► Pokémon Rejuvenation Full Walkthrough Part 12 — Exploring Route 3, Journeying through the Sewers

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► Pokémon Rejuvenation Full Walkthrough Part 12 — Exploring Route 3, Journeying through the Sewers

5 983 views | 8 Sep. 2019
5 983 views | 8 Sep. 2019

I'm afraid the virtual league gets harder, and a bit more annoying from here on out. Also Miror B's backwards father just can't compete without having a remixed version of Miror B's encounter themem.

Rirom B's Team -

Lilligant Lv 24

Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, Teeter Dance, Nature Power

Vivillon Lv 24

Quiver Dance, Signal Beam, Draining Kiss, Psybeam

Oricorio (Pa'u) Lv 25

Feather Dance, Teether Dance, Revelation Dance, Air Slash

Bruxish Lv 24

Swords Dance, Bite, Aqua Jet, Aerial Ace

Ludicolo Lv 26

Teether Dance, Rain Dance, Bubble Beam, Knock Off

*Important Moments*

Virtual League Badge 3 2:52

Virtual League Badge 4 8:22

Ditto Event Trigger 11:38

Route 3 Day Camp(Trade Evolution Items, Phantump Egg for Mystery Egg trade, Reporters) 13:04

TM88 Sleep Talk 15:57

Hidden Moon Stone 17:00

Rorim B Battle 20:24

Missing Statue Piece 24:43

Pokemon Rejuvenation Subforms(Hosted on the same site Reborn is) -


Pokemon Rejuvenation Walkthrough Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEc4j2-lT1DqwY-zLiSNFnLfMjxErjLZt


2004 パリ~ルーベ (ムセウとヴァンペテヘム)
Angel Anika

Where you find ability capsule

lyrikal_ maestro

Ick, hated fighting whitney and that darned miltank z.z so much torture

Sanel Muratovic

Where u find moon stone?

Andrew Mendonca

Hi, I'm watching your videos for the first time, can you catch the kingdra?

Lena Munoz

It's harder to find a zangoose than a shiny


My Kingdra strat: Water Absorb Vaporeon, Dugtrio, Pansear with Yawn, and a Qwilfish with Rollout.

Took a ton of resets, having to initially deplete Surf and Thunder PP by switching over and over, leaving it with just Icy Wind and getting Yawn off. Then needed 3 turns of sleep and to have Rollout hit each time, the 5th hit I believe doing just enough. Didn’t look around for strategies but was relieved to beat it lol

Game Duelist CJ

how many times did it take for you to get the blue moon ice cream to show up on the vendor lady in route 3? I am nowhere near getting that item and I wish it was just a regular item at a good price.


Love your Walkthrough

Ivan Kañevsky

how do you get the virtual badges?


I actually thought the Morty battle was significantly more tedious, I guess that had to do with me not buying any awakenings. I think I crit the Miltank with a blaze boosted attack from Quilava after wearing it down with Onix bind!


Wait, didn't he use to have a Shadow Vivillon? At least in older versions.

...I remember when Water Gym was a fucking dumpster fire.