Dire Maul North Tribute run Hunter solo 9:16 min

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Dire Maul North Tribute run Hunter solo 9:16 min

8 107 views | 16 Dec. 2019
8 107 views | 16 Dec. 2019

It's an old run you can do this run in around 7 min with a wolf pet and abit dif. way to pull/run.

My best with a cat is 7:43 min with full t1, no zg gear and no xbow.



Dude this helped so much thank you, I like your pathing way more than the “guides”

Like that jump to avoid the dog at the start I didn’t even know about lol


You're a fucking god among mere boys. Thanks for being an absolute chad gamer.

Vaping Industries

What weakaura are you using for the splash icons?

Obscuriity AuT

Hey, perfect run! Could you tell me your pet movement macro? don't know how to do that :(


how do u deal with the second eye sometimes pulling the gordok reavers nearby? anything u do in particular?

Гор Лиз

спасибо, очень помогло твое видео!) Всего тебе наилучшего


this is bs man, its his " perfect run" when you run passed they constantly slap spells on you " slow /fear " even agro


Nice, coulda been a tiny bit faster if you bandaged your pet when you got to the boss room ! Saved you some mana

bernd chan

hi dude, thanks for the nice run. may i ask, how do you viper sting the mage while having the king in target still? or do you switch targets so fast? cheerio!

Milton Santos

How is the addon called that shows you the cooldowns in the middle of the Screen when they are up again?


What's the addon that show's the fireball cast on ur pet?