Oxygen Not Included MULTIPLAYER and CO-OP

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Oxygen Not Included MULTIPLAYER and CO-OP

24 684 views | 2 Aug. 2019
24 684 views | 2 Aug. 2019

Oxygen Not Included MULTIPLAYER and CO-OP. Does this game have Multiplayer? Does Oxygen not included have Co-Op? Let's find it out!

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we want a mulitplayer o:

Olivier Van den Nest

Your voice is barely hearable bro

Futur Planet

Clickbaity bs title, defug.


what a useless video, dislike.

Krisztián Komlódy

I want coop this game. Because is a good game and need this game coop

speed racer5545

wierd thing is, a few months ago i saw a mod that said "Oxygen Not Included Multiplayer" on steam workshop...


It's sad that there's no coop mode in this game, really enjoying it.I Do not understand those dislikes or the people complaining about people asking for a coop mode ... there's no negative aspect on having coop in this game ...
Nevertheless good video!


my partner and i would just like to play a fun coop building/survival game like this, i would also love forest village to be coop


I bought this game for my boyfriend simply because it had the multiplayer tag on steam. I feel ripped off.


Hello guys can you pls make yourself an acc and vote for "I want the implementation of Multiplayer Co-op"
here is the link to the Forum https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/115441-multiplayer-co-op/


Cringe and gay

John Morris

No it doesnt.

Gepard mic

This type a multiplayer will be cool sense person like me, kinda get stuck in all small problems that make my foe die. Having a person or 2, will help a lot by sorting out the problems, sense i more the build type, and when i build i don't look out for my foes. so 1-2 dead come easy when build system.

Luigi bros Number 2

... What?