Acquisitions Incorporated Live - PAX South 2017

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Acquisitions Incorporated Live - PAX South 2017

637 734 views | 14 Feb. 2017
637 734 views | 14 Feb. 2017

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PAX South 2017 Acquisitions Incorporated

Listen to the podcast:

About Acq Inc: Acquisitions Incorporated serves up locally-sourced adventure from convenient franchise locations across Faerûn. Their adventures began in 2007 with a podcast of three friends playing D&D, and inexplicably progressed to live games on-stage before thousands of audience members at PAX.

Watch the Christmas Special:

Acq Inc is:

Omin Dran, half elf Cleric. Founder and CEO.

Played by Jerry Holkins, Penny Arcade

Jim Darkmagic, human Wizard. Famous magician.

Played by Mike Krahulik, Penny Arcade

Môrgæn, High elf Ranger, Intern

Played by Morgan Webb

Viari, human rogue. Sub Employee

Played by Patrick Rothfuss, The Kingkiller Chronicles

Dungeon Master

Played by Chris Perkins, Wizards of the Coast

Promotional Consideration provided by

Wizards of the Coast

& Level Up Dice

All content property of Penny Arcade, Inc.

Brent Delong

Happy Birthday!!!

Crius VII

Leave me alone


Somebody needs to write this F'n book!!!


Anyone know what those character sheet binders they're using are?

Alan Castro

Happy Birthday 2:52:33


1hr in, so much goodness. love ya guys

Gabriel Horn

perkins: your sisters are dead
audience: happy birthday!
me: dead

Tomato Fettuccini

I wonder if Scott was aware of the irony of "calling" Morgan Webb in the last game.

Peter Rants

You know, while I like Critical Role and all these guys are actually way more professional in their game play. Plus their episodes aren't five hours long, with more than half of that just being the group shopping and trying to haggle the prices of the items. These may do a little of that, but at least they get down to business and don't just dedicate an entire episode to them sitting around talking the whole time. Again I do like Critical Roll, Laura Bailey is bea, but I've seen Morgan Web in a bikini and she's right up there in my nerd fantasies if you catch my meaning as the great Samwise Gamgee would say.


The fish made the show for me


What is that opening theme? My OCD demands I learn it.

金翅壇 Shrine of Garuda

Nix and Nox? From White Plume Mountain?....

Rook Gaming

Don't like Jerry, he's too controlling and dictating.
He even stops people from getting loot consistently which makes no sense at all.

Nathanael Hindes

Jerry Holkins is soooo good in this!


I was a little worried this show would suffer without Scott, but damn, they really did an amazing job! Morgan did an awesome job fitting in and working with the group, and they all had great chemistry. Awesome game! :D

Tom Norman

2:20:57 Chris literally pulls a Monster Manual out of his ass


Is the voice Chris is using for the tiefling based on something specific? Sounds familiar but I can't place it. Reminds me a little of McConaughey. lol


this playlist isnt even in the correct order y.y

CJ Vale

What is the music that is played during the animated intro?


What dice are they using?
Were I can get a set?
I dont think they come in the employee manual becouse they are metal, the EM set is plastic.


Where can I get that awesome intro music!?

Ricardo Marez

Watchful Order of Magus Protector or WOMP

Johnathon Maxwell

your sister is dead (Happy Birthday!!!)


love it! one of the talky sessions, great crew and the man at the helm as awesome as always!

Emmet Long

Good god she sucks at rolling dice!!!

Homie Tracker

I love that this entire session is just a big fat foreshadowing to Dragon Heist. Good job Chris!

dee mk

More like a damned god symbol


And so the origin of Trevor the Werewolf is witnessed.


Where did they get the big d20 and what size are they?

True North

Rothfuss is far and away the best

Johanna Dracona

can someone point me in the right direction for when the chandelier thing happened? i cant find it.

Gudder Games

Scott started being a bit of a dick when Weaton joined in the game, back when it was just a podcast. I can't say that I blame him as Weaton is an annoying asshat. But once Weaton left, he should have chilled. He did the opposite. He got ever increasingly douchey. Just like the whole him Vs Weaton thing that made Weaton leave, I think there's more to the story than we're being told, but the guys have too much class to just trash on him. He's smart enough to leave well enough alone too.

Anja Kestrel

How does Viari being a Rogue achieve AC 20? ôo

Marco Aurelio

They try too hard to be funny.

Crispy Chicken

omfg, Jim Darkmagic is simply hilarious


i see a 360 cam on stage, where is that footage ?

Helms Wake

I love how the D&D world is Getting Bigger and Bigger , we want to add to the Pile Let us know what you think :)


What are those blue character sheet/dice folders they're using?

Curtis Holsinger

God, I love that this game starts with Morgaen almost getting murdered during a mission, and then somehow goes DOWNHILL from there for the team for a while.


You are free to skip past the first hour and thirty minutes, it's all planning and it all means absolutely nothing- the DO negates it with a single sentence.


Anja Kestrel

So... Binwent and left? :/ How? Why?


But... What happened to Binwin???

Micah S. Moore

This is like a screenplay audiobook


Morgan has the exact same sounding voice as my ex who broke up with me yesterday, this was fucking hard to watch.

Sarah Tilgner

Damn, Morgan did a good job.

Mark Sherwood

The spirit of Binwin lives on in the Wand of Wonder

Nicholas Heebsh

Morgan just like sets the D20 down on a single digit number. You gotta roll that shit

Oopsie Poopsie

What happened to the rod of seven parts

Josh Phillips

I find it saddening that so many people only learned in 2017 that America is not a democracy, but a Constitutional republic. Seems public education failed Pat as it has so many others.

Davi d

Oh Morgan. <3

Jarvind theDestroyer

Remember when these parties let the story drive the narrative instead of pat having to detail every single little detail for a solid hour every year? Man..what happened to Alfel?

Carl Brotkorb

I. Love. This. Show. Can we please have a best-of-series. Like best-of-Jim´s doves, best-of-Omin &the Contracts, best-of-Viari &the Chandeliers, best-of-How to charge doors, best-of-Green know what I mean. I. Would. Love. This. Even. More.
Still happy about everything PA and Aqc INC already did!!

Danny Sohoza

Mike's laugh is sweet music to my ears

Jonathan H.

I was theeeeeeeeere...

It was really fun. Really really really fun.

Senno Shinigami

Favorite moment
Jim: "Oh hey buddy"
Sly: "it's good to see you like this"
Even Jim hears the banjos XD


Jerry was gonna leave without even healing her...

Jim Jorral

I always wondered why they never mention exactly why Will Wheaton and benwin were no longer part of the games? Like did something happen off set ? Or did they die?

Tazz EightSixFour

7:44 Based on the other dice in the box, from that overhead shot, Morgayne's 1st roll appears to be a "17," not a "7...." This begs the question, "Is it the DMs responsibility to ensure the value of dice rolls for the integrity of the game, or can he be a "story whore" and bend to any values that promote his narrative???

dee mk

A bit of an under-WHELMing conclusion, but fun all the same!


2:21:17 This was an underrated moment lmao

M Balazs

2:30:47 nice play XD


Morgan's constant use of the phrase "you guys" is kind of driving me nuts.

1st Infantrie, Veteran Gewehre

can anyone give me a link to the episode where they fight the dragon Isohedras? i cant find it anywhere here on youtube

Luke Price

Ladies are about the hump.

Kalma Clemens

pat's salt toward the crowd at the end is pretty funny lol


that rap at the end was actually pretty good

Jason Waite



no patrick he needed to take a vow of silence

rio agosta


Christopher Tucker

I like the intro music for this episode.



M Balazs

50:46 I so love you right now :DDDDDD
1:45:41 loving this XD


They should've said something about binwin. He's been there since the beggining and The don't even aknowledge him at all. Felt kind of wierd. I don't miss that fat usless fuck who just wasted turns failing all the time. I don't know why people hate morgaen, she's done plenty to help the party and she actually think before she does something. And to top it all of she is really hot. So bye bye fat fucker and hello usefull beauty!


Me no see binwin= me no watch acq inc anymore. I love rothfuss and hes my favorite author, but he kinda dominates the game every time. I loved binwin and Jim's back and forth. Jerry is just kinda your straight man.


Without bin win, pls keep the WEBB queen there All the time .

Josh Gerschutz

Why does the Tiefling sound like Robert Knepper in his role on Prison Break hahaha

Aspen Spirituality

Did anyone else notice that Kris Straub inserted himself as K’thriss Drowb in the title sequence?

Taylor Weston

Someone needs to animate the whole adventure

Kenan H

Perkins sucks at DMing


So basically, Omin gets to be Thor!


1:54:20 - laughed til i was dizzy.


IDK - I've seen better sessions (especially when they don't feel like they have to entertain the crowd - like in the podcasts). Three enconters, two of which only involved one adversary and one of which was a non-combat encounter, and it took them three hours?

Perhaps Critical Role is more suited for me.

David Simmons

the best adventurers make the WORST politicians

Buster Bear

It takes 3 years for Whelm to be relevant.

sept imo

so is this right after episode 12 of Acquisitions inc the series?

Ian Wee

Why is Guidance adding to Saves? It only affects Ability Checks

Dram Kilgallen

Morgan is the cutest woman in the world.


As everyone else has said, glad Patrick called out the audience members who just kept shouting out ideas. However, I have to admit, the timing on that "Happy Birthday!" at the very end was absolutely genius. XD


2:33:55 Drumpf BTFO!

Meng Hao

I haven't watched AI since late 2016, it kind of slipped my mind with everything going on... I have like twenty +hours of Chris Perkin's DMed D&D to catch up on! This is glorious!!! Muwhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111.....

Jacob Jerue

on this episode of Patrick Rothfuss plays dress-up...

John Salvi

Morgan makes my geek parts tingle

Kriz Blessings

Musthas, and 20% cool/down thats a my Little Pony ref? Pinkie pie?:3


If Scott had left under good circumstances they would have had a farewell game or at least given an explanation as to where Binwin has gone. There is no mention of him, as if he was never there in the first place. They either, do not want to mention him or are not legally allowed. He was one of the original characters and pretty funny, but AI will be fine without him.


Does anyone know what the necklace Perkins is wearing is?


low energy.
this died when scott left.

SB Schuppel

I noticed that DM, Omin Dran, half elf Cleric, Jim Darkmagic, human Wizard, Môrgæn, High elf Ranger and Viari, human rogue. Sub Employee are all wearing "pins" on their shirts. What are they (is it)? What is the neckless is Chris Perkins wearing?


35:35 - wait a second... how did Jim get a 26 for initiative??

Matt lee Weird Gaming

What's that opining theme

June Pon

I'm only an hour through so don't tell me if anyone made this joke yet but...
This is a bit overWHELMing.