Ikko Ikki Abridged #3 | Valley of Death | Shogun 2 Master of Strategy Mod Commentary

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Ikko Ikki Abridged #3 | Valley of Death | Shogun 2 Master of Strategy Mod Commentary

13 135 views | 23 Mar. 2020
13 135 views | 23 Mar. 2020

The Oda are still gunning for Nagashima, while our own offenses embroil us in a long struggle for a tiny castle out in a strategic valley.


Playlist for all videos in series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeunFtMS5KNJI-ogUuOiM5z3DlH7j3V0B

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My God Devin! History is ruined!!! What are we going to do now? This is like a time warp thing. I’m soooo confused now.

Love the episode as always Devin! I love all of your Shogun series. They are always the best mi Lourde!


You could always right off the glitches as alt-history literature.


that might have been a better end than nobunaga got in real life lol, he was in a temple in kyoto when one of his generals betrayed him and sent his own soldiers to kill him, so he locked himself inside and lit the bulding on fire and cut open his stomach

James Tang

Hello there OffyD, just wanted to share this mod for 3K Unity After Long Divide.
This Reddit post explains it better than I can but suffice it to say it's a much more "realistic" mod for 3k made by a Chinese team with a fan translation in English that isn't terrible I hear: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1987628881

Sir Arthur

13:43 does anyone see the floating flag and sword moving.

Cheeki Breeki

Attacking a main force to relieve the pressure off a sieged castle is a very human tactic. Is the AI learning?

Sahishnu Duvvuri

2 minutes in!


Love it! History of waring states would be totally different was Devin there to take his rightful place amongst the warlords! 10/10


The indomitable city of Nagashima thwarting armies of Japan's finest
Nobunaga be like:
"ImMa füCKinG dO It aGAiN."


I may not be able to see other people right now, but I can still see the Ikko Ikki Abridged campaign. So all in all, I am happy.


8:03 thats not Nobunaga
thats Nobuhide, his father

Drunken Slav

Great Series devin, cant wait for more eps!, also ikko ikki being unsiegable is kinda historical too

Lloyd Winslow

your campaigns are so fucking HYPE these days, how do you do it?!

Chringlan The great

Devin, i think that you shouldn't have these warrior monks in the front, use them more for there ability that scare the enemy.
This us what I do in regular shogun 2 so it might not work here.

Ang Sern

If you helped the urakami at 11:35 , you probably could have had the enemy take heavy losses, making it easy for you to take the place next turn.

Harrison G

Nobunaga got done so hard by that castle, so sad :(

George Baker

thought the Ikko Ikki had empowered monks, maybe they can get the ninja.

Aaron Lewis

Maybe this is the COVID-19 talking, but this is the best Abridged series yet.

Hope you do a FOTS series too.

Sankhyo Halder

It's icky icky outside people, stay home and watch Devin instead!


as the Ikko Ikki you deal with enemy ninja with by using your own

T-34 / 85

damn, i guess the ikko ikki really were the bane of the Oda.

Gonzo HxC

Just subbed for this series specifically. Also I'm downloading masters of strategy.

Tau Mil

For some reason this makes me imagine, that Nagashima guys hanged a big picture of themselves, under section "Garrison of the month".


Hello Devin, can you please make a tutorial how to install the mod? I tried but it just crashes on first loading screen.. love your contents btw

Aimad Tareksson

The shot of nobunaga on foot between the two cav forces that were charging each other reminded me a lot of a certain famous TV series scene , great camera work on your end , Devin .

Alvor Real

Nobunaga's final bodyguard was actually pretty bad ass. Literally body blocked a piece of enemy cavalry just to buy his lord another few seconds of life. True Samurai.

Ivan Šalamon

You just decided to glitch your way out of a decisive, potentially interesting larger battle. I think this is the point at which i stop watching.

Akshay Kumar Jha

Damn! Nobunaga came so far at the head of his army only to die in filthy gutter to be trampled under his own cavalry.

Luka Miskovic

What a cool sight, those brave samurai lined up in front of the gate to hold the hordes of Oda. Pretty spectacular!

Senshi Bat

Nogo Noba must have been his court jester celebrity looka-like


I'm a new guy in here,do you have any relation to Kings and general channel?


This is perfect after watching some kings and generals :D

Aimad Tareksson

Is there an ashina clan in shogun 2?


Hey dude I was just wondering what graphics you're playing on I play on dx 11 ultra and I always notice texture detail popping and the game just doesn't look as fresh as yours


Boredomsafer during the quarantine, thanks from europe


I can't get over how badly Nagashima wrecks the AI. Custom maps are great but sadly they're always full of bugs, the bigger they are the worse the pathfinding.


If the Amako were suing for peace with two armies left, and then you immediately destroyed those two armies... that means they have almost no troops left whatsoever and you should push before someone else takes their lands.


Shogun 2 is so fast, slow mo has more realistic movement speed.

Rathin Chakrabarty

devin please make a face reveal


As a legend once said.. it's better to take on a few large enemies that many smaller ones. So devin creating puppet states has me biting fingers. Also that ninja near the unbeatable castle has killed so many generals that sending in new ones, are a bit too cruel. It's like signing a death penalty for those unsuspecting generals.

Juan Pelayo van Konijnenburg

What Mods are you using for this campaign?


thank you for this playthrough! :) a little sad that every siege is a glitch fest.

Madballoon Z



Im 47 to comment