How To Install RetroArch on The Amazon Fire TV Stick | Easy 2017

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How To Install RetroArch on The Amazon Fire TV Stick | Easy 2017

72 178 views | 15 Mar. 2017
72 178 views | 15 Mar. 2017

An easy to follow, step by step guide on how to install and set up RetroArch on the Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick. In this guide I show you how to set up NES, SNES, Game Boy / Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64 (N64), Sega Genesis or Sega Mega Drive, and Atari 2600.


Controls can be mapped for individual cores by selecting the core and then going back into the input menu.

To close RetroArch choose Quit RetroArch from the main menu.

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**All information presented/displayed in this tutorial is for educational purposes only**

**I am in no way affiliated with any companies in this video and do not own the rights to any registered trademarks. All works used are for educational, review, or analytical purposes, and are protected under the FAIR USE act**

Play N64 on Fire TV:

Play NES, SNES, and GBA on Fire TV:

Play Sega Genesis on Fire TV:

Play Atari 2600 on Fire TV:

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Protect yourself on Kodi with IPVanish:

Remotely control your Fire TV with TeamViewer:

How To Install Any Web Browser on Your Amazon Fire TV:

DISCLAIMER: ROM files have been removed from the package and site for legal purposes. There are no ROMs included in this package. You must officially own the games and consoles yourself, I do not support piracy, all of these games and consoles must be legally owned. Please see the ROMS-README.txt file located in the package. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The emulator(s) included in this package are freeware. More information about them can be found in their respective about or help sections.

For information about the emulator(s) please see the developer's website.

I do not own any rights to the emulator(s) or claim to, all credit goes to the developers.

Thank you to the developers!


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Great video, thanks for sharing this! I must say, all I could think about was Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley, totally reminded me of him LOL. :)

Manic Sorceress

Why make it so complicated? You can connect a Fire-TV-Stick via USB to your computer and access it like an USB memory stick. There's no need to install anything on your PC.

Kha Nguyen

I tried to put in the roms through the IP address but the folders don't show up on Retroarch.

Rick Kincer

Please do a video on running Atari ST using RetroArch on the Fire TV! Whenever I select a game the program exits and I used the batch file to send the game.


Attention to all viewers: The MyTechJam website servers are unfortunately located in Houston and with the flooding I have been experiencing intermittent connectivity. Sorry for any inconvenience if the website is down. Hopefully we can be fully back up and running soon. Thank you for your support everyone, I appreciate it!

Kip C

I can't get the ROMS to show up in Retroarch. I see that many are having the same issue but there hasn't been any response. Does this not work anymore?

bruce livingston

Does this work with Fire TV 4k as well?

andrew sloan

Thank you so much! Incredible tutorial! Five stars!


can you use filezilla to do transfers to the fire stick, used filezilla for roms to jailbreak ps3 i use retroarch on ps3 too it's a cool app

Dorothy Boucher

WOW!! this is pretty awesome!! , its been a long time since I did any tech, was nice hearing it LOL ;) Definitely interesting and shared on my twitter..


How do you delete ROM's you no longer want on the firestick? BTW great video.

M Davis

Will two Bluetooth controllers work to play 2 player games?

Alex Williams

It’s not allowing me to save my game state, how do I fix this?


i can barely see the screen on my tv, it needs scaled down but I can't see where to go or what to click, can somebody please help?


Hello again, Joe. When I go into the games to choose one. There are no games listed. Can you please give me insight as to what the problem might be? Thanks.


This video is very well done! Very helpful!


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Gamerstrike 1

I'm not able to save. it says "0%: Saving state"

John Nunez

Hi, i'm low on space on my Fire Tv so i'm going to get a Micro SD card today. Will your batch files need to be tweaked for a new path to the external card? Thanks in advance!

Chase Dolla

Need help! In RetroArch, how do I map out controls for different cores? Also how do I delete unwanted cores?

DC Maine

Can buttons be mapped for each individual console we want to use?

Sam Perez

How do u install the roms


when i try to run ads install from my mac in terminal, it tells me error: device offline. any help?

Stephen Buynovsky

My firestick already has ROMs on it from another emulator. Where do i browse to bring these in for retroarch? Also, my TD3D controller shows these large images of my dpad and buttons in the background- i dont know where to change this. Thanks for the help


Going to give this a try when I get home. What would you say are your top 10 roms compatible with Retroarch across any or all platforms?

The Ender Dude

It doesn't let me click on anything. The select key on the remote won't allow me to click on anything like input or some other setting button

Fundemental Roast

Hi I am having an issue and wonder if anyone can help? I think I have followed the instructions pretty well right up until where I attempt to load a game using 'load core --> (snes) --> load content --> (snes) --> storage/emulated --> 'No items in the parent. directory' ... Does anyone know how I can get the system to work ?

Muad Shahin

now that what I call informative. good job man and thank you :)

sams vidz

does this work on fire tv


I downloaded everything but the Roma aren’t there

Jason Swartz

How save game play, can't seem to make it happen?

Jon W

Hi I've seen some ROMS that are zip files do i just need to unpack these and add them to the relevant ROM folder ?

Is there a MAME emulator within RetroArch ?

Great guide, thank you.


i have RetroArch on my PC and it's awesome and now will be on my Amazon TV thanks dude


the download has completely gone

Jay Boogi3

For some reason I can't get dropbox to open up. It keeps saying Network issues can not load auth page! Anybody know how to fix this problem I tried update in settings but it says app not installed

Omar T

I’m stuck at adb kill-server

Ryan Kaczmarz

Dude I’ve been trying for months to get emulators and Roms to work on my firestick. This was so simple I’ll almost wanna kick my own ass for not finding you sooner! Fan-freakin-tastic!!!!!!!

Mauricio Alexander Ramirez Betancourth

You know why not all roms load me under the emulator icon of each console, it just loads me some

one plus 8 gaming

There is no games in the files

Chase Dolla

Do you have a link to the latest Retroarch that was updated a few days ago? Version 1.6.3?

Everett Rantanen

How do I transfer the rom folders using a Mac?

Rick Kincer

Anyone have a link on how to run Atari ST games on Fire TV using RetroArch?

Adam K

Hi. Great video. I have an issue tho. I loaded a bunch of n64 roms and ran out of storage. Trying to move the files onto ext sd card and I keep getting a msg that says that I need to choose the root directory to give permission. Do you know what I can do to get it to work? If I get through that page it either says it failed or it crashes es explorer

Michael c Touma

Hi, I just installed retro arch on my FireTV. Installed all my rooms from NES and SNES, got everything to run smoothly, but my controller does not respond at all when I load any game. I’m using an Xbox 360 wired controller. I was able to configure all d-pad and buttons with no problem and I’m able to navigate thru retro arch menu just fine. Please help thanks.

BucksOver Fame

So can I add ROMS-TURBOGRAX16 file and put the roms in adb push it so it will show on the retro arch?


How do I add roms? I have them. But when i put them in the folder, they dont show up.


The roms folder that will actually load the game never shows up in there for me to select

Supreme king Jesus

I know u said fire stick tv but is that the fire stick you hook up to the tv?


Please make an update Video THANKS bro

Chris Smith

does this work on the Fire HD tablets as well?

james s

thank you for this great video

John Nunez

Have you set RetroArch up on the Fire Tv with a Frontend like Gamesome or Hyperspin? Would love to see a video on that! :)

Justin Prost

This still work ??

Michael Gilkerson

I really like and appreciate your delivery in your videos. You don't speak above, nor below, your audience.

I have downloaded retroarch via Downloader for lack of a computer. I can't find the roms read me file.

Dave Mitchell

Hey man great video

Rick Kincer

OK, I need some asst on this one, I was at "User 1 Device Index" and mistakenly switched it to "Disabled" now I have no control over anything since the controller/remote is now disabled...Any ideas how I can make this work? Thanks!!


How are you. I've downloaded retroarch to my firestick but there aren't any games inside. How do I get all games for every system. Your videos are good tutorials btw, thanks.

Chase Dolla

What's the difference between Mupen64 and Mupen64 GLES3? Idk what GLES3 is.. my roms have a black screen with regular Mupen Plus


ROM files have been removed from the package and site for legal purposes. Please see the ROMS-README.txt file located in the package. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Why is the menu significantly different on this tutorial than others I've seen?


I have a Fire TV Stick and an OTGUSB adapter but I can't get Retroarch to see the the usb drive connected to the OTGUSB adapter.

OSO Entertainment

The blue highlighter didn't work on the firestick it was a stab in the dark

Elektro HagaH

Thx for this great Video! Works fine with nes/snes/Mega Drive on my Fire tv Stick!
But n64 won't work :( when i load a Game, retroarch quit and i'm in the Fire tv Stick menu:(
Any hints for this problem? Or is the Fire tv Stick to Slow for n64?
Thank you from Germany :)

Jason Swartz

I really like hour you just get to the point!!

so many videos are 15min of worthless crab and 1 min of use

Thank you

Little Scar

It's not loading roms to my Fire Tv! Ugh!!! Got the RetroArch on it though so you got me halfway! Thank you!


What controller are you using? My fire stick won’t pair with ps4 controller but sees iy

Elijah Burns

so does this work anymore?

Coogi Fryson

I must be doing something wrong because it's not working for me.

Neil Fernandes

Downloader app pulled from the fire store in my region. Thanks. The batch file worked.


I was able to download everything, but my fire TV remote only lets me go up and down. I can't click into inputs or loading core. Am I doing something wrong?

Marlena K

I had to download from downloader, but none of the ROMS loaded. what did I miss?

Jesus Martin

Awesome video worked like a charm, but do you know of any cheats for retroarch? I've been researching some for Pokemon fire red but game shark, action replay and code breaker cheats don't work


do you know a way to get ds4 controller to work with fire stick?