MPCNC Lowrider part 2 - belts, wiring, firmware: Ramps + SKR V1.3, TMC5160 & touch screen

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MPCNC Lowrider part 2 - belts, wiring, firmware: Ramps + SKR V1.3, TMC5160 & touch screen

148 741 views | 25 Jul. 2019
148 741 views | 25 Jul. 2019

An enormous, easy to pack away CNC machine that is largely 3D printed? Meet the MPCNC Lowrider2! In part 1 I made the parts and assembled the frame. In part 2, I cut the tubes to size, install belts and show you how to wire up the base Marlin firmware with Ramps and DRV8825.

I then show an advanced version, with an SKR V1.3 mainboard, TMC5160 silent steppers, dual endstop self squaring firmware and a customised MKS TFT touchscreen. The files required for all of this are available for free below.

In the next instalment, I will be cutting some stuff and if time allows, designing some quick release belt holders with proper tensioning.

My free SKR V1.3 and MKS TFT firmware files:

Printed endstop and LCD mount parts I designed:

V1 Marlin fork firmware:

Dual endstop firmware reference:

Belt and pipe calculator:

Ramps case I showed:

MKS Gen L case I used:

X Endstop clamp I remixed from:

Belt tensioner I showed:

Previous videos that might assist:

Lowrider2 MPCNC part 1:

SKR V1.3 comprehensive guide:

TMC5160 guide:

MKS TFT28 guide:

Purchase the SKR V1.3 32bit mainboard:




Purchase TMC5160 stepper motor drivers:




Purchase MKS TFT28:




eBay Aus:

Buy quality and affordable filament from X3D. Buy 3, get 1 free and a free sample pack with every order:

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Omar Lupin

To remove easily stickers I use citrus solvent

Herve DaSilva

Can you provide a link for the limit switches that you are using please.

Ivan Strazicic

Great video. I have question about tft screen, can I instal 3.5" screen, its bigger and cheaper?

Mike Taylor

10:44 wait, the drv8825s have sensorless homing?

Jason Graham

Is ANYONE here able to update the drivers to TMC2208 in Michaels firmware and compile it for the SKR 1.3? I've been battling platformIO on my machine and I cannot get it to compile. It's the only change I need to make to get this running and I've spent two days trudging through forums and trying every suggestion under the sun, and all I get are errors. I didn't think I was asking too much from PlatformIO, lol. It may be my computer...I don't know...

серый куб

привет у вас есть прошивка марлин для фрезер Ramps 1.4 с монитором RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller (LCD12864 display)
hi you have Marlin firmware for the router to monitor slides 1.4 reprapdiscount full graphics controller Smart (lcd12864 display)

Daniel Neagu

Hi Michael,

I'm very new with DIY CNC and programable boards.
I found your channel and it is exactly what I was looking!

I tried exactly the same as you explained in the video and I keep getting this error when I press build:
LPC1768 FAILED 00:00:01.069

I don't know what error is this but I know that number lpc1768 is the processor.
Unfortunately, it happens only with your firmware, I tried with marlin bug fix 2 and it works but I want to use your version of firmware for auto balance function.

Thanks in advance and stay safe!

John Hansknecht

Nice tutorial. Nice for a router, but massively overbuilt for a laser. Too slow for a powerful laser.

Shakil Shaikh

Hello, What is the resistor value at 5:32 ? Thanks in advance.

Tanan Baboo

Well this is something I have to do now....

Chucky Whiskers

A simple hinge on the MKS box would easily eliminate the SD card isuue.

Don Rozwick

make a 3d printer enclosure for one of your printers

Jagger Siciliani

Are you not having any issues with noise from the stepper motor. Limit switches are prone to glitches because of this. Shielded cable is a solution to this. Some people are using cat 5 to wire the limits as well. I just wanted to give you heads up just in case you have a long print on your hands and randomly locks. Also Grounding the metal on your machine. It took me days to figure that out.

steven thonen

will your setup work with a RAMBO ???

R Seymo

Thanks for all your videos, I have put the file for the SKR onto the SD card reset but nothing, screen file worked a treat. Any suggestions

#stilemantero workshop

Can i use tmc5160 v1.2 with the same fimware that you post?

Invent Tor

FYI, to remove sticky residue try soaking the labels in WD40 for several minutes then wiping down with alcohol after

Alexander Biersack

You can easily get the labels off the pipe with a lighter, just heat them up and they peal off easily.

Jose Roberto Rech

Boa noite. Há possibilidade de me mandar o projeto desta máquina? Obrigado. Meu email é [email protected]

Jeremy McCabe

how much would I have to do to make your tft file compatible with the btt tft 24? would I have to resize all of the icons? Great work btw ive watched your videos many times and am using at as a reference to finish my mpcnc

Rob Weiss

Why is Ryan from V1 not dropping the "You can't change my design and give it away open source" on your channel? Have you been following the storm over the belt tensioner redesign another YouTuber did and tried to give back to the community?

Chad Looman

Where did you get your limit switches?

Francois Jolicoeur

hi teaching tech i love your vidéo but i would like to now if you have a configuration for my new machine i just build it is ( SKR PRO 1.2 6 2209 DRIVER AND TFT35 E3 V3 SCREEN ) I LIKE TO WAY YOU CONFIGURE IT but the firmware from vi engineering is not working like yours !

Production of Mikk Rosin

Wondering if it's possible to have one Z limit switch signal also serve as a Z probe signal? So after homing Z you would then have an alligator clip with an extended limit switch write on the tool and the other one on some conductive material that the tool touches to indicate the tool height. Possible?

Mario Gayoso

I can't install the firmware. Can you help me please ?

Street_Glide 23

Would you happen to have a file for a BTT_SKR_V1_4_TURBO?

Mike Neukam

Nice work. You might want to reconfigure your machine to home to Z max instead of Z min, considering that the machine will have a router on it. You wouldn't want to damage something if you accidentally hit home all by mistake.

Stuart Ligo

Use a heat gun to remove the stickers.

Brigham Valdez

Hello I went to your link to get the firmware and it charged me money to download the file. After I downloaded the file I was unable to use the firmware because platformio cant run a build it and save it due to errors. can you help me or return the money I paid?


Thanks for your helpful videos.
Any reason you chose TMC5160 over TMC2209? Is the higher current rating of the TMC5160 really needed or is the TMC2209 sufficient?


Too bad I can't hit like more than one time for this video.

Christophe FERRIGNO

great video...
i wish i had the talent and knowledge to build that Lowrider CNC....

Shakil Shaikh

NO FIRMWARE FOR RAMPS????????????????????

Red Liberty Robotics

Clickbait crap

steve b

hi what resiter di you use thank you

Chucky Whiskers

Anyone know a way to wire in a power outlet and switch into the mainboard to power the (corded) spindle/router within the g-code like an extruder on a 3d printer?

Maryann Boadu

I keep getting this error when I try to compile
Warning! `env_default` configuration option in section [platformio] is deprecated and will be removed in the next release! Please use `default_envs` instead
Can not remove temporary directory `C:\Users\Mary\Desktop\marlin 2.0 - mpcnc lowrider2 - skr v1.3 tmc2130\.pioenvs`. Please remove it manually to avoid build issues
Processing LPC1768 (platform:; framework: arduino; board: nxp_lpc1768)


Running into a bunch of errors trying to compile your shared files to get my firmware.bin file. Any way you can share that .bin file as well on the gumroad?


I have a 3018 cnc and I am wondering if I could use the control board (grbl) off that run the lowrider 2

Brian Vanderbusch

about time you start using platformio to compile marlin, instead of messing with including all those libs via dropdowns and copy/pasta of config files

8SharkTV Moshe

This is the beginning of cheap and high quality cnc. Can you imagine, how many things will be possible if makers can shape metal?
this way we can 3d print cnc machines and cnc hot ends and stuff for the printers. My mind is blown!

Liam Garcia

hi, does this configuration compatible for skr v 1.4

Aussie Blockheads

Love your videos and are building the lowrider2 useing skr 1.4 tft35 v2 and tmc 5160 but cannot change the firmware you have supplied to work with this board any sugestions? or anyone else here have firmware that will work

Timmy Girard

Hey Michael, Do you have any reason why Sensor less homing didn't work? I'm going to try to use your Firmware with my MPCNC (2209 drivers) (I'll use your Z Channel for X) But I really want to use the Sensorless homing. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'll post here if I get it to work :)

Greg Witwer

In the video you mention adding a resistor to trick the board into thinking it has temperature, but you do not say which resistor you use. Can you explain this a little better? Also, in the video when you show the SKR board, it does not look like you a resistor on it any more, but something else? I am new to this and any information would be greatly appreciated.


hey there great video as usual, but having some issues that I hope you can help with, getting this error when trying to save the file.

" linter-gcc2: Executable not found
"C:/Users/teachingtech/.platformio/packages/toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi/bin/arm-none-eabi-g++.exe" not found

also getting this error when trying to build it

Warning! `env_default` configuration option in section [platformio] is deprecated and will be removed in the next release! Please use `default_envs` instead
Can not remove temporary directory `C:\Users\teren\Desktop\mpcnc lowrider 2 - marlin 2.0 and mks tft firmware- teching tech version\marlin 2.0 - mpcnc lowrider2 - skr v1.3 tmc5160\.pioenvs`. Please remo
ve it manually to avoid build issues
Processing LPC1768 (platform:; framework: arduino; board: nxp_lpc1768)
Tool Manager: Installing framework-arduino-lpc176x @ 0.1.3
Error: Could not find the package with 'framework-arduino-lpc176x @ 0.1.3' requirements for your system 'windows_amd64'

any help would be great :)

Josh Ross

which file do you put on the sd card

Joel Lustgarten

Great video.... do you think the firmware you used can be used with small changes in a V1 Burly MPCNC ? what major changes should be required?

Duncan Meyer

A question for Michael (or anyone else, for that matter). Sorry to be so ignorant, but what micro-switches are required? There are so many available.

Mac Robeson

Michael, is it possible to use an SKR 1.3 board in place of the ramps?

Josh Allen Design Studio

Could I use this BTT lcd and your custom program with a rambo 1.4? as of 2020 now what setup would you suggest for the lowrider2? Thanks!

Matthew Ferguson

Help me please! I am using your set up and FW setup but i do not know how the board needs to be set up as in the little jumpers under the drivers???


Great concept, "lowrider" CNC . My very first CNC machine I built back in the late 1980's early 1990's was also a lowrider, almost like a plotter, vinyl cutter on the Z axis function (Pen UP , Pen Down). At that time, I needed to cut a lot of flat plates from plywood, plastic and thin aluminum, so height was not that big of a deal and thus I designed my machine to run on parallel rails using high quality drawer slides spaced 4" appart for the x and Y axis, using acme screws, home made delrin nuts and steppers from surplus machinery. I mounted this machine mechanics to a 2" thick particle board formica covered 2x2 ft night stand table, it was heavy solid and pretty darn flat and had great squareness so assembly was rather fast. All CNC file work was saved as plt file, (plotter file extension) and I was running a DIY 4 axis controller board powered by an old computer power supply. Back in the day there were no kits available and one had to piece everything together with a lot of elbow grease, search/find and creativity, but this first machine worked very well for the making flat pattern work.

I made a similar machine 5 years ago tired of not finding a suitable inexpensive machine that would cut, ultra fast, fabrics. Lasers are great for this and running on belts it is a must for speed. My fabric cutting lowrider machine however runs on steel U-Channel extrusions for both the rails and the table base, making it extremely rigid, and probably overkill for laser cut fabrics, but the U Shapes on the extrusions also allowed me to hide the belts inside for a super clean setup. This machine will also cut wood and aluminum equipped with a high speed router with a good degree of precision.

A machine that uses a regular table, or work surface, as a base is a bit tricky, since most tables are not designed for squareness precision bases but rather for surface functionality. I also have made my own 3D printed rails and no matter how strong you make a plastic 3D printed plastic rail, it does not match the rigidity and precision of a metal one, and although properly designed 3D printed rails work great with high precision skate bearings, just do not plan on cutting metal parts with precision and speed, for this you really need a rail system and structure with high precision and mass, no 3D printed plastic rail block or wood table mounted mechanics is going to do that.

One of my first bought CNC machines was an early retrofitted Sherline Mill (not steel but still, solid aluminum machine) a great little machine which I modified the screws and nuts to provide greater precision, and impressively I cut a lot of aluminum small Injection molds including some steel dies, for the first products I was producing when I establish my company. Back in these times , desktop 3D printers to the level they are now, were still a dream.

It is interesting to see technology evolve, especially when you have been watching it from the very early stages.

Greg Krynen

Made me laugh, silent stepper motor drivers on a CNC. I get with a laser or 3d print head it help but for CNC use it was funny.

Jon Harrison

Will the TMC2208 drivers work with your firmware?


Great video series. When you adjust the voltage, I suggest using the 2V setting for adjusting, as it's (usually) more precise than the 20V setting. The difference is "huge" on the cheap DT830x multimeters. If you have a Fluke, it really doesn't matter, though. ;)

Christian resources

Use GooGone...

Дима Загирняк

Какая-то залупа на стяжках

Billy Daws

Will this machine work with Easel software?

Marcelo Deri

amazing friend. will you have the files of those parts to be able to print them? It would be great to be able to follow your steps, greetings from Argentina

Kristjan Pärnamägi

Looks like I did it, but there is nothing on screen

Mikk Rosin

Is there any room for a Z-probe?


Your power supply is confusing why not just connect to the 5 amp in directly. What’s the point of daisy chaining to the 11amp in

I'm ST

Have you had any trouble with the diplay not being on a fixed mount keeping you from cancelling?

Daniel M

I have a question: the entire system sits on just 4 wheels? no counter wheel beneath the board? What happens if you put to much downwards pressure with your router? Wouldn't that push the entire gantry up from the table?


Goo Gone for stickers and labels. Best stuff ever.

Dan Namo

Hello sir , excellent job on the updates u made . I bought all the stuff u used , skr v1.3 , Mks tft and the TMC5160. After downloading the files and restarting the board am getting this error
Error:printer halted kill() called . Any idea what would be the problem ?
Thank u for your time

Production of Mikk Rosin

By any chance is there a way to add a Z PROBE to the board?
My thoughts were to use the alligator clip method as a switch to probe the bed and having the probe use the z end-stop switch pins. So after I home with the dual Z I then disconnect one z end-stop and connect the Z probe to the same pins and run some G code. However I googled around and found that it might not be possible to use the pins for different purposes. There are several nice Z PROBE ideas on Thingiverse to calibrate the ZERO point of the build are.
Another idea is that it seems like X_MAX pins are available but is it possible to have a Z PROBE hooked up to X_MAX or X_MIN pins and have the signals work for Z PROBE?

I haven't assembled my machine yet but I have all the parts and can't wait to make this. Thank you for this nice tutorial :)

Jeff Eberl

I have a Bigtreetech TFT35 touch screen, and I like your buttons and icons. Can you share the source .bmps for the icons you edited?


Bonjour, sa marcherai si je mais un MKS TFT35 V1.0 au lieu du MKS TFT28 V4.0

Mario Gayoso

Can I use this board? BIQU MKS-Base V1.6 Plate Controller Board for 3D Printer Ramps 1.4


Can you use the wiring and plugs from LED strips?

Kortt Wulfe

Great video! Will the MKS TFT 35 3.5" version work with the files you have provided? I'm am thinking of building the lowrider cnd and already have a mks tft35 screen.


do i need to set up my drivers for uart mode for this? and is the dummy thermistor just meani wire a normal thermistor into them pins?

Junaid Shaikh

Can this firmware be uploaded to a MKS gen v2 board with a TFT LCD?

trebor hanuti

So cool made with the SKR 1.3 and the TMC 5160 drivers! Really impressive. One item: Cannot find the Firmware .bin file on the given files in the description :-(
Can anyone help? Thank you!!

Dan Connell

Michael, Some of the links above are no longer available, the MKS TFT28 - do you think the updated version the TFT 35 will work with your firmware files?

Pablo Gonzalez

Most of the hardware links are stale. Would it be possible to refresh them, Specially driver tft28 and skr?

Michael Beevor

when i try to build i get this error ..................... print '\nUnable to find destination disk (' + e + ')\n' \ using im using vsc, any ideas

Rene Estrada

Can you use this board for cnc PLASMA CUTTING table?

Sha S

Will the firmware you setup work with DRV8825 stepper motor driver?

Arcade Builder

Olive Oil can help with removing stickers. Next time it will be easier!


Your firmware no longer works. Please update it so that it’s compatible with the new version of platformio.

Maryann Boadu

Hi Guys the new version of the Atom/Platformio make the Teaching tt's firmware not work,so can some update it and re post it -because it will be sad to put all that great work to no use.I am not very familiar with what needs to be changed to make it work again.thanks

Steve Molumby

You have taken a good CNC and made it Great. your tweets are very easy to understand and follow. the auto level and alignment is very clever. this is priceless to a newbie like me. I can't wait to try this build. is there anything I should know for USA inches vs Metric other than the pipes?
thanks for your hard work.

JD Pickett

Where can I get the switches is there anything special about them?

Peter O'Brien

A simple turn buckle could eliminate zip tied belts. Would also give you an easier means to adjust the belt if it is to tight

Michael J

Do you think your 1.3 firmware can be reworked to use a 1.4 Turbo (LPC1769)? I got a 1.4 T/TFT35 bundle for my MPCNC Burly, but now can't locate firmware that actually works, just a version from a V1 facebook group that compiles, but I can't seem to connect to the board via TFT or S3D over USB.

Muru Roa

To remove stickers, don't use acetone which tends to dry the glue and makes it hard to get off. Instead, get a spray can of motorcycle chain cleaner. It's a mix of oil and solvents. Soak the paper of the sticker and it'll come off easily without leaving the glue on the part.

Adam Johnson

Top tip for removing stickers.... coat the area in furniture polish... leave for a minute... after a minute start scratching off.... after another minute, make a cup of tea and rest with the extra hour of life you just gained. Good times

ross mckinnon

Gday Mic Great Vids Helps me so much, was wondering one thing will the MKS TFT28 work the same with the Rambo 1.4 board as it does with SkR board? thankyou

Georgy Agapov

TMC 5160 implementation is not discussed.

dank magic

How can I use different stepper drivers (like the TMC2208) would I have to edit the firmware or will it just work?

j e

has anyone filled the tubes with a structural epoxy to make them a lot more stiffer? Carbon fiber arrows shafts are cheap and would make an excellent cheap core embed in epoxy.

Snow Wolves Productions

HELP! Your bin file just sits on the micro sd, power off, on....still nada... I get the control screen, (for the reprap full graphic...) but when I select motor movement, I get only positive numbers and no movement, on any axis. I am using a skr v1.4 BUT it has on the chip 1768 not 1769... I tried my own setting, and your changes to the pins...but nada... help! PLease....


Use hot air to remove the stickers

Dennis Bumgarner

Will your version of the firmware with the touch screen work with the Rambo 1.4 board?

Peter Andersson

Hey and thanks for a great video!
Does your firmware work with SKR 1.4?
And what driver do you recommend? is 2208 enough?

John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt

Well that's pretty cool but have no 3D printer.
I do want tho .... to make some sort of "reliable" diy CNC. then use that one to craft a better one. I don't need a pro or prosumer type CNC just one that's say good enough to like .1 of a mm

pretty neat tho.

Randall Lasini

I used sandleford towel rails. Didn’t have any of the glue labels and worked perfectly for mpcnc