How to Arm Your Settlers - Fallout 4

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How to Arm Your Settlers - Fallout 4

641 667 views | 13 Aug. 2016
641 667 views | 13 Aug. 2016

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Here is a sample BAT file. Create it by creating a new .txt file in notepad, and pasting this text inside it. Then save it to your

/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/

folder and name it "robots".

To execute, open the console in the game (press the tilde ~ key) and select your settler. Then, type "bat robots" without the quotes

Sample BAT File

removeallitems ;Removes old inventory items

equipitem 0001F66B 1 ;.308

unequipitem 0001F66B

equipitem 0004CE87 1 ;.38

unequipitem 0004CE87

equipitem 0009221C 1 ;.44

unequipitem 0009221C

equipitem 0001F66A 1 ;.45

unequipitem 0001F66A

equipitem 0001F279 1 ;.50

unequipitem 0001F279

equipitem 0001F66C 1 ;5mm

unequipitem 0001F66C

equipitem 0001F278 1 ;5.56

unequipitem 0001F278

equipitem 0001F276 1 ;10mm

unequipitem 0001F276

equipitem 0001F673 1 ;Shotgun Shell

unequipitem 0001F673

equipitem 000FE269 1 ;Railway Spike

unequipitem 000FE269

equipitem 0018ABDF 1 ;2mm EC

unequipitem 0018ABDF

equipitem 0001DBB7 1 ;Plasma

unequipitem 0001DBB7

equipitem 0018ABE2 1 ;Cryo

unequipitem 0018ABE2

equipitem 000C1897 1 ;Fusion

unequipitem 000C1897

equipitem 000CAC78 1 ;Flamer

unequipitem 000CAC78

equipitem 001025AA 1 ;Alien Blaster

unequipitem 001025AA

equipitem 000DF279 1 ;Gamma

unequipitem 000DF279

equipitem 000FD11C 1 ;Cannonball

unequipitem 000FD11C

equipitem 0303a556 ;Marine Wetsuit

equipitem 01008648 ;Robot Left Leg

equipitem 01008646 ;Robot Right Leg

equipitem 01008642 ;Robot Right Arm

equipitem 01008644 ;Robot Left Arm

equipitem 0100863f ;Robot Chest Piece

equipitem 0009983b ;Laser Gun

player.removeitem f 0 ;Change 0 to the number of caps

Johnny Topside

I like to collect whatever decent weapon and armor I come across and save it for my settlers when I get back. Almost all my settlers wear a full set of combat armor (including sturdy and heavy variants if I can find them) and use weapons such as assault rifles, super sledges, power fists, gauss rifles, all that other good stuff, and there’s at least one settler in each camp that uses a minigun. Teach those raiders to fuck around. I also like to give my settlers mining helmets for looks and that combat helmets are hard to come by.

Nedum Onouha

I gave them all gauss rifles. No wonder I don't get attacked anymore

Nguyen Hung Nguyen

does this only work for robots armor pieces? I cannot use it for combat armor or marine armor

Rob Bowes

We had a vote on who should be in charge of Sanctuary and Mamma Murphy won with two hundred percent of the vote. Now everybody is disarmed and my settler count is over 300.


There must be a bug in my copy, as my settlers have NEVER grabbed better weapons from my workshop bench!
Not once in my entire play through and I'm already at level 45!


Anyone else get reminded of new Vegas when u see his sanctuary


I find that I have to manually equip the armor or weapons on each settler. They never take anything from the loot box from my experience.

HerbalFan Gaming

I also surrounded my city in junk fences. They don’t break and it forces raiders to go through the only two gates I have

Doesnt Matter

I just go up to my settlers and say lets trade somethings they say sure..Then i just give them weapons,armor,ammo etc..

Conner Satterblom

All settlement attacks to me have been like 3 raiders

Tenderfoot Prepper

I like to take a couple of potshots at the outdoor guards of Saugus Ironworks, make them chase me to the nearby Slog settlement, then watch my turrets and citizens mow them down. Great way to pick up flamethrowers!

Eli Fire

What about ammo?

Yazeed Yazeed

How do you get those sexy settlers???v

Creeper Gaming

I give my settlers the weapons the enemies dropped

pilotlily games

I give my settlers T60F or T41F power armour so I don't have to repair all the time


I only know them to take weapons out of the workbench if you include the ammo for that weapon. I put all weapons in the workbench and they never take them if the ammo is not available. The first time I ever played the game I put a fatman launcher in the workbench with a fatman shell, and when Sanctuary was attacked by Raiders, Preston pulled out the fatman launcher and nuked the Raiders.


i just loot everything from gunners and give to my settlers

HerbalFan Gaming

I just went to Cambridge and looted all the bodies and gave that armor to my settlers


Settlers will arm themselves from the workshop inventory? I had no clue. Thanks.

staindless 1985

Im on ps4 i put a bunch of submachine guns in the work bench then hit the attack alarm in they auto equip them selves also if you want to keep trashcan carla from taking stuff from your settlements build floor safes in put a bed over top of it


I equip my settlers with whatever armor I can, give each a good weapon and ammunition, a grenade of some type, a hand to hand weapon and a stimpak.
As I get better equipment I upgrade them.
My settlements look more like armored camps than settlements. Which in my opinion is what they should be like to withstand the perils of the wasteland.


Oh no i just realised that i have filled my workshops woth fatmans and mininukes i never use


My settlers got institute rifles after the institute attacked the castle

neil dunham

i always give my settlers with heavy combat armor, i play on xbox, the process is slow but worth the effort

Peter Segard

Is it bad I just made 3 factories for sturdy combat armor, short assault rifles, and 5.56 ammo?

Generic Profile

Just never let anything with AoE near them.
A whole base's worth of raiders can't do the same damage as one settler with a flamer.

Balan Alexandru



FYI Settlers won't pick up a weapon unless they have ammo for it. If you leave the ammo in the Workbench, the first settler to take a weapon will also take ALL the ammo for that gun. The workaround is to give each of your settlers one of each ammo for the weapons you put in the workshop.


i gave one of my settlers reba 2 and the next day i saw them with a rolling pin

Douglas Teixeira

Hey guys, if you put all your weapons looted on your workshop on sanctuary (example), have the leader perk of course, does all the settlers can grab any weapon or you need to like scatter the weapons throughout the settlements?

Angus King

I didn't realise that setlers got infinite ammo if they have one bullet.
I chose to destroy the Nuka World Raiders. Is it worth picking up their guns and giving every follower a handmade gun and one 7.62 bullet?
Also how does it work with the magazine size. If they have one bullet do they reload after every shot? So let's just say a minigun and one 5mm bullet. Might as well be firing a pipe gun if it was shoot reload. On that subject does their ammo stop going down at one or will they keep the number of bullets I give them. So if I give a settler a minigun with 500 5mm bullets, do they get one full magazine then shoot reload or will they keep 500 in their inventory and get a full magazine every time?

JG Scott

I didn't know settlers could loot your storage containers. Guess I'll keep everything at my Red Rocket base. My SS is a solitary individual so no settlers there.

Neko Nip

I will now give everyone a Halo assault rifle


"As you get higher level and face tougher and tougher enemies"
You mean easier and easier surely. This game has a massive difficulty falloff.


I leave 308 ammo and combat rifles ( bayonet, ported barrel, 20rd mags, full stock, long scope and 308. conversion) in work shop then if I see a new settler I take there weapon so it forces them to grab a rifle and I usually leave a set of power armor by a turret near the workshop so It keeps enemies away from it then I make sure a couple of them have a rifle, ammo, army fatigues(so I can easily see them and see there already tasked out), army helmet, and a stim. This is so they can cover the others while they get weapons.

Oakspar Oakspar

(1) Settlers don't take items from boxes or workshops in on every platform. They don't on mine. Thus, arming them is always an individual task though they will pick things up from downed enemies.

(2) Because settlers can't aim well and don't use ammo, the best choices are full auto type weapons (including mini guns and gatling lasers). Weapon range also determines their engagement range (how close they run to the enemy before opening fire). If you give them all long range guns, they will stay back. Give them pistols and they will charge in.

(3) Settlers are immortal from any damage other than you - so be careful with your use of explosives and friendly fire. Armor is still useful, however, as once they take "lethal" damage they "sit down" until a combat break occurs. They will use stimpacks, but it is a waste of time they could be fighting and resources. If you want to burn resources, consider what ballistic weave on cloths + hat and a full set of heavy armor will do.
(4) Settlers can use melee weapons as well.

(5) Once you learn the types of enemies common to a settlement, you can consider if you wish to equip them with the legendary armors that reduce damage from those enemy types (or weapons that do more damage to them). It isn't like anyone actually uses those items themselves - apart from putting on all the anti-robot armor before making a mockery of the mechanist.


(6) Beware of friendly fire yourself - don't equip them with explosive weapons and be wary with wounding (they can kill you by accident).

(7) It doesn't really matter, since standard base defenses are usually already overkill, so having fun with it - building themes or maximizing everyone's gear as a reason to grind and farm, make it the most meaningful. Making your settlement into towns of greasers with switchblades, gangsters with tommy guns, heavy military, sci fi, faux raiders, etc will be the most enjoyable.

JumboKoala 04

One of my settlers took my legendary freezing machete so i sent her to another settlement and and whent there myself and shot her in the head with kelloggs .44 mangum :)

alan moore

Don't the settlers need ammo for said gun.?

hippo from space

I was pretty confused when i accidently left a fucion core in a power armor and one guy just took it and run...

Michael Proctor

Apparently, the one bullet rule for any particular weapon doesn't apply to the missle launcher. I gave one of my settlers a missle launcher and gave her 2 missles for it. I came back later when this settlement was under attack only to find her using the missle launcher as a melee weapon! I check her inventory and there were no more missles.

RFLX Gaming

I’ll use my ‘Castle’ as an example of my go-to strategy, which I’ve refined through multiple playthroughs. I use mods, of course, but as far as the Minutemen go, the mods only enhance them as a military-oriented faction. All of the Minutemen automatically wear ‘Army Fatigues’ with an ‘Army Helmet.’ They come standard with a ‘Laser Rifle,’ and the ones w/ Power Armor carry ‘Gatling Lasers.’ Anyway, at ‘The Castle,’ I always place a lot of turrets and defensive positions for settlers & minutemen to stand watch at. I build them wherever I deem necessary, and assign multiple people to them, which means I have a constant security detail roving around the fortress. Which really adds to the immersion of the environment.

I put ‘Military Fatigues’ on all of the settlers at ‘The Castle,’ to add to the theme of the location, and as a way of discerning Minutemen from settlers.

I issue every settler a ‘Combat Rifle,’ ‘Assault Rifle’ (primarily to be a de-facto machine gunner), ‘Sniper Rifle,’ or a variant of a ‘Laser Rifle’ to give them the edge in a firefight, and with multiple people covering an area with overwhelming firepower, that’s how I neutralize any threats to the castle. In short, my ‘Castle’ is very militarized, and heavily guarded.

Michael Proctor

Don't think that it is a good idea to just placing power armor with the cores installed around the settlement, because if the settlers are smart enough to get in one then so are your enemies.

Kenneth Creason

My settlers won't arm themselves unless I put the ammo in with the weapons. They stick with what they spawned with. If I arm them by trading with them, they revert to their original weapons unless I take it from them.

Cai Lewis

I just give a handfull of settlers that ive assigned to guard posts high powered snipers or heavy weapons and team them together with turrets. It works fine, ive seen settlers take down death claws.


I have been wondering how the ammo thing worked for settlers. I need to figure out how to best automate ammo production.


I'm thinking, if you give a settler equipment with stats that match their intended role, then their fighting will reflect what you outfitted them to be.

So, you give a settler a short range weapon, and they will engage combat closer to the enemy. So, since they are closer, they need heavier armor and strength/endurance/agility boosts. And if you have some settlers outfitted with sniper rifle a, you want to emphasis perception and lightweight AP conserving armor.

This gives two types of fighters - one that needs to be at close range, and then the rangers who shoot at a distance.

And if you have dogs, station their doghouses nearest the entry points in your settlement.

Tom Storm

All my settlers are geared like gunners with 130+ dps laser sniper rifles. Oh and I have 200+ base defense with heavy machine gun too.

Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer

0:30 0oh ma gawg you fucking lil genius you!!

blooz kluse

Don't they need ammo

Bryan Euclid Mavrick

I gave my companion (cait) a fatman and it didn’t end well for me and my enemy

Prophet Master

I always give them weapons and armor. However, the armor rating doesn't matter for settlers because their level stays at 2. I've seen a settler with a 300+ armor rating get knocked down by a pool cue.

Ferocious Battle

I'd recommend to everyone to off Trashcan Carla. Not only is she useless in fights, her stuff is pretty low level. She also like settlers will steal stuff from your workshop. Strangely the other settlers won't recognize this as stealing so she can get away with looting weapons and if she has a fusion core, power armor. Had to off her after I caught her leaving Sanctuary with my Grognak Axe and Nuka Cola T51. She's an informant for the institute so depending on your game, it can be justified


You can just walk up to them and say let’s trade items and then give them armor and weapons and equip them. Your whole video can be simplified to the point where it’s kinda disappointing

Ariel Segieda

my settlers never ever grab a weapon from workshop, ever. i just have to arm them myself

Jason Zinn

Hey Oxhorn will settlers grab a 10mm pistol even if they have a better melee weapon

beerten 202

I was always a minutmen guy when i played fallout 4 when i build guard towers and i assign guards i kinda make my settlers minutmen soldiers i give them laser muskets and minutmen uniform with a combat armor vest

I know it sounds silly but i usually slap alotta sentrys around my settlement

Siby Gamers96

Why i am so luck i have 13 power armor or 14

Oopsie Poopsie

Man I just save all the short combat rifles, go to all the areas with gunners for their armor, and keep all that for settlers.

Some Guy

I learned I need a PC

Ronald Smith

The having just one ammo in settler’s inventory works without mods?

Lucas Nunya

Here’s a clever way to keep your settlers taking stuff In sanctuary I use red rocket as a storage settlement and I gave red rocket with one settler with a fat man


Sadly this video does nothing to help people like me who play on a game console....

united island of MEME

Who always want to got attack by raider gunner etc but you realise you have automatron dlc and you save the stupid robot and your level just 25 ,Robot: get wreck boiiiiiii

Winston Shaner

How do you have so many caps

Skitzy Lord

>Recorded in 60fps, game actually choppy as fuck. Thanks Bethesda.

Krigs Medisteren

best damn BAT file template ive ever had. Thanks !


cheating for the win takes all the fun out of the game .. make your own ammo and weapons using workshops .



HerbalFan Gaming

And does anyone else just make a huge fuckin hotel for the beds

Roki Vulovic

Equip all of my settlers with army fatigues on 5 level of ballistic weave. An army helmet and combat armor. And the AK 47 that came with nuka world. They all look the pre War American army.

An Bình

Can I change to another armor?

Rio A.



0:31 is that a buttcrack???

Apocryphal Dude

I open a trade dialogue and equip the settler in the same way a companion can be.


I just attack gunner outposts and bring back the combat armor and army fatigues for them. Gunners also carry combat shotguns and assault weapons.

Don't ask questions

I find them looting weapons to be rlly annoying. They’ll go in and steal all of my collected fat men and use my mini nukes! It’s so annoying!


3:08 there is a random settler just welding a mailbox

Henry Lakeshaw

Yeah but how do I give them armor?
I trade them armor and they just have it in their inventory. They dont put it on.

Prophet Master

You can also give your settlers grenades. I'd recommend giving your provisioners grenades as your settlers are liable to destroy your settlement.

Tom Held

Does number of recruitment becon matter ?I know unrelated but thanks ox

Muffin Face92

0:15 Ox you naughty naughty boy

S. Chiou

Look like your settlers are all female,do you eliminate all your noname male settlers?


Gonna equip my settlers so they look like my own army or faction for RP

Steffen T.

Don't they need ammo for the weapon they get from the workshop?

Este es??

I just have Red Rocket as my base, then use trader routes... STONKS


Back in my day we needed training to use power armor. Now any old settler can use it.

Michael Proctor

Why can't you arm kids in this game? A 12 year old is unable to hold a laser pistol?


Smart idea give them all Heavy Combat armor and miniguns

Carlos Miguel E. Antipolo

Here since I very first play fallout until the day I return to play again

you`re wrong

player.placeatme 20593 . this code is nearly unknown , it adds as many settlers as u like to any settlement forever . just ad the desired number after the code.

Ngeotic Gaming

Ahhh so this is why I keep loosing legendary weopons

Epic Mustache

After upgrading my PC, I decided to buy a new copy of my favorite console title for my "new" computer.

Is there a way to force the give command to equip settlers with armor with specific mods? Or do I need to use the contraptions auto loom to make 900 dapper outfits and painstakingly upgrade all of them with ballistic weave again?

:edit: after doing a bit of research and gamebryo testing, I have found that my best solution is to player.additem [ballistic weave item ID], and then add the mod to appropriate clothes that I would add to a settler's inventory in the bat file. Still will take some time, but after doing it legitly 1800 times on console, this workaround is worthwhile.


The game is poor on informing you of this info

Akhenaten Ra

I use to give them about 30 ammo and equip them with 1 gun but once the ammo were done they'll go and fight anything with their hand


I really hate having to equip all the settlers at each settlement! All I want to do is explore the commonwealth, but no, I have to play baby sitter for a bunch of people who don’t have the common sense to grab better weapons and armor on their own!
This reason is one of the main reasons I hate the settlement system in this game!

So as soon as I could, I used the NukaWorld raider gangs to murder everyone at the settlements!

Jonathon Scott

"I use bad files so i dont have to go back into the trade dialogue"

"If you want to keep the settler from re equipping an old armor set, just go through the trade dialogue"

Thomas Cron

once a settler stole my X-01 power armor in an attack

Michael Proctor

Even if you arm your people with good weapons there is still a chance they will not use them properly. I gave a settle at Taffington Boathouse a missle launcher that does 50% more damage to Mirelurks and bugs. When they were attacked by a group of super mutants this guy ran up to one of the mutants and used the missle launcher as a melee weapon!

Type 99

Do I put weapons in every workbench or just one and it all distributes when I supply line settlements?

Kodokushi - lonely Death

Marcy tends to steal heavy weapons when she can.
She always nukes the tatos... I proceeded to hide my heavy weapons in one chest on the roof of a random house in sanctuary.