Complete Guide to Installing SOUNDHAX on Nintendo 3DS - Homebrew, Custom Themes, Emulators & More!

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Complete Guide to Installing SOUNDHAX on Nintendo 3DS - Homebrew, Custom Themes, Emulators & More!

403 917 views | 8 Jan. 2017
403 917 views | 8 Jan. 2017

Currently Working! PLEASE READ THIS: I made an error in the video and at the 2:04 instead of placing the starter folder in your SD Card, you need to move everything that is in the "starter" folder, (boot.3dsx, 3DS, Themes), and put that on the root of your SD card. The contents should not be in a folder! Thank you.

Learn how to hack your 3DS and install Homebrew by using soundhax on your Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, New Nintendo 3DS, XL running firmware 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0 - 9.0. Play Emulators, Region Locked Games, get Custom 3DS Themes and More! Works on Windows and Apple (Mac) computers. [ SHOW MORE FOR LINKS AND MORE ]

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Introduction to hacking your 3DS: 0:00 - 1:22

Formatting SD Card for Homebrew: 1:31 - 3:38

How to access Homebrew via SoundHax: 3:40 - 4:55

How to play Region Free Games: 5:11 - 5:50

How to get Custom 3DS Themes: 5:55 - 8:27

How to get Custom 3DS Games and Emulators: 8:30 - 11:25

How to Generate any and every Pokemon using PKHeX:

How to get an ORAS egglocke:

How to Get Retroarch (ALL) Emulators:

How to Randomize Pokemon XY and ORAS:

How to Randomize Pokemon Sun and Moon: COMING SOON...



Homebrew Starter Kit:


Otherapp download:

3DS Themes:

3DS HomeBrew Apps and Games:

Pokemon Prism:

Website to download ROMs:



1. If you're getting a red screen, read this! I made an error in the video and at the 2:04 instead of placing the starter folder in your SD Card, you need to move everything that is in the "starter" folder, (boot.3dsx, 3DS, Themes), and put that on the root of your SD card. The contents should not be in a folder.

2. If you're getting sent back to the 3DS home screen with an error, read this! That is most likely happening because you put the wrong information when downloading the soundhax or otherapp files. Please redownload those files but make sure you put the information for YOUR 3DS and not what I put. Then try again and it should work.

3. If you've tried everything listed above and still get sent back to the home screen, read this! Remove the .bin from the end of your otherapp file, so it is simply named "otherapp" and try loading homebrew again.



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Music in the BG: Mewmore / 'Lillie's Theme' (Remix) from Pokémon Sun & Moon -


Nintendo 3DS is Owned By Nintendo.

This video is owned by OPERATIONiDROID, unless images/music specified in above description.

Footage recorded for fair use and intended for educational purposes.


広島護国神社 奉納神楽「悪狐伝」その2 広森神楽団

Soundhax tells me "no video with supported format or MIME type was found" please help me


What is the best snes emulator to install


what is when i am below 9.0?! pls help

Taylorama 257

My version is 11.13.0 Does that mean I put in 1 or 3 for otherapp? Anyone else have this dillemma?

Shaheed Crump

Soundhax isn't working


Why my SD card don't appear on the 3DS Sound?

Kawaii Crystle

0_0 im pissed it dnt work

I did my part - now do yours.

i have 11.10.0-43E

how do i do it then??

gun runner

it did not work


Otherapp isn't updated to the newest version anymore

Brunohyper21 ,

For anyone who is struggling with soundhax click the link and when it sends you to the video that doesn't play right click and click on save as and save it to your sd card

N- Money

Do you have to use the wireless micromanagement? Thank you.


There is not the same otherapp Version as thr one on my new Nintendo 2DS XL


bro i had done the cfw installed but my sd card got lost and now the 3ds is not turning on it blinks at blue light wht should i do plz help

noodle tec tip

Is this legal


Please, do not follow this guide, go to for an up to date guide on how to install cfw on the latest 3DS version.


Does this work with 11.13?

Angel Jason

I cant find the sound file to play AT ALL. PLEASE HELP.

Artistic Lover

OPERATIONIDROID. I have a problem. I did everything correctly. It's just not working with my 3DS. My own is a Ver. 11.9.0-42U. When I go to my sounds. It wont play. It'll show the files such as RECORDS & EDIT SOUNDS. Then there's AUTOPLAY. And finally /SDCARD. It does shows <3 nedwill 2016 file but it doesn't play. It shows me like old mini games. Why is that?


thank you soo much this hekped me a ton :D

Speedydeadpool 7

Can someone send me the file when I press download it takes me to a video that won’t load


what about 2ds XL

Jackson Hardy

So I put the gameyob emulator in the 3ds folder but it won’t show up on my Homebrew. Help please


If you have a Nintendo ver. 11.13.0-45U or something like that then the otherapp link he has won't be any good so here's the correct link Please Sub to my channel thank you


My systems firmware is at 11.13.0-45U and I can’t enter that in the other app

Dark Wolf Gamer

the sd card isn't popping up


i cant use it it gives me a could not play file error


it won't download the m4a thing

Jonathan Frid De Vries

hey it didnt let me download sound hax like there is no download

Me Dogerty

Sounds simple enough. If this works for me, you will earn a new sub. I’ll keep this updated within the next few days if it works or not

Edit: Micro SD Management isn’t compatible with a Mac, and I’m not going to unscrew my DS, take out the micro SD, buy a micro SD to SD adapter, then buy an SD to usb c adapter to make this work, so it doesn’t work

Moon Sharder

Hey, this will launch, but trying to access anything just brings me to a yellow bottom screen and a white (with stripes of grey) top screen. If I make it 3d then some glitchy stuff appears on the left of the screen. What am I doing wrong?


mine doesnt download the file on sound hax, instead it shows me a screen like a video is going to start with a play button and sound bar. CONFUSING!

sofia 887

On my 3ds, everything did not work

Mario twin

why is soundbox not working for me

Mauricio Leon

Where is the link?? I can't see it

Cameron AB

when i try to download soundhax it just takes me to a github page


soundhax isnt working...

[ kingd8 ]

When i go to the soundhax website and fill in the info, it just shows an unplayable video. Help?


cant download otherapp for ver. 11. 13.0-45U mind updating tutourial


Hi otherapp doesn't have mij ds version does it matter and if it does matter how do i fix it

Lorenzo Martin Leonardo Jr

Can make another video for the latest firmware? :D


Does anyone have a link to the Soundhax file aside from the main website? Because I physically cannot download any version from that website.

JD777 Legend

how do you get for old 11.13.0-45U

Max Berliński

doesn't work :( 2020


im in 2020 help pls

Rgn Zeek

Soundhax isn't working.

Joshua Jefford

im on the soundhax website, i put in the information, click download and it says that github couldnt play the file as its not supported


ummmmmm i have a new nintendo 3ds xl and i cant find the sd card


the soundhax link leads to the page but when I click download it goes to a grey screen with little rectangle video in middle. Please someone reply

davide dioguardi

hello .. I can't download the file.m4a..the site doesn't work the download ... can anyone help me? I need the file: soundhax-eur-n3ds.m4a..someone own it? fw11.0.0.33..thanks

Aligator Aligator

I have i can put in there

King Mayro

11.10 :I

Miguel Nasser Cruz

help I can't dl the soundhax, it makes me go through a video that doesnt even load nor gives me a dl file


I cant download soundhack


wont this cause nintendo to ban your device, account or blacklist your 3ds or something???

Kawaii Crystle

don work on mine imma se time bck


Nice video. 7/10. Wwould rate 9 if it wasnt so stretched out.

spi ff

one thing what is the link thats in the description i
don't see it

Cshep 05

How big does the Sd card need to be?


Soundhax just brings to a vid That wont play

Jeffrey Charles

it says sound could not play=(


doesnt work on ver. 11.10.0-43E. The homebrew doesnt have this version :(

walter stan

How do I get my sd card to my pc? Do I need a cable?


Yay I’m on 11.3 :D

Zero Point Twitter

does it work on 2ds?


Why does my laptop take forever to god dam load

Huli Yu

how does opening the region unlock e-shop work? i still dont get it. i want to download an dlc, but i have an europe nintendo, so how do i download the dlc? Please help. please?

Sabrina Kropp

the sound hax thing doesn't work


how about deleting your intro

Christine Mander

Does this even still work in 2020


its gone dosent want to play

Rayaan Malik

What does the error message mean in the description


I have 11.9.0-42E
And I got error could not play
Anyone know why?

Alex Mackenzie

Instead of my laptop can I do this with my phone?

Noah Donovan

I can't get the soundhax file...

Primal Groudon

on it dosent allow 11.13.0-45u


1.13 Soundhax can't download the file


Do you have to download from that website, or can you get a emulator from a different site???

Carried Thunder

Micro sd what? You have to take into consideration people who are brand new to this.

Dippy Studios

Listen whenever you have a 3ds never mess with the files with your homebrew It’s a literally shut down your consul system and completely corrupt your system and destroyed it so I had to get a new one so never do this unless you’re really experience


how are you supposed to know if your 3ds is new or old?


Is home brew legal to download?


Thanks for this awesome guide. Everything worked except for one thing: the region free launcher is missing. This is the one and only reason I want to hack my 3ds. I'm in EU and got a US version. Any ideas how to get it to work? I'm on

Zero X Godz

Yay they updated their website and put more versions!

PlaySolo919 TV

dude why is that i dont have free region launcher in my HB?


YEET! Nintendo patched SoundHax in 11.5. Use ntrBOOT and Luma3DS.


does homebrew need the sound hax or no? cuz sound hax keeps telling me that the file or whatever isnt supported and idk wht to do


when i click on install m4 it dosent work!

pokeranger 1023

Wait does it work now with the nintendo 3ds xl??


Irk why but I’m so hesitant on doing this on my new 3DS xl. My parents won’t buy me a da so I can’t play Pokémon games

Genasis Mew

don't waist your time with this video this software doesn't work I've tried it the sound hax isn't something you can download its just a stupid video

The Unicorn Enthusiast

For all the newbies, Soundhax only works on 11.3 and below

sammy the inkling

Is that pokemon my ass in 9:49

Boda Speardane

Whits microSD management?

Joshua Spurlock

Can this harm a pc?

Lexanne's Life

Hope to see more post from you, New YouTuber- I am 2 years old, please watch, subscribe and share as I do the same for you.

Bagel Drizzy

The could not play error keeps showing up, what do it do, the sound hax is downloaded as a quick time player fie, not itunes

Fili CB

When did you ever say we were supposed to put a sound track on the SD card?

Isaac James

it will not play the sound

Sara Segador

Hey does this still work on 2019?