find out.

Sate ?

0:53 how to lose your youtube money in 1 second ft.WhiteClaw
1:40 Bootlegged Jotaro

Nicolas Cardillo

I mostly watch ur reaction wen im High n having a few drinks, Im a Cocktail type of guy. Between game sesion when I smoke n just want to chill watching a recap anime with ur reactions. Im glad u have fun reacting to the show n not stress about much.

Kera Terry

Since it’s not really a spoiler, his nose bleeds because he has some type of thing ever since he was born, when he thinks about someone he wants to protect or love, his nose bleeds

The One Eyed King

Currently in on episode hundreds and something and I hate having to wait for the next episode to come so I'm holding off till I have 5 episodes I can watch... ur lucky

Faris Khan



The white claw chug


Aye youuuu almost toooo 10k mann

Samuel RJP

Well, enjoy the dragging because everything seems normal and then hell breaks loose.

- Kallz -

I leave a like every time before watching the video, we’re all here for the Black Clover long haul

Shiro the Eternal Silver King

Dude, playing cards is far more strategic than call of duty where you don't even see your opponents face. Cards are not about luck, because even if you have a bad hand, you can bluff your way to a win. A psychologist would be one of the best poker players.


Yeah, he's just an strong example of an siscon...


If you do watch Haikyuu will you be watching Dub or Sub

Nacasha Miller

New sub❤
Love ur vid


Noelle isnt actually Stuck up, Quite the opposite, shes increadibly insecure which is understandible considering her upbringing, the stuck up Noelle is just a front she puts up to seem less pathetic and more like royalty, shes trying to act like her brother as, although he doesnt accept her, she wants people to think they are the same. She wants people to see her as royalty, not the dud Silva.
(i worded that pretty bad but i hope you get the gist lmao)


Almost 10k Bro !!!!

chase martin

Gauche's nosebleeds are never really explained, but I believe the author commented on it in the manga and Gauche is actually slightly anemic so he just gets nosebleeds a lot, it just so happens that he's pretty much exclusively talking about his sister so it's played as the classic anime nosebleed trope but people think he's creepy

Midnight Hunter

Why dont you oppen the pear normaly?

Moneil Wisby

Hunting some boars... Clearly a beginner's level mission.

Green T

Dem sick gains tho

Fabian Kracht

Poker certainly has an aspect of luck but there is actually a lot you can do even if you got bad cards. So it isn‘t entirely based on luck. The old man actually had a chance of 0.000154% to get that hand which is the best one there is in poker

Luxer 44

Come onnnn!!!! We are ready for this long journey


Nah those people at the end aren't from a squad, also the guy that is obsessed with his sister (Gauche) has nose bleeds for a completely innocent reason... XD.

Marcus Nielsen

chugs beer while epic naruto music plays in background

Midnight Hunter

And also 08:24 yes asta and noele are going to have lots of misions together preety much as you said duo:)
You will se a lot of Noele:)

ay Labyu

I hate noelle too at first and then the more shows go on i literally forgot how hatefull she is HAHAHAHAHHA I love her and she is the best girl for me