48 Last Artifact sets and easter - Realm Grinder

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48 Last Artifact sets and easter - Realm Grinder

1 373 views | 6 Apr. 2018
1 373 views | 6 Apr. 2018

Aaaaaand, that's it.

Until the next patch I've got nothing left to do in Realm Grinder now.

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Yeah the tooltip error was on Lunar Cycle, it claims it's based on the difference between offline and online time but it isn't. The formula contains the variables x, y and (x-y) with x being online time and y offline time, but when you enter the numbers you see it's wrong. I figured out that they gave the wrong value to x, it's not online time but total time (online + offline), which means, when expressed in x online and y offline, the formula depends on x+y, y and x, so no x-y anymore. If you then look at the fomula you'll notice that online time is both in the nominator and denominator, while offline time is only in the nominator and with a bigger scaling factor as well, so your offline time will contribute more to Lunar Cycles than online time. That's why it's a good idea to time your new runs with going to bed, so that you can just shut it off while you sleep. At the start of the run you're not producing anyting anyway and won't get a significant amount of FC because your goblin artifact still needs to build up. So might as well use that dead time as offline time for Lunar Cycle.

Once you reach e36 gems, you should switch to dragon bloodline instead of undead. It's slower to setup but has a way higher potential. DB5 combined with D245 (doubles R for SS) with you a masssssive boost, at R113 my SS7 gives 347M%!

Wow, so being on Kong preventd you from getting unique eggs?
How odd, I've never heard of that bug. You should submit your video to the devs or so.

There is indeed a research for autoclicks, C590, it's a dwarven research so you can't get it anymore in A2 until they reallow access to prestige factions.

Getting the hourglass is actually very doable, I got mine after about 3 days.
It does require a very special build, the chances to get it depends on FC find chance and you need at least T% (e12%), I got mine at 32T%. Gettin that high is doable with a specific build, but it does require you to time your digging with the Sunforce upgrade and the Faceless union upgrade for FC find chance which resets every 15 mins.
That hourglass is very doable before the next patch, you may want to have it?

Did you try getting the Bunny Helpers feat for the event?.

Iam Error

Hi, Hadriex! Just to let you know the new patch has arrived. Blood War is coming... along with old faces.

Margarette Sun

you need to get the researches that decrease building cost multipliers for uniques

Iam Error

You could set your game on Faceless, as their faction coin chance keeps growing. That last artifact is going to help a lot with leveling up the Lineages.

Erik Steffahn

Undead Set is pretty much the best Artefact set now after the new patch.

RomanowRomanow Aleksiej

i got a theory.... it could be fairies?


Yeah, that was some impressively bad luck with the unique eggs. Ouch.