Swifty trip to puerto rico

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Swifty trip to puerto rico

16 684 views | 15 Mar. 2016
16 684 views | 15 Mar. 2016

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We need more coffee times! We need more Irl videos aswell! Vloooooggs we all love Em u know it John @swiftyirl

Nathan Harrison

bless that 3 legged dog tho. it does look rather happy




1:44 LABO - SETA

Jeremy De Leon Casillas



Hey guys im trying to contact swifty so that he would use our music in these vlogs maybe :) Would be amazing if u could vote this up so he can see :) we make tropical house style edm :) now at 28k subs, i used to play wow aswell :D warrior aswell!


i literally thought the last shot was fake at 1st, dayum also that dog needs a wheel! 0:50

vantsen nm

i was in puerto rico at 2march to 9 in Isabela, loved it :p


Swifty do a meetup in Puerto Rico !

Ricky Camacho

Katy bebiendo medalla , jaja yo quiero yo soy de puerto rico de mayaguez!!

Dan Weedon Topalopoulos

you deserve that vacation after all the double prot warrior action uploads!


You KNOW swifty, if you came to other other Puerto Rico (Kissimmee) you can have planes fly over your home every 3 or 5 mins too:) My life every single day!

Kritikas Gamer


Its Me Ahnoldd

2:43 CULOOOOO! =D <3<3<3


Swofty, you should've brought Taymoo with you.

Juan Navia

Gonna do a fan meet up? Many of us down here have been following you for years

Gwiber WurmChild

What happened to the girl that used to live with Swifty? The one who live streamed?

Brian S

love these videos swifty been watching since the beginning keep them going!

Timon Willuhn

so nice

Jeff Durall

Amazing place!




What do you think about Puerto Rico defaulting?


Enjoy Swifty, you work way too hard. You need some time to relax!

Its Me Ahnoldd

I miss the daily vlogs and coffee time videos.


sound is messed up :/ make more irl videos you keep saying you will do them but you dont :(

Karolis AfronLT

like a dream


Swifty can you vlog on the schedule you use to do years ago?


Hasta cuando estaras? Son fun y me gustaria conocerte

Stefan Petrovic

Can't believe he actually uploaded something. Anyway, the intro reminded me on character selection screen from Street Fighter II :D

Thirty Silver

Them far cry graphics though!

BlazingWolf TV

That's it ! IM MOVING ! Greetings from Finland.


finally good video swifty thank you . btw Have you got avocado tree there ? i am growing it but is difficult


Beautiful, love these RL videos. You should of done a time lapse. :)


Whoa, the audio is very.... left.


I wanna live there. ☹

Potatis Boi

Wow, i need to visit this place!




Soy de luquillo y estas en piñones esta a 25 mins d aqui y si t gusta el surfing puedes venir a luquillo y t presto una tabla

Green mann

oki sow it a vacation got it

Zero equals Zero

Now we need to get DasMehdi to Puerto Rico!


Puerto Rico is beautiful !!! :)

Sixgorillionshekelswindler Shlomo

I remember a cute squirrel hiding around the tree, when I was on one side of the tree to try to see him, he went sideways to hide behind it :D

Homes, Adventure & Culture



the last part was really nice


OHHH The end was in Aguadilla right? I live in the West side of the island! Would be awesome to meet you man!


Swifty, ive been a subscriber basically since you started youtube and this is the first video in like 3 years ive managed to watch fully again. FeelsGoodMan


long time no see

Coleman S

looks like an amazing place swifty!

e f

wow this place is beautiful, i would love to dive down in the ocean and go fishing

John Smith

ur a good guy swifty




Great vlog! Reminds me of the ones you used to do. Keep it up!


Loved the vlog, Swifty. Thanks for taking us with you to Puerto Rico.

Matus Miklos

great great video, u had great time on vacation! :)