This *NEW* Aim Game is INSANE - Overwatch Aim Training Workshop

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This *NEW* Aim Game is INSANE - Overwatch Aim Training Workshop

27 950 views | 25 Aug. 2020
27 950 views | 25 Aug. 2020

This is the new aim training workshop in overwatch and it is insane! Way better than ana bots and a must play if you wanna rank up and improve your aim in overwatch!

Watch me live and ask me questions!

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Basile Nordmann

For those who want to improve gamesense, there is a lot of discord with coachs out there. Check out some, it's not too expensive

Uchiha itachi

Hey hey love the vids keep up the good work

Jocelyn Yagami

Tysm :D


sir does this work for ps4 i dont have overwatch yet but im buying it tomorrow soo idk if ps4 has worlshop

Ninja Gamez

I do aim arena and deathmatch to help my aim



obscured mirage

Forgot I was subscribe to this channel. Damn I haven’t played OW since season 14, grew tired of the saltiness of comp and the people who take Quickplay too damn seriously

Fizz ツ

I needed this thanks


The code is P51KK (2:44)

Pierce Cluche

Where do u put in code


This helped me a ton with practice and sensitivity settings

Ts _bioshock

Does anybody have a ana bot code that still works


hey I can sub and try to help ya get 20k in 2020, keep up the great work!


I'm almost 30 and started playing overwatch a couple of weeks ago. My aim is rly bad but I want to play ranked because I like a challange. is there any chance I can get at least a little bit good at the game or is it way too late for me? I mostly played single player shooters before so I suck at aiming

Agent Smallz



just wanted to shoot out a comment to let you know you only get health back from headshots, none from kills or bodyshots. loved the vid regardless, great stuff!


Had been using this for a while now

Jonal Gaming

What do you guys use to work on your aim? I mainly do aim hero + some ingame custom games (ana bots etc.), I heard Kovaks is pretty good?

Random Person

Nice video man


another code is P3MYO its the same

Dakyner ™

The best aim/reaction time/flick, tracking Practice Mode to Warm up Soldier, Cree and Tracer is still "Kabaji's Aim Practice on Volskaya from 2017" ;)


The code is P51KK (2:44)

Jorden Maxwell

I use kovaak the meta its pretty good

Josh Kashi

Bruh 2 minutes and 44 seconds for the code


I started with Ana bots cause of your 2017 genji guides. Love this mode, thanks for sharing!


devarsh shah

Where can I find the file for the workshop? Thanks


I prefer the Aim Arenas due to the fact that a lot of them will show your damage numbers. That's really nice on characters like Genji because you can see if you hit 1, 2, or 3 shuriken on your shot. It helps you with aim but also helps with learning how your effective range differs among the cast.

Golden Kirby


Maximilian de Winter

Is this for PC only or also available on ps4?

goth angel

The problem with all these aim trainers is that you end up aiming straightforward or upwards the whole time when the hardest scenario is aiming downward