Nozz Watches BEASTARS [Episode 5]

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Nozz Watches BEASTARS [Episode 5]

1 111 views | 15 Nov. 2019
1 111 views | 15 Nov. 2019

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Danny Cui

Haru Stand user confirmed


The beginning... it's JoJo Zootopia! :X

"Dinosaurs are the ancestors of all animals" This sentence threw me off, too. But if you just roll with it (despite not being true in OUR world) some things down the line make A LOT more sense.
Btw the scene of Haru doing the deed with Louis and the talk between Haru and Legosi is ONE MONTH apart. The anime didn't really make this clear. (She eff'ed many people in between tho.)


"...balls deep in that rabbit girl with his big cervine cock" Nozz -- please never change! :-)...


Nozz favourite show is 100% CGI. The final seal has been broken, and the riders of Apocalypse will ride!)) Also: Golden Legosi Requiem!!!

riccardo castiglioni

I love the fact that Legosi is a big mood! He may get better, but he will still be a mood!


And here I am, now having to suffer for another week until ep6 graces Nozz'z orbz of watching


Yas! love the beginning!