Ultimate 1-99 Hunter Guide 1753k CASH PER HOUR+ Best XP Per Hour | by Bonbloc

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Ultimate 1-99 Hunter Guide 1753k CASH PER HOUR+ Best XP Per Hour | by Bonbloc

831 828 views | 28 Nov. 2009
831 828 views | 28 Nov. 2009

Guide to 99 hunter how to get 99 hunter runescape 99 hunter guide 99 hunt 99 hunting 99 hunter hunter best xp/h fastest method training

Bonbloc showing you the best/fastest/most profiting way to get 99 hunter, with everything you need to know included. If you still have any questions feel free to comment.

1-19 Crimson Swift

19-29 Tropical wagtail

29-41 Swamp Lizards

41-53 Horned graahk

53-63 Grey Chinchompas

63-99 Red chinchompas


63-77 Red chinchompas

77-99 Grenwalls+ Pawya

If you wish to put a note here, comment it and I'll be sure to read it, I'll put it in right here :)

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RS Clanchat: Bonbloc


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Solo Rift Boss - Hound of Kyrios- Eanna(EU)
Dries Vanden Berghe

If I tease those horned graahks and then run behind my trap they don't walk in my trap? Do you have a solution?

anthony cervantes

398 graahks makes 3.5m


nice vid

Miles G

remember to bring stuff to alch when doing swifts -,- UUGGGH

Patrick Melgaard

Red chinchompa's is worth 82 gold nowadays, really GG Runescape.


Lol... me too, that's why I stopped and did woodcutting. Much less frustrating.


@Bonbloc can u make a new guide cus now there bots all over places and it take forever to levl up and i been stuck at 93 and its hard to level

Dirk-Jan Klück

Fake it by seether


i miss ur vids bro :(


is it posseble to do something else then red chins cuz there heavely botted?


you can mute it....


I got posoined and died at the graahks.. keep dying on my way there

Jonas Fantassi

ìs it big or small fish nets for Swamp Lizards?

Luke Hall

Fake it- Seether

Hunter Wren-Russ

this Guide Got me 99 Hunter :) too bad that Chins are now 193 gp so its pointless

David N

The song is Seether - Fake It. Thumbs up :')


came back for the music :D


cause chinns alre usless and the training methode is not the fastest


This is still the greatest guide of all time all these years later. Thanks m8


i think its called fake it

anthony cervantes

what song is this??????

sander r

the only thing i do while hunting is dismantling traps


Seether- Fake It


why is rs so affiliated with this kind of music? l0l.
It made me like it -.-


People complaining about bots. 1500+ worlds aren't that bad.


Hunting Graahks at Level 41 is almost impossible now. :(


1st song?


I remember watching this years ago. These were the good old days. Sad to see it all change

Jeroen Spaans

I really love your style of music


Intro song?

The Demize

do swamp lizards sell fast?


you dont run around it, you jump over the traps and theyll follow.




When you can only lay 3 traps what formation is it for chins? ( grey )

Nate Washington

Crimson swifts made me want to punch my monitor..

Brett Baker

how do you get so many views


Excellent video but I did swamp lizards tell 53, found it faster, easyer and safer for low levels like myself these days. But none the less it refreshed my mind of these things and helped a tone. Ty

Joey Van De Schootbrugge

41-53 Horned graahk What kind of stick is this??

Nate Washington

Hahaha aww yea! New season this month supposedly!


HAHA YEAH , mine too


Go and listen to your Justin Beiber, wimp.

Harry Underwood

Polar kebbits are 400xp (plus Christmas event reward) and 200xp normally


why are you shooting the chims?


....you can't mute it moron


last song please?


u respawn in the game ya know?

Kubilay Altindag

where can i bank fast if i hunt horned graahk?

Nate Washington

That used to be my name haha. But I changed it to HairWeavKila


this still earn the same amount nowadays?

Mitch Moonen

is it still up to date?


sorry not enough dub wub wub wub's for you? move along good sir!

anthony cervantes

how long will 63 hunter to 99 take me im 63 atm?


fucking crimson swifts keep dismantling my trap. omg...


thanks for making this vid really helped me out

Auditia Yudha

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Mr Ktm Australia

there shuldnt be many bots anymore after the bot nuke


Damn i miss the rs from three years ago

Nba Season

ha time flies

Susan Skinner

i suggest that you dont go from 41-53 on them as they take ages to actually get one and there worthless when you could just use the salamanders

Keeron Shakya

If you want to make much more money, you should go and google "Morsch Money Secret". You are bound to get the financial freedom you deserve.

Nate Washington

But yea that's what I heard.


It says the song is by metallica? its by seether


you have the best taste in music <3


ah what a classic video, watched this years ago

rs hail golem

do you know the name of the first song? if yes tell me pls


ya me too dood

Vincent Van Dijk


Riley C H

360p? bonbloc I thought you were better than this

‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

Stop being lazy and use a method you can handle.

Jon Ang

go on the other servers instead, like the french or whatever servers. there are no bots there ;D u wont be able to understand a thing, but at least u can train without bots pissin' u off

Andreas Thunestvedt

how many hours a day do i need to play if i want to reach 99 in about 3 weeks ?

PvM Dano

Fake it seether


Watching this for 07scape =)


chinchompas are impossible now... full of bots

rs hail golem

what is the first song? pls tell me


5001 likes to 0 dislikes. the fuck.


How do you get into Morytania?

anthony cervantes

thank you sir :) *gives cookie *

Johann Bugge

Damn I miss this


"make sure you kill everyone of the chins that run off" why, i wonder? the real reason: so they spawn and get caught in YOUR traps, my reason, to prevent them from getting in the BOTS traps!


Seether - Fake it

vezo rs

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is this still the fastest as of now? (07 scape)

Mr Ktm Australia

im going to go from 29 to 50 at swamp lizards and make an easy 1 to 2m


bonbloc is still my favorite player off all time in rs good job man!!


You're such a fuckin hypocrite.

Dries Vanden Berghe

Yes, but they jump over it too


@Bonbloc, how were you using Fruit Bat scrolls, and having only papayas be dropped... don't lemons/oranges/limes etc. usually also spawn alongside the papayas?

Gabriel Thomas Doler

Nope. No where near. Hunter is useless nowadays.


the way i did it was 1-19 crimson swift, 19-53 tropical wagtails, 53-70 grey chins (waited till 70 because red chins are super slow at 63) and 70-99 red chins

Hishaam Malik

thanks dude you are absolutely awesome-thanks for everything and add me: D J Burro

Hayden Rucinski

keep trying ._.


wow good times, I was 12-13 when I used to watch your videos xD




they said they are going to do another bot nuke but they havent done it yet. and trust me, theres still alot


the graahk thingys is slow as fuck, good money making but slow !! i still suggest doing the lizards to 53


i did that but it was slow with the bots

Harry Underwood

(Sabre-toothed Kebbits)

Viktor Sjögren

ah <3


fake it by seether