Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Preview | English Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Preview | English Subbed

48 205 views | 28 May. 2017
48 205 views | 28 May. 2017

Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Preview.

"You're the Tenth Warrior! Goku goes to see Frieza!"

Frieza is Back. Goku recruits Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 93,

Db Super Episode 93,

Dbs Episode 93,

Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 English Sub,

Db Super Episode 92 English Sub,

Dbs Episode 92,

Universe Survival Arc Preview,

Tournament of Power.


Dream Theater-Pull Me Under lyric video
Red Shadow

0:15 Damn, caulifla is already a Super Saiyan 2

Tristan Silverwood

3 hours until the tournament, this weeks episode was literally 40 mins in the anime, so 4-5 episodes until the tournament.

TheUltimateBeing01 Presents

I like this music.

El Pony Alfaro

In about 5 or 6 or 7 weeks we will get to this episode in the Dub! Depends if toonami takes another break which I'm sure they will

Henry Camacho

i still think frieza is a woman!!

Ian Winfield

Freiza's terms - he wants a hug from Goku in his golden form.


doesn't it looks like califula will go super sayian 2

Spooky Tales from the Bayou

i really really really hope he is the tenth. it would be so unorthodox

Miss N. Théodore

Ralphy Delgado



Who else hates waiting a week...

Alex Zelaya

frieza is the best choice


Who would be a Good teamate for Freiza

Grand Priest

This scene between Goku and Frieza is gonna be so beautiful in the English dub but I can't wait till next week HYPE!!!!!!!!!


Ummm how would that work frieza will kill someone and have the team erased lol I don't see this happening

Raishin Yeager

Can't wait damn it

UrBoi Walnut

I'm hyped AF



Louis KW

So Caulifa has managed to reach SSJ2 already??? Her hair looks different

Super kami guru

this is dumb yet I'm hyped and exited for it

Marianne Plays

Fucckkcckcckcc 1 week again

Metro Sonic

this is super hype!

last caress

Female Broly is fucking lame.

Aarion Franklin

Frieza is coming back? Hype. Also Kale goes Female Broly.

Wil Breedlove

dumbest idea from Toei

SleepyNite :D

All he has to do is tell him beerus says to join WTF nigga

Jorge Andrés Yesán Atoche



Should've recruited Cumber instead of Frieza

Ralphy Delgado

I cannot wait the hype is real

baroness offfe

Goku you big foul this is really crossing the line asking your enemy for help you have much to answer for you have been warned

Jordan P

0:15 is it me or is that ssj2?

Mohamed Aden

So let me get this straight, Caulifla manage to make it to SSJ2 already before she manage to master SSJ1? My god Cabba you bitch hurry up and surpass her before she becomes the MASTER lol wouldn't be surprised if Kale surpass Cabba too. My god Cabba the new Gohan I swear to god my boy better hurry up and step up please MAN!

Rein Sama

Goku vs frieza round 3

and even though it was filler and just a copy Goku and Vegeta had a round 3 ( in technical terms​)
in which case I bet Yamcha will join the tournament of power

Game Toostrong

y does freiza have a halo if he isnt good ?

Jesse Ray


Punx is idol and noise

Well since he's dead just like goku when he was dead. I'm pretty sure golden frieza's energy can last longer in the kai's world just like goku stated when he was dead as a super saiyan 3. I have a feeling toriyama will forget to add that

error after dark

dam, this shit is getting milked.

Rafał Paprocki

I was hopin' for some Ryuusei Nakao laugh in that teaser but still... Hope to hear it in upcomin Episode :D

Anime conquest

I know it's a joke,but you don't joke about the severity of hell or make it look like a fun place like in that filler episode (it's nothing but eternal torture).

Abang Abdi Dzil Ikram

I'm pretty sure it's just a fanservice to show Freeza. We already know They have spoiled That Buu is one of 10 Fighters, Not Freeza in the opening -,- I don't believe that they always give this Unnecessary things to us. It just feells like a filler of episode


I wonder what Frieza's terms are... and wait, didn't Krillin and Android 18 quit, and Buu fell asleep? If Frieza is replacing Buu, then who is replacing Krillin and 18?