LeafyIsHere Content Nuke Pokimane Causes Journo To DEMAND Demonitization

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LeafyIsHere Content Nuke Pokimane Causes Journo To DEMAND Demonitization

91 728 views | 1 Aug. 2020
91 728 views | 1 Aug. 2020

LeafyIsHere has been one of the most popular commentators in the Youtube space for years, even after taking years off. Now that he is back, an obvious attempt is being made to deplatform him.

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Josh Beck

All is fair in love and war


150+ simps have seen this video

Co Charles

They dox leafy but no poki?

Shotgun Zombie

It HAS to smack when a guy you talk shit about goes to bat for you when you need it.

no u ugly

no u


See the crazy thing about that is pokémaine really isn't hot she's at most cute I've seen how the girls working at McDonald's or even a job that requires actual skills to do said job.


I don't think he hates you hahah I remember listening to that and he sounded like he was trying to not laugh.

Lieutenant BaconWaffles

Bruh, we work on reverse psychology. Asking us to subscribe 6 times every video just makes us want to unsub.


its unfortunate people with notoriety are defending toxic social behavior, instead they should be guiding said behavior to a more positive critical fashion. if nothing changes toxic social behavior will only progress.

julius stacy

Cancel culture is out of control. These same idiots screaming for bans demonetization and canceling people are the same ones who will scream free speech if it happens to them.

Also i do believe 30 secs or less of a video is not able to be concidered copyrighted. It is fair use as news stations do all the time using other peoples videos or audio. Youtube needs to wake up and make these streamers the same as the real world. Follow the copyright laws that allow for x amount of seconds of any audio or video without permission.


they want to haarp the CLIMATE

Ogy Palma

Love your video's bro but u know there's lost of Simps so sad going to protect her or him I don't want she is anymore

Anton Roby

This is journalism all over, sacrifice the truth for the story. Sad really.


If there is something that disgusts me more than these e-girls are the losers who keep financing the livelihood of this low tear so called women. They don't grow as individuals and never deal with the real world. What will be of them when they get old? They will start using instagram filters for sure.


they are not helping me think pokeymane is less of a karen with their actions.


put more effort in your videos and make 1 a day instead of 5, then i'll think about subbing

Alan Winemiller

I don’t think he hates you He likes to shit talk

SABean RPuff

I was told I look like leafy is here and I was like, fcking who?

Erik Valoczky

Leafy said he hated everyone because he didn’t know half of them


Five days and I had no idea this was going on

Isn't it amazing how irrelevant these "journos" are when you're not living off social media, actively feeding these cesspools clicks by drawing attention to them? It's almost like the problems would all just go away if you weren't so invested in them existing in the first place :hmm:

Chris Acquasanta

God this world lost all edge

Lieutenant BaconWaffles

Given Leafy's past history as a hacker, it's probably best if they don't piss him off.
Leafy's merch sold out, so demonetizing him apparently wouldn't even be a slap on the wrist.

Swag dawg115

My subscribe button is grey for some reason.

Cyber Shadow

yeah im with J here gotta defend the right to make content. tho i can say screw leafy XD if he don't like J just makes my view of him rock solid.

Boofy Ragland


IronWorker Esco93

He eviscerated the shit out of her! Lmao


Is it normal that Poki has a boyfriend?
Of course!
Is it normal that she hides it to milk more money from simps?
Yes since she likes money... i guess!
Is it normal to try and silence other channels exposing her for her hipocrisy and exploiting of stupid lonely men?
I don’t think so!


I mean, Leafy was kinda right on his video about Pokimane, but in the end of the day, the way he approaches these topics is not very suiting for his position either.
He says he's simply criticizing another creator (winch is fine), but the way he does it, feels more "trollish" than legit... And then you have Killer Keemstar backing him up, and he's not the most down to earth dude, which just helps to invalidate Leafy's point.

IDK, I get what Leafy is saying and I agree that Pokimane ain't that interesting and she's very hypocrite too (taking down videos of people who make compilations of her content), but then he starts with all the simps this and that or T3 subs are losers...
The guy doesn't understand that even him has "simps" that are always ready to back up his words, and in todays world that's just another word for fans. "Simp" lost it's meaning, yet that's the only reason why these creators are still alive!

What I'm saying is, maybe be more serious when you're trying to come up with points to criticize someone, because otherwise it just feels like you're doing it to be edgy and to get more attention.
Cut all the kid attitude and make a serious video about how this other person is wrong... does that make sense?


Cool I stopped watching a while ago because I was tired of the Pokimane drama which was unsolicited. Today I said ima check him out and see what hes up to, and you're still with the same bs LMAO. It's crazy what people do for views and easy likes. I wonder what the hate will be this time. That's right I havent even watched it lol because last time the WHOLE drama was she made a point about your sponsor which wasn't even wrong?

Josh Guerrero

Wish I could stay for the whole vid but the overlay is still god awful

The Nameless

Protect Leafy at all costs

Swagmeister Productions

from villain to hero of the internet. Leafy is having one of the best redemption arcs I have seen in a long time.

Dominique Norman

Leafy and Itsagundam's are the only two braves hero's who told the truth about Pokimane and the fact that got backlash from her fans are top tie 3 fans who are simp and they hoping they one day smash her not know Leafy and other like him said she got a bf


Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, drama with drama

Siakol Yano

Simps white knights to the rescue!


Why would anyone pay for this kind of dribble content? Not only did this idiot simp write this entire pointless essay but their editor read it and approved it for publishing...


Doesn’t matter if she keeps her relationship private because she’s taking advantage of people’s hard earned money and using em, that theft & greedy.

Scrubs R/C

Poke is quick-witted and charismatic? Pull the other one

Connor Broderick

subscribed for defending leafy


c mon people ,sub to our man :)

Jack Howard

Wow, so many Leafy's kids in here, not surprising seeing how toxic this channel is. Perhaps they haven't watched idubbz content cop


both leafy and pokimane are garbage. I don't know who is watching them.

Patrick McCollum

Why does Kotaku as a whole have any journalist credibility left ? From what I have heard about them 90% of what they put out are hit pieces. Is l that the normal now ?


Wait...they have nothing better to do than attacking the Leafster? How do these people get through a normal day if a video triggers you?

Co Charles

Prove you have subscribed ( and YouTuuube is being sneaky) just (


How far has society fallen :(

Duck Gang

I liked his attitude that he got attacked by leafy n instead of agreeing with this he decided to help him cuz he don’t deserve to get deplatformed (I subbed)

julius stacy

She does not realise wired no longer matters when it got away from tech and started printing tabloid material.


I unsubscribed to keep the deficit at 40% but I will still watch cause I enjoy unbiased reporting.

That being said unbiased reporting is a myth but I see that you are fair to those you report on.

Keep working on that deficit and I will be there to support your channel subscribed or not.


Hes very wealthy by now and doesn't give a shit if his video is demonized, he just wants to get his word out there calling people out when they need to be

John Hughie Peralta

Bro I like watching your vids from time to time depending on the topic, but I don't think I would ever subscribe to you. The reason is that you often stretch your videos to reach 10 minutes just reading the whole damn article. Rather than an in-depth information, I would like to hear more about your personal opinions. Most of the time I would be excited to watch a vid, then quickly click out cause it becomes rapidly stale and boring since all you do for 4 minutes in a time is read a damn article.


I would love to see a title in the news that says "Pokimane hit by dump truck".


I doubt leafy is monitized anyways. It's probably why he left for so long. No profit, no reason. But it sounds like he's doing other things with his life, so this is just for fun.

Bill H

Just assume any twitch thot has a man and proceed on that basis. No need to go nuts over this stuff. if you want to throw them a few bucks like you would a stripper, it's ok. Anything more is stupid.

Travalis Arcane

HAHAHA He got demo lifted from his vid! God damn YT did a good.


Let’s be honest if people react like this because of his video that’s mean what he said is true... i don’t get why people still defend her i mean i'm not saying go hate her but stop defending her so blindly it’s just pathetic... and her using their stupidity to herself is worse.. ugh


annnnnndddddd just like that Leafys Back

Sebastian Faber

Wait. Leafy is a monetized channel?

Havoc Herseim

Leafy just said he hated your face, not you... he's like that.


When leafy said he didn't like you it made me super sad,as I like both of you and your great content

Soundwave Superior

You misspelt activist as journo


Leafy's gotta like TheQuartering now that he's defended him now!

Joseph Weeks

You profit of drama Jeremy..

Bulwark AC

How is that not brigading


your videos lately
"Nuke Pokimane"
"destroy brie larson"
but matter of fact nothing happen to him all lie and click bait
this woman's really live rent free in your head |
dont forget you left twitter coz it was toxic yep and went to reddit where toxicity started
but i guess on reddit you free to be toxic there without any one calling you out on it like they did on twitter

The Daeron

WTF .... who cares about leafy... he's a @%$%#$ jerk.... come on.... give attention to people that deserve it....


It's no longer Red. It's blue now ;'(

Jack Rockwell

I’m a liberal from the days is when if you didn’t like what was on, you change the channel. Censorship was never okay and it still isn’t.

Jack Rockwell

I’m subscribed dude. Your channel is cool.


Yeah funny thing is leafy is not in this for the money. He's has made so much off of stocks and merch that he couldn't give a shit about the change he earns from YouTube.


A daily reminder for tier 3 subs:(Redacted)has a (redacted)

Eduardo Angeles

I see another one who thinks he will get in her pants by defending her honor lmao

Johnathan Bowers

Keem even said it. He wasn’t judging her based on her looks.
The downside of being a narcissist is once you’ve created a BRAND with your NAME, people have no way else to criticize the BRAND you’ve become.
But I’m sure it was way too hard to put tv at the end of her name to solidify a brand vs the caricature she portrays (the innocence thing I mean. She’s a raging crybaby bitch.)

RoaR 34

Leafy has come back targetting people that deserve it instead of kids. Content cop worked.

Azu Shi

Leafy didn't say he hated you, he said he doesn't like your face, so he drew a red line to your picture. But basically, he drew a red line to everyone's picture with some bs reason.

team fishbowl

imagine having an IQ that isnt in the MINUS and STILL watching LEAFY LOL.

Fox Vulpes

I wish I had the privilege of making that much money by laying on my back.

Hopeless Wombat

The only thing deplatforming Leafy does is halve his budget for weed. He isn't relying on online interactions for income like every YouTuber, streamer and media journo.

Going after someone for the occasional hobby video shows how bored and overpaid some people are.

Aizen Sōsuke

Well, Urinalists stopped attacking PedwiePie so now they're looking for someone else to write their pissy articles about.


Leafy is the best I named my cat after him.


i thought people said don’t go after demonetization. God people don’t understand the word don’t. Pokimain is crap for going after itsagundams sponsors. Going after some ones sponsors doesn’t make people
like you. It makes yourself worse and makes you an awful person and trying to censor people when your the one doing it that makes you the hypocrite. She cooyright strikes reaction videos when SHE STREAMS HERSELF watching youtube on twitch. UgH. This is why i hate reaction channels

bunies infernal

I am betting when Pokimane saw that Leafy made a video of her all she could think was Cha Ching $$$$$

Whatzit Tooya

Wow. Leafy really has changed.

Savage Historian

He doesn't even need the money lol.

Andres De Osio



wait but drama is stupid and leafy doesn't giveaf


I wou- I would lov- people saying "old Leafy come back", i would love to see Leafy come back and try to exist in the landscape today, like, the content that he was making would never fly on YouTube today, and you have to adapt and overcome the fact that like... you can't even curse bro, like, like.. I don't know.

Alex Brownstone

12:24 Big brain, but smooth

Felix ._.

It’s funny how they think they can stop leafy he’s just back cuz he’s bored at home

Josh Dodson


Jesus Rivera

Streamers are so mad at leafy rn, since they can’t go after his sponsors since he ain’t got none, now they’ll demonetize him lmaoo


The end times are coming the fall of twitch thots is near

Andy Lee

I hope she gets sued for doxxing him.




Wait … Pokemane's real name is "

Ye Olde Glory Days

Goddamit Jeremy. Stop begging!

Andrey Short

How can people throw money at these social whores if an asteroid strikes please hit here first I have lost faith in humanity smdh...

Luka Selestrin

I at least have to respect Poki for how she handled it, she turned it into a joke almost on Twitter. That’s better than her trying to take down his channel

Joseph Ang

"leafy doesn't like me, but I will still defend him." I respect that.


Imagine if these journos put this much effort into the Epstein case, or really ANYTHING except this stupid shit