RIP KKK on 2nd Anniversary of Death - Khertima, Khadijah & Kafiya- Mom Cries for Justice Trinidad

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RIP KKK on 2nd Anniversary of Death - Khertima, Khadijah & Kafiya- Mom Cries for Justice Trinidad

17 543 views | 10 Jun. 2015
17 543 views | 10 Jun. 2015

Parent of the twins Desiree Waddel is still crying for justice as the driver who caused the accident due to excessive speeding was not even arrested and got away scotch free while the parents of the 3 deceased girls - Khertima,Khadijah (twins) & friend Kafiya remain in mourning/grief.


Smoke Sum'um



Bless der souls in everlasting peace

Edward Kelly

That is such a sad story my prayers are with your family and your mighty strong lady I'll help her Lord be by her side in Jesus name

terrance jackson

May God continue to keep you in hid arms. Justice will be served, trust in the Lord

Maureen Riley

Hi omg I am so sorry to c this those beautiful girls I hope u r doing all right I don.t know how u coped god will punish him stay strong god bless u all xxx

Hollis Clifton


Johnna Medina

Damm the mom god bless you they would had been 25yrs old

serving Jesus

Oh my I am very sorry

Shae Holden

May the Lord give you peace.

Nicole McChristian


Hollis Clifton

Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those go out and get them.

Blessed Beauty

God will bring the best justice

La Vern Ann Mowatt

I got it thank you, my prayers go out to the family. I found out after i read further down. God be with you

maitre john

Wow, I'm so sorry you have to go through this painful situation madam, I admire your courage and I hope that justice will prevail, you're truly an inspiration, may the girls' souls rest in peace, God bless.

Grace Shiinda

we are praying for you mommy, the twins are now with the Lord and will be safe for eternity. May the Lord uplift you always and keep your boy safe.

Jo Higgins

Ma I don't understand. Why is this? No respect for life.

La Vern Ann Mowatt

What happen