Binding of Isaac: Antibirth Item guide - Book of Despair, Alabaster Box, Book of Virtues

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Binding of Isaac: Antibirth Item guide - Book of Despair, Alabaster Box, Book of Virtues

161 591 views | 1 Feb. 2017
161 591 views | 1 Feb. 2017

Book of Despair: 00:05

Alabaster Box: 01:14

Book of Virtues: 05:33

Binding of Isaac: Antibirth Item guide series

Background Music: Mudeth

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Andrew Ciszewski

Everyone tries so desperately to get overpowered runs as Isaac that they wouldn't bother taking any amazing active items like Book of Despair. D6 ruins the fun of playing Antibirth or Afterbirth+.

SpotTugBoat7057 Eck

With rock bottom on the first one

Ass Kancer

How am I so early?


do you ever stop uploading and sleep sometimes? XD


This used + Cancer (Trinket) And fully charged Paschal Candle = Free Soymilk xd


alabaster block is garbage, especially with d6, why get two angle room items for 6 soul hearts when you could get 1 treasure room item for no soul heart cost or waste of space use item

Christian James

I wish the alabaster box gives Devil items if you put more black hearts in, Book of Despair should reach higher then the Max tear rate/delay making it shoot FASTER then Soymilk if you have both soy and BOD

fireball channel

1:05 wait. That's illegal


Can you get the no devil deal items from the alabaster box with act of contrition?

Wake Up

Does anyone know how Sharp plug interacts with Alabaster box?

Terraria skeleton pre 1.0.3

huh. neat

Cyboy Gaming

Book of despair +Rock bottom=OP


I never really subscribe to this kind of channels and I know what every item in Isaac does, but you're a goddamn hero for doing these videos and I love the synergy parts! So you got yourself a new subscriber (also keep up with the antibirth stuff, those are the ones I don't know + maybe when you run out of items you start reviewing mods?)


did rock bottom got nerfed, or it doesbt work with everything?


can anyone confirm if you start up rebirth normally your antibirth save deletes? because that happened to me a while back


Am I the only one who misread it as "Book of Despacito?"

בקבוק בוקי


Gee əəD

You get a book that gives soul hearts to use it to charge the box and the book requires charging.

Andrés Bravo

Eden's Soul is basically the AB+ rip-off of Alabaster Box

Дамир Яцик

Syncer,are you ready for guide about the urn of souls?



Bones McRattley

One time I found Lodestone as Bethany, making all the flames' projectiles home in on enemies. It was perfect.

It’s Cznben

This but black hearts

Nolan Ivan Valencia Castillo

Why does the noice of the book sounds so smooth?


wath does the holy heart flame?

Man Man Mc man please

I wonder how the alabaster box will work with the keeper

Galaxy Dragon Studios

Book of Despair + Soy Milk + Paschal Candle

Seb 376

Alabaster box just looks like a weird smore...


never kill the fire familiars.


Why are angel items so underrated? Everytime I watch Hutts play this, he always goes for devil deals. Why?

Texas Red

What's the maximum amount of flames you can get?

Филип Цвејић

Wait you are the guy that has videos on Isaac Rebirth Wiki !?
I didn't know that

Boris Radev

imagine using alabaster box and getting sacred heart and godhead

Rhymes Worth a Dime

I would like to see how the Alabaster Box works with Bethany.
THAT would be interesting.

Alexa Sprock

0:31 soy milk but it does not lower your damage

Fact Sheet

Car Battery and Void will make this item kind of stupid if it does get added to Repentance


Assblaster Box


With The Lost there's a glitch where if you go down a level while helding the Alabaster Box it just resets it's charge back to zero. You should only pick it up if you have already spawn (or have a means to obtain) the 6 soul/black/immortal hearts on the same floor.


So basically BFF!  makes book of virtues spawn all flames at two hits, rather than at 1?

Nick. C

wats the white hearts

Amine Nouira

for the book of despair, what happen if we combine it with cancer and paschal candle at the same time ?

Ms. Watakamis

9200 th subriber

Futaba Fan Waffles

This and sharp plug lmao

gustavo godoy

Does the 9V or AAA Battery works on the Book of virtues?

Ming Li

When isaac becomes an atom

tiberius staicu

what if pick alabaster box as the blue baby u would be ded so dont do that XD


Alabaster Box + The Battery trick: starting at 04:07
- The main idea is that extra charges of The Battery will be transferred from currently held item (The D6 in this video) to Alabaster Box when you buy it
- I just find out that the limit of number of extra charges is not equal to maximum number of charge of an item. For example, when you have fully recharged the D6 + The Battery (full orange bar), the number of extra charges is 6; then clearing one more room makes it 7, then 8 and so on; it just does not stop at 6.
- Thus, to buy a fully-charged Alabaster Box, just fully recharge your D6 + The Battery (full orange bar) and clear 6 more rooms (or buy or use item that fully recharge active item such as Battery Pack or 48-hour energy pill) to make number of extra charges be 12 before buying.
(Sorry if my English is not good. Ask me in the comment :D)


2:28, why abaddon killed isaac?

EddieGhostbuster AKA BeepSW


Winds PCH

Alabaster box we can say that its the opposite of sacrifitial altar


0:41 similar to soy milk, but without damage decrease. That's very good!

shadow Ziomkowski

syncer is alabaster box doing synergy with schoolbag and breath of life?

Ailton Jossimar Jovel Torres



book of despair
soy milk
torn photo


man your growing fast! keep up the good work :)


what happens with two charge items if you have 9 volt and the AAA battery are they just always charged or do they start having a recharge like the one room charge items

The Wizzzard

Does the alabaster box work with car battery?

Garfield's Spaghetti

I once got Holy Water and The Poop from Alabaster Box.
Loved it.

jid jim


Dylan Ryan

by almost half